Allswell Mattress Review – A High-Quality Value?

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Last year, the big-box store Wal-Mart got into the bed-in-a-box game when they unveiled the Allswell, a very affordable all-foam mattress.

They recently added two new mattresses to their line, the Allswell Luxe and the Allswell Supreme, and they also updated the design of the Allswell to contain supportive coils.

Even with the added coils, the Allswell is still very affordable, which is to be expected coming from Wal-Mart.  This review will cover everything consumers should know about this mattress, including a full breakdown of the construction, the pros and cons, firmness and feel, comfort, support, breathability, durability, motion isolation, edge support, and much more.

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The Allswell is a supportive mattress that should be a great fit for back and stomach sleepers, and it is also a very good value. Click the button and use code GOBBLE20 to save 20%

Who Might Want To Pick The Allswell…

  • Those who are looking for a good value- The Allswell is priced under $350 for a Queen-size mattress, which is much more affordable than many other bed-in-a-box mattresses. At the same time, it contains high-quality materials, so people are definitely getting some bang for their buck.
  • Those who like a firmer mattress- The Allswell is a firmer-than-average mattress with supportive coils and a thinner comfort layer. If people like the feeling of a firm mattress or just like to sleep on top of their mattress, the Allswell should work for them.
  • Back or stomach sleepers- If someone sleeps on their back or stomach, the Allswell should be supportive enough for them. Again, it is a firmer mattress and there is a thin comfort layer that will let people’s hips sink in when they are on their back.

Allswell Mattress Construction

Who Might Not Want To Pick The Allswell…

  • Heavier people- The Allswell is only 10” thick and the comfort layer is not very thick. Heavier sleepers usually want to find a thicker mattress to ensure they get the support they need. Heavier side sleepers also need a thicker comfort layer to provide the necessary pressure relief and make sure they don’t bottom out.
  • Those who prefer a soft or medium-firm mattress- Whatever one’s size, people should agree that the Allswell is firmer-than-average. If people like a soft mattress or even something medium-firm, the Allswell might be too firm for them. Check out the best soft mattresses instead.
  • People who like to sink into their mattress- Lying on the mattress, it feels more like sleeping on top of the mattress. While it does contain memory foam, the mattress does not have that classic, slow-sinking memory foam feel. If people prefer to sleep “in” your mattress, they should look for something with a thicker layer of soft memory foam on top.
  • Side sleepers- Side sleepers usually fare better on a soft mattress, because a softer mattress with a thick comfort layer will relieve pressure on the shoulder and hips. The Allswell is not really soft enough for side sleeping, so people could feel some pressure if they side sleep on the Allswell. Check out the best mattresses for side sleepers instead.

Allswell Mattress Feel

Construction Overview

  • The mattress is 10” tall and features a construction with coils and foam.
  • The cover is soft and quilted with a bit of foam for added softness and pressure relief.
  • Below that, there is a layer of open-celled memory foam for pressure relief and body contouring.
  • The support layer consists of individually-wrapped coils, which are highly supportive, durable, and breathable.

Allswell Back Sleeping

Construction Takeaways

  • The top foam layers are very responsive, so if someone were to press their hand in and pull back, the mattress bounces back into place very quickly. This lets me know it should be easy to change positions on the Allswell.
  • The coil layer makes up a large portion of the mattress. You do have foam on top, but this comfort layer is not too thick. Side sleepers usually want to find a mattress with a thicker comfort layer so that they get enough pressure relief on the shoulders and hips. Heavier side sleepers could press through this thinner comfort layer and hit the coils beneath.
  • Side sleepers – or those looking for more comfort – should consider the Allswell Luxe or Allswell Supreme, because these mattresses feature thicker comfort layers and should offer better pressure relief for side sleepers of many sizes.
  • With its thinner comfort layer, the Allswell is more supportive than comfortable. Supportive mattresses of this type are usually a better choice for back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

How This Compares To The Other Allswell Mattresses

Allswell now offers three mattress models: the Allswell, Allswell Luxe, and Allswell Supreme. Let’s talk about how the original Allswell stacks up to the other Allswell mattresses and find out who should choose what mattress.

So, the Allswell is the company’s base model and is also the most affordable of its three mattresses. Right off the bat, if you want to spend under $350 for your purchase, the Allswell is the way to go.

Also, the Allswell should be a good match for back sleepers and stomach sleepers because of its firmness and construction. It is the firmest of the three mattresses and should be supportive enough for lightweight and medium-weight sleepers.

However, if you are a larger person, you will want to opt for the Allswell Luxe or Allswell Supreme. These are thicker mattresses and should be a better match for heavier sleepers.

Their comfort layers are also thicker, which makes them a better option for side sleepers. If someone sleeps primarily on their side, they should feel better pressure relief on the Luxe or Supreme.

20% Off

The Allswell is a supportive mattress that should be a great fit for back and stomach sleepers, and it is also a very good value. Click the button and use code GOBBLE20 to save 20%

Firmness And Feel

The Allswell is a firmer mattress, about 7.5/10 on our firmness scale. The top layers of foam are soft, but they are not too thick. I can press my hand in with no problem, but then the coils stop me from pushing in further.

Allswell Firmness Scale

So, how does this mattress feel when I lie down?

  • When I lie down on my back, the Allswell is properly supportive. The individually-wrapped coils are holding up my weight with no real issues. Also, my hips sink into the foam layer but not too far. The foam is also conforming well to the curves of my body.
  • Side sleeping, I press through the comfort layer, and I am mostly feeling the coils beneath. I am feeling quite a bit of pressure on my shoulders and hips.
  • Stomach sleeping, the Allswell is giving me plenty of support, as the mattress stays flat and supportive across my entire body. It could be one of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers.

While the Allswell does feature foam in its top layers, it has more of an innerspring feel. This gives the mattress a bit of bounce so it is very easy to move around. I also feel like I am sleeping on top of the mattress, and I don’t really sink in.

Allswell Firmness And Feel

Motion Transfer

For those of you who sleep with a partner, motion transfer is very important. When you fall asleep, and your partner moves around in the night, you don’t want their movements to wake you up!

Memory foam is one of the best materials at cutting down on motion transfer. However, while there are a few inches of memory foam on top of the Allswell, it isn’t isolating the motion very well.

I place a glass of water on one side of the Allswell, and when I push into the other side of the mattress, I see the water move around in the glass. I also lay down on one side of the mattress. When Marten got in and out of bed and moved around, I did feel his movements on my side of the mattress.

If you want the best mattress for couples, it is worth keeping this in mind.

Allswell Motion Transfer

Edge Support

While the Allswell isn’t the best with motion transfer, it does have some very nice edge support. Edge support is also important if you sleep with a partner, because good edge support lets you sleep toward the edge of the mattress without feeling like you are going to fall off.

When I sit down on the edge of the Allswell, it barely collapses, and the coils are letting me sit upright with no real effort. When I lie down near the edge of the Allswell, I do not feel like I am rolling off the mattress. The mattress actually features enhanced edge support, so I feel very secure in this position.

People can see the Allswell’s quality edge support in the photo below.

Allswell Mattress Edge Support

Marten’s Take

I am 5’9” and I weight 160 lbs. When it comes to finding the right mattress, your weight plays a huge part. A mattress that is a good fit for me could be a poor choice for a larger person. So, I asked Marten, a larger member of our team to give his two cents about the Allswell. He’s a…big guy (6’7” and 230 lbs).

If you are a larger person like me, you want to make sure that your mattress is supportive and comfortable enough for you. Joe said this mattress was a 7.5/10. I thought it was closer to an 8/10 in terms of firmness. As a larger person, I press further into the mattress than Joe does. That causes me to feel more of the coils and less of the comfort layer on top.

Here is how it felt sleeping on the Allswell:

  • When I sleep on my back the Allswell works very well for me. My hips sink in just a little bit, and I feel great support from the coils. Even for someone of my size, the Allswell is a good match for back sleeping.
  • Moving to my side, I am feeling too much pressure on my shoulders and hips, and I think I am feeling even more pressure than Joe felt when he was side sleeping.
  • Stomach sleeping, the Allswell is giving me enough support. I often have trouble when I sleep on my stomach, because my hips bow in, and I wake up feeling some back pain. However, the Allswell is giving me plenty of support and has the right firmness overall.

Heavier back and stomach sleepers should get enough support on the Allswell. However, heavier side sleepers are going to want a softer mattress most likely.

While Marten got enough support on the Allswell, it is worth noting that he is 230 lbs. If you are a much larger person, over 300 lbs, you should take a look at our best mattresses for heavy people.

Unboxing The Allswell

The Allswell is a bed-in-a-box mattress, so how do you unbox the thing?

First off, you are going to ask a friend to help you move the box. Seriously. This is not the heaviest mattress I have tried, but it also isn’t the lightest. Don’t throw your back out just to move a mattress.

So, once you and your friend move the mattress to your bedroom, you will well…open the box. The mattress will still be in a roll so move the roll to your frame or foundation.

Then, you are ready to start cutting through the plastic, which you will want to do this carefully so that you don’t damage your mattress. I recommend cutting each layer of plastic one at a time, just to be safe and not damage the mattress.

Once you cut through the last layer of plastic, the mattress will start to expand, so simply clear away the plastic, and you are good to go. You will probably need to give the mattress around 24 hours for the foam to fill out.

What Makes The Allswell Stand Out?

  • It is a high-quality mattress but is sold for an affordable price and is an excellent overall value.
  • The Allswell is a firmer mattress and should be a good match for back sleepers and stomach sleepers.
  • It should be a good fit for those who like the feel of an innerspring mattress because the coils make up a large portion of the construction. See our best innerspring mattresses for more like the Allswell.

Overall Rating

Allswell Mattress
3.4 Overall
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Trial Period

In the end, the Allswell feels like a good fit for back sleeping and stomach sleeping. If you want to save some money, but you still want a nice mattress with an innerspring feel, check out the Allswell.

The Allswell comes with a 100-night sleep trial, 10-year warranty, as well as free shipping and returns. Financing is also available. The company also offers the Allswell Luxe and Allswell Supreme mattresses.  Consumers should take a look through this article multiple times, assess their own needs and sleeping positions, and then make a more informed decision.

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