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Consumers can use the link below to receive $150 off the Lull mattress. Lull is already very price friendly mattress — this discount makes it even better.

Click to get $150 Off The Lull Mattress

The Lull mattress will occasionally offer discount coupons for its mattress.  However even when offering at full price, just purchasing the mattress is at least $1000 in savings.  This company cuts out the middle man, sending the mattress directly from the factory to your doorstep.  No salesmen salaries, no commissions, no extra shipping cost, no retail space – all of this is cut out, and Lull passes a lot of the savings onto the consumer.

A mattress is cut open to show the components.

Highlights Of The Lull Mattress

  • The mattress is considered a memory foam mattress because it has gel memory foam in the top layer. However, the second layer is latex-like to make sure the mattress has more of a balanced foam feel overall.  People won’t get stuck in this mattress very easily.
  • The gel in the memory foam layer does a pretty good job of making sure the mattress doesn’t sleep hot.  It’s one of the better memory foam mattresses as far as sleeping cool is concerned.
  • The mattress is slightly firmer than average and should be a pretty good match for all three sleeping positions.  However, it is probably best suited to stomach and back sleepers.
  • Despite the fact that the mattress is a memory foam mattress, people won’t really sink into the mattress too much.  This is because of the latex-like second layer.

If consumers are looking for more information on the Lull mattress, they should definitely check out the Lull Mattress review written on this website.

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