Helix Tencel Sheets Review – The Best Moisture-Wicking Sheets?

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Night sweats are no fun, so it’s best to look into a set of sheets that are designed to wick away moisture and keep you cool, just like the Helix Tencel sheets!

In this Helix Tencel Sheets review, I’ll give you the full run down: from their construction, how they keep you from feeling sweaty, and my personal experience testing them.

Let’s dive in!

Specs Details
Mattress Clarity Rating 4.1/5
Customer Rating N/A
Price $125-$200
Material Tencel
Thread Count 300
Color Options White, Slate
Size Options Twin –  Cal king
Return Policy 100 nights
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Helix Tencel Sheets
Helix Tencel Sheets
Helix Tencel Sheets

If night sweats are a problem for you, it's a good idea to look into moisture-wicking sheets! Helix's Tencel sheets can do just that for you. They feel ultra-soft, and being made of Tencel, they'll keep you dry all night long. 

Helix Tencel Sheets Review Overview

Helix is all about giving customers what they need. You can take the sleep quiz found on the website to find the right mattress for you. We’ve reviewed the Helix Midnight mattress before, and it makes many of our best mattresses lists!

But if you’re a hot sleeper who suffers from night sweats, the Helix Tencel sheets are a great option to look into. These cooling sheets will wick moisture away and keep you dry all night long. Here’s a quick overview of these sheets:

Who Might Like the Helix Tencel Sheets?

  • Hot sleepers
  • Anyone looking for deep pockets in the fitted sheet
  • People looking for an eco-friendly set of sheets

Who Might Not Like the Helix Tencel Sheets?

  • Fans of crisp, cotton sheets
  • Anyone looking for a variety of color options
  • Shoppers on a budget

What Do the Helix Tencel Sheets Feel Like?

Made from Tencel, the Helix sheets feel ultra-soft to the touch. They won’t feel as crisp as 100% cotton sheets; they feel more similar to satin-like bamboo sheets.

Helix Tencel Sheets Feeling - A picture of a man's hand feeling the sheets.

These sheets have also been constructed with a sateen weave, which adds to that soft, satin-like feel.

Helix Tencel Sheets Materials

The Helix Tencel sheets are made from high-quality Tencel fibers, which is derived from eucalyptus wood pulp. This material, also known as lyocell or Tencel lyocell, is known to be breathable and moisture-wicking.

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They have a 300-thread count, which will allow for air to flow through fairly easily. Coupled with the sateen weave, this makes for very soft sheets that will give you a cool night of sleep.

Helix is also able to sustainably source the eucalyptus. According to Helix, this requires less water than some other materials, and will make them a fairly eco-friendly set of sheets, too!

Helix Tencel Sheets Size Options and Price

Get up-to-date pricing information on the Helix Tencel sheets with our chart below!

Size Price
Twin $125
Twin XL $125
Full $150
Queen $175
King $200
California King $200
Get the Best Price!
Helix Tencel Sheets
Helix Tencel Sheets
Helix Tencel Sheets

If night sweats are a problem for you, it's a good idea to look into moisture-wicking sheets! Helix's Tencel sheets can do just that for you. They feel ultra-soft, and being made of Tencel, they'll keep you dry all night long. 

What to Consider Before Buying

If you’ve never heard of Tencel sheets before, then here’s a breakdown on what you can expect from them!

Sleeping Hot or Cold

Tencel fabric is known to be moisture-wicking. This means that the fabric will keep you relatively dry while you use them. In my experience, I didn’t feel sweaty at all.

I will say, however, that because these are sateen sheets, they didn’t have the most room for airflow. While I wasn’t sweating, I did feel like the sheets were a little stuffy. Sateen weaves typically don’t let air flow through as easily as a percale weave.

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I prefer to sleep with two thin layers: a top sheet and a thin blanket. So the addition of the blanket could have prevented air from flowing through, too. If you’re concerned about overheating, it would be best to sleep with just the top sheet. That should keep you at a fairly comfortable temperature all night.

A man sleeps on his side in Helix Tencel Sheets

Care Instructions

The best kind of care instructions are the easiest ones: machine washable. Helix recommends you machine wash these sheets with a mild detergent in warm water.

From there you have the option to line dry or tumble dry the sheets on a low heat setting.

No need to use bleach or dry clean these sheets.


Tencel fabric is known to be hypoallergenic. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, these sheets shouldn’t trigger any allergies.

Company Policies

Let’s go through some of the fine print, so you have all the information before buying a set of Helix Tencel sheets.

Set Includes

Helix Tencel Sheets - A picture of a bed made with the slate gray helix sheets on.

For this review, I received the queen-sized set, which included:

  • A flat sheet
  • A fitted sheet
  • Two standard-sized pillowcases

Helix sells the sheet set from twin all the way up to California king. Twin and twin XL have one standard pillowcase, while king and California king have two king-sized pillowcases.

Return Policy

You have a 100 night sleep trial to test out your Helix Tencel sheets. If, during that time, you decide you don’t like your sheets, you can send them back for a full refund.

If you decide to keep your Helix sheets, they come with a three-year warranty.

Common Helix Tencel Sheets Complaints

Some of the most common complaints I noticed in customer reviews were that the sheets tend to stain fairly easily. Which, I have to agree with. After a few nights, I noticed the pillowcases had stains from where my head was, so these sheets may need more washes than normal.

One other complaint I saw was that customers weren’t satisfied with just a white and gray color option to pick from.

How Do the Helix Tencel Sheets Compare To Other Sheets?

Not all sheets are made the same, nor do they perform the same. Let’s see how the Helix Tencel sheets stood up to some other sheets on the market.

Helix Vs. Brooklyn Bedding

Polyester is a fairly common material to see in sheets these days. It can cost less to produce, therefore making them much more affordable than sheets made from other materials.

One of our favorite sets of sheets with polyester are the Brooklyn Bedding Brushed Microfiber sheets. And I gotta say, these are some of the best bed sheets if you’re on a budget.

A queen sized set will cost you $49, even before any discounts, as opposed to Helix’s $175. But the differences don’t just stop at price.

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The Helix sheets are made with Tencel, which is great for its moisture-wicking properties and known to be fairly breathable. This makes them great for hot sleepers.

Brooklyn Bedding Brushed Microfiber Sheets Feel

Brooklyn Bedding’s sheets are fairly breathable as well, but synthetic materials don’t always have the ability to wick away moisture, so you may feel slightly sweaty underneath these sheets if you sleep hot.

Polyester is prone to pilling after a few months, so if you’re looking for durability, opt for the Helix set.

Finally, if you’re looking for a few color options, go with Brooklyn Bedding’s sheets. They have six to choose from over Helix’s two–which are just white and slate gray.

Who Should Get the Helix sheets?

  • Hot sleepers
  • People looking for a set of sheets to last

Who Should Get the Brooklyn Bedding sheets?

  • Shoppers on a strict budget
  • People looking for color options

Read our full Brooklyn Bedding Brushed Microfiber sheets review.

Helix vs Parachute

If you’re a lover of cotton sheets, know that Tencel sheets will feel much different!

One set of cotton sheets that caught our eye just so happened to be made of Egyptian cotton: the Parachute Percale sheets.

Both are going to have a soft feel, but they have different weave styles. The Parachute sheets are constructed with the percale weave, which will make them feel crisp, while Helix’s will feel more satin-like.

Parachute Percale Sheets

While Parachute’s sheets don’t feature any specific cooling features, both sets of sheets should sleep relatively cool. However, the Helix sheets will wick moisture away, keeping you from feeling hot and sweaty.

Helix’s extra deep pockets can fit mattresses up to 22” tall, while Parachute’s can fit mattresses up to 16” tall. If you have a taller bed or toss and turn frequently, the Helix fitted sheets should stay on your bed all night!

Who Should Get the Helix sheets?

  • Hot sleepers who are prone to sweating during the night
  • People looking for extra deep pockets

Who Should Get the Parachute Sheets?

  • Fans of cotton sheets
  • People looking for color options

Read our full Parachute Percale sheets review.

Helix Tencel Sheets Review Rating

Take a look at our Mattress Clarity score for the Helix Tencel sheets!

Helix Tencel Sheets Review
4.1 Overall
Thread Count
Return Policy


Don’t worry, I haven’t left any stone unturned. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I’ve seen about the Helix Tencel Sheets.

What is a Tencel sheet?

Tencel, also known as Tencel lyocell or lyocell, is a material made from eucalyptus.

If you’ve never encountered this type of material before, it acts very similarly to bamboo. It is a breathable material that is absorbent and moisture-wicking. This material is great for hot sleepers who overheat or sweat during the night.

How long will my Helix Tencel Sheets last?

Tencel is a durable material, more so than cotton. Helix recognizes this and offers a three-year warranty on their sheets. These sheets should last you at least that long!

Are Tencel sheets worth it?

Tencel might be a little pricier than cotton or polyester sheets, but their durability and cooling properties make them a great investment. They’ll keep you cool and last you a long time!

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