Loom And Leaf Vs Zenhaven

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If someone is deep into their research at this point, they will probably know that the Loom and Leaf and Zenhaven mattresses are both made by the same company, Saatva.

As a result, consumers will get the same great customer service with either mattress.  These two mattresses are very different in their construction, so the choice should be clear for people which one they should get once they start to learn all the details.

This comparison article will highlight the main differences to help people out if they are making the choice of Loom and Leaf vs Zenhaven.

Key Similarities

  • Both mattresses are great values because of the business model of the company
  • Consumers can come to expect top notch customer service with either mattress
  • Both mattresses have very generous sleep night trial periods, warranties, and return policies
  • Both mattresses have great materials in the construction that will be very durable as well
  • Both come from the same company

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Key Differences

  • Loom and Leaf is a memory foam mattress, while Zenhaven is all natural latex, giving each mattress a very different feel
  • Loom and Leaf is slower-moving, while Zenhaven is very responsive and bouncy
  • L&L has a more sleeping “in” the mattress feel than Zenhaven does
  • Zenhaven is most likely to be more durable because the natural latex is so dense and long-lasting
  • Zenhaven uses 100% natural materials, which is great for people worried about chemicals in their mattress
  • Zenhaven weighs a lot more because of how dense the natural latex materials are

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Reasons Someone Might Want To Pick Zenhaven

Going Green– Loom and Leaf does use bio-based foams, but if someone wants to really go green and have natural materials, Zenhaven is the clear choice.

Durability– If someone wants to have their mattress for a very long time, the materials of the Zenhaven are more durable.

Someone Wants A More Responsive Sleeping Surface– If someone wants their mattress to respond immediately to their movements, then Zenhaven is the clear choice (it’s what latex is known for).  L&L has the traditional, slow-moving memory foam feel, while Zenhaven adapts very quickly to one’s movements. Check out our list of the best latex mattresses for more like the Zenhaven.

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Reasons Someone Might Want To Pick Loom And Leaf

Someone Is On A Budget– Loom And Leaf is a great mattress, and what it makes it really special is how affordable it is.  If someone is on more of a budget, it can be a really great choice.

Someone Is Looking For Memory FoamMemory foam has a very distinctive feel that tends to be rather polarizing.  If someone is used to the memory foam feel, Loom and Leaf should definitely be the choice for them.

Someone Sleeps With A Partner– L&L really shines with its motion isolation.  That means if people sleep with a partner, when that person moves around at night, they won’t be disturbed.  This is just one factor of many, but it’s something Loom and Leaf is especially good at.

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Bottom Line

Both mattresses are great choices.  There are some major differences between them, so people should think about what they are looking for, read what has been highlighted, and then they should be able to make a great choice.

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