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I have received a few messages asking me to compare Saatva vs Leesa.  Both companies follow the disruptive online-only business model.  However, in my opinion the mattresses are very different in their construction and have different feels.  I will try to explain these differences so that you can be more informed if you are trying to decide between the two of them.

General Feel

Saatva has a more traditional innerspring mattress feel.  It is more directly comparable to the models from the big brands like Simmons, Stearns & Foster, etc.  This is the type of feel that a lot of people are used to and have grown up with.  It feels very sturdy, stable, and such that you are sleeping “on” versus “in” the mattress.

This feel is distinct from the feel that you get from the Leesa.  Leesa doesn’t have the pure memory foam feel that you might associate with something like a model from Tempur-Pedic, but you definitely feel that you sink into it more than you do with the Saatva.  The Leesa is more comparable to the other foam mattresses that have come out over the past couple of years.  I would, however, say that the Saatva is a bit firmer than the Leesa.

Ultimately, there isn’t a “better” feel.  It really just comes down to personal preference and what you are used to.

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picture showing the saatva and leesa mattress side by side

Motion Transfer

Both mattresses do a pretty good job of controlling motion transfer.  This again is really only an issue with people who sleep with a partner.  A high-density memory foam mattress would do a slightly better job at this than Saatva or Leesa, but these two mattresses do fairly well in this area.  I can’t say that one is materially better than the other in this area.


The Leesa offers a Queen for $899.  That includes free shipping and I would also note that you can get a discount very easily.

The Saatva comes in at $899 as well for a Queen.  That does not include the shipping cost and the company does not provide discounts ever.


The delivery process is much different between the two mattresses.  Leesa will come shipped to your door in a box.  It will be up to you then to unbox the mattress yourself (which is actually pretty fun).  Saatva is much different.  Two men will come and install the mattress for you and even remove your old mattress if you would like.

The difference in delivery method in my opinion shouldn’t sway you one way or the other, but I thought I would highlight the difference.


I don’t really think off-gassing is a big deal.  It’s just a slight chemical smell that you might notice with foam mattresses that come compressed in a box.  If you get a Leesa, you will notice this off-gassing at first, but it does go away.  It’s not an issue in my opinion.  The Saatva doesn’t come compressed, so there is no smell at any point in time.

Customer Service / Return Policy

Both companies are known for having exceptional customer service.  They have great trial periods and a very friendly return policy, so I don’t think there is a big difference here.  They both make the process as low-risk and easy as possible.

Sleeping Hot

I did not personally have any issues with either mattress in terms of having a hot sleeping surface.  I haven’t read very many complaints from anyone else noting this either.


There is a lot to like about both of these mattresses.  The price for each of them is very favorable and they make the process very low-risk.  I think ultimately it comes down to the feel that you like, and these mattresses provide two distinct feels.

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