Tempur-Cloud Elite vs Luxe: Which Is Right for You?

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Hey, friend! You made it all this way and narrowed your options down to these two mattresses. Unfortunately, both the Tempur-Cloud Elite and Luxe mattresses are no longer available. But, keep calm! You can rest assured that the Tempur-Cloud Original would be a great option for you.

Still want to know which mattress would have been best for you? Read on below to see what we had to say about them!

Tempur-Cloud Supreme vs. Elite Mattress Overview

The Tempur-Cloud Elite and Cloud Luxe are two popular models from the Tempur-Pedic line. They are the two softest mattresses in the line and also two of the most expensive. Given how similar they appear to be, people naturally wonder why they should choose one over the other.

I’ll try to give my thoughts on that issue as best as I can!

Key Similarities

  • Both use the TEMPUR-ES (extra soft) material in the comfort layer
  • Both are much softer than average
  • Both have a distinct memory foam, sinking in feel
  • Both are probably more suited for side sleepers
  • Both probably aren’t best for back or stomach sleepers

Key Differences

  • The Cloud Luxe costs $500 more than the Cloud Elite
  • The Cloud Luxe is one inch thicker overall than the Cloud Elite
  • The Cloud Luxe is slightly softer than the Cloud Elite
  • The Cloud Luxe uses a thicker TEMPUR-ES layer than the Cloud Elite does

Find Current Pricing on Tempur-Pedic’s Website

What I Found from Several Live Chat Sessions

I tried to see what information I could get from live chat sessions with the company and with Mattress Firm. I couldn’t really get much information other than the fact that the Cloud Luxe is more expensive because it is thicker.  

Does thicker mean better in my opinion?  Not necessarily.

Which Should You Pick?

  • Pick the Cloud Elite if you have budget concerns at all (the mattresses are so similar in quality and firmness that I don’t believe a $500 price difference is quite justified)
  • Pick the Cloud Luxe if you are sure you want the softest mattress possible
  • Pick the Cloud Luxe is you are very lightweight and only sleep on your side
  • Pick the Cloud Elite if you sleep in multiple positions on any given night

My Personal Opinion

These two mattresses are on the very far side of the softness spectrum. The differences in materials are very subtle. Given how similar the two mattresses are, I would say most people should go for the Cloud Elite because it costs $500 less.  

I wish a could give a more nuanced, detailed analysis, but I think the decision might be that simple. Unless you want the softest mattress possible, I think the Cloud Elite is the better value.

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