Novosbed Vs Casper

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Casper is a major online-only player in the mattress industry that is currently the most well-known online-only mattress.  Novosbed has actually been around since 2009, and it has quietly built a very successful business that has been picking up steam over the past couple of years.

Naturally, people wonder how the two mattresses compare to one another.  Novosbed might be good for some people, while certain people would do better to go for the Casper.  Read on to see the results of Novosbed vs Casper.  It really depends on just a few factors which one would be best for people.  They’re both really good, so people should know that they are making a good choice either way.

Casper vs Novosbed

Key Similarities

  • Similar business model/value proposition
  • Both are all foam
  • Both shipped and delivered in a box (with free shipping)
  • Both use high-quality materials
  • Both have great customer service and friendly trial periods/return policies

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Key Differences

  • Novosbed is pure memory foam / Casper is latex and memory foam
  • Novosbed is more of a slow-moving feel, while Casper is more responsive and bouncy
  • Novosbed uses slightly more durable materials, so it should last a longer time
  • Novosbed provides 3 firmness options and a perfect firmness guarantee.  Casper just offers one firmness option but has many different models to choose from
  • Novosbed costs roughly $150 more (price difference varies slightly by size)

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The Casper mattress consists of 1.5” of latex, over 1.5” of 4lb. density memory foam, over 7” of 1.8 lb. density polyfoam.

The Novosbed consists of 2” of 5lb. density memory foam (for the medium firmness), over another 2” of 5 lb. memory foam, over 1.8 lb. density polyfoam.

Casper vs Lull Mattress Construction


They both use high quality materials in their construction.  With latex as the top layer, the Casper is much more responsive and bouncy than the Novosbed.  Whether that is a good thing is up to personal preference.

General Feel

This is a key difference between the two mattresses.  Novosbed has the slow-moving, pure memory foam feel.  Casper is much more responsive and bouncier.  One feel isn’t necessarily better than the other.  It really comes down to someone’s personal feel preference.  See more about each feel in my Novosbed review and Casper review.

Getting The Right Firmness

The main message from Casper is the mattress is one-size-fits-all.  This definitely can’t be true in every circumstance.  Consider a 400 lb. person versus a 100 lb. person.  They are going to have different opinions about the firmness of the mattress.  I think Casper is a good fit for a lot of people, but not for everybody.

Novosbed has three firmness options, which is a great start.  However, it is unique in that it offers a perfect firmness guarantee.  That means if people think the mattress is too firm or soft, they will send them a “comfort +” adjustment, which will make the necessary adjustment to get to the right firmness.  This is something unique in the industry and potentially a reason why people would want to pick Novosbed.

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Casper sells its Queen for $850.  Novosbed sells its Queen for $999.  With the price difference, people ultimately have to decide if the difference in quality between the two mattresses justifies the difference in price.

Pick Novosbed If:

Novosbed Mattress Reviews and Complaints
Novosbed memory foam mattress

You Are Specifically Looking For A Memory Foam Feel– Novosbed provides the slow-moving, quicksand feel that memory foam is known for.  Lots of people love that type of feel, and that’s what you get with Novosbed.

You Are Concerned About Whether Your Mattress Will Be Too Soft/Firm– Novosbed’s perfect firmness guarantee is a unique innovation in the industry that should eliminate any concern about whether the mattress will be the right firmness for you.  If it’s not, they will send you a comfort + adjustment to make the mattress slightly firmer/softer, depending on your needs.

You Want A Longer-Term Investment– Novosbed uses materials that are a bit more durable than Casper does.  It’s not a huge difference, but if you really want a mattress for the long haul and are deciding between the two, it’s definitely something to consider.

Pick Casper If:

Casper Mattress Box

You Want A Mattress With Some BounceCasper definitely is noticeably bouncier than Novosbed.  Some people prefer that type of feel and it’s a key difference between the two mattresses.

You Want To Save A Little Money / Don’t Anticipate Having The Mattress For A Really Long TimeAs I mentioned above, Novosbed has a slight edge in quality and durability of materials.  That matters less if you don’t anticipate sleeping on the mattress for 8+ years.


Given the key differences in the feel of the two mattresses, deciding between the two should come down to personal preference.  If you are worried about getting the right firmness, then Novosbed to me should be the clear choice because of its perfect firmness guarantee.  Either way though, both options are high quality and could be a great choice.

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