GhostBed Sheets Review – Scary Good Sheets?

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Looking for some new sheets but don’t know where to start? Well, most of the beloved mattress companies out there make sheets, too!

GhostBed crafted its GhostSheets to give you a great night of sleep! No need to worry about a ghost in these sheets. I’ll tell you everything you need to know, from construction, to how they feel, in this GhostBed Sheets review.

Specs Details
Mattress Clarity Rating 3.8
Customer Rating 4.9
Price $125 – $265
Material 60% Supima Cotton, 40% Tencel fabric
Thread Count Not listed, but around 600
Color Options White, Gray
Size Options Twin up to Split King
Return Policy N/A

GhostBed Sheets

GhostBed Sheets

The GhostBed Sheets, or GhostSheets, are a luxury set of sheets that combine supima cotton and Tencel. These cotton sheets feel soft, crisp, and will keep you cool at night! That's scary good!

Mattress Clarity Score
4.90 / 5 starstarstarstarstar
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Accessories Details


Cotton, Rayon


3-year warranty



Shipping Method
Shipping Method

Free shipping minus HI and AK

Return Policy
Return Policy

No returns


GhostBed Sheets Overview

Here at Mattress Clarity, we love the original GhostBed Mattress, as well as other models the company makes like the GhostBed Flex and the GhostBed Natural.

But the brand’s bed sheets are a great way to dress your bed and stay cool at night. These GhostBed luxury sheets will keep you sleeping cool and should stay secure on your mattress if you toss and turn. Let’s take a quick look at who might enjoy this set of sheets.

Who Might Like the GhostBed Sheets

  • Hot Sleepers
  • Fans of crisp-feeling cotton sheets
  • Anyone looking for a set of sheets with deep pockets to stay on your bed at night

Who Might Not Like the GhostBed Sheets

  • Fans of bamboo sheets
  • People looking for a variety of color options
  • Shoppers on a budget

GhostBed Sheets Video Review

See these sheets in action with our GhostBed Sheets video review!


What Do the GhostBed Sheets Feel Like?

Because the main material in the GhostBed sheets is cotton, they have that traditional, crisp cotton feel to them. However, being made of supima cotton, they feel a good deal softer than regular cotton.

man feeling GhostBed sheets

The Tencel fiber blend also gives these sheets a bit more flexibility, so they won’t feel too stiff or overly crisp.

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GhostBed Sheets Materials

The GhostBed sheets combine high-quality supima cotton and Tencel fibers to make up these comfy sheets.

Supima cotton, or pima cotton, is specifically grown and designed to feel softer and plusher than traditional cotton. This material is also incredibly durable and should last you a long time as well.

Tencel, a natural product derived from eucalyptus, has some moisture wicking properties. This is great for hot sleepers because it means you shouldn’t feel sweaty underneath these sheets.

In the fitted sheet, you’ll find a sturdy, 2” elastic band that GhostBed calls the GhostGrip. This thick band will keep your fitted sheet secure on your mattress. If you tend to toss and turn at night, this is a great perk as it makes it very hard for the fitted sheet to slip.

picture of the thick GhostGrip elastic band on GhostBed sheets

GhostBed Sheets Size Options and Price

Take a look at our chart below to get up-to-date pricing information on the GhostBed luxury sheet set.

Size Price
Twin $125
Twin XL $140
Full $165
Queen $185
King $235
California King $235
Split King $265

GhostBed Sheets

GhostBed Sheets

The GhostBed Sheets, or GhostSheets, are a luxury set of sheets that combine supima cotton and Tencel. These cotton sheets feel soft, crisp, and will keep you cool at night! That's scary good!

Mattress Clarity Score
4.90 / 5 starstarstarstarstar
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Accessories Details


Cotton, Rayon


3-year warranty



Shipping Method
Shipping Method

Free shipping minus HI and AK

Return Policy
Return Policy

No returns


What to Consider Before Buying the GhostBed Sheets

How can you expect the GhostBed sheets to perform if you buy them? Let’s go over a few key categories.

Sleeping Hot or Cold

Both cotton and Tencel are known to be cooling materials. Cotton has some natural breathability to it, while Tencel is known to be moisture-wicking. This combination is great for temperature regulation, and is a win for hot sleepers, like myself. You shouldn’t sleep too hot and sweaty under these sheets. These are great for year-round use.

A man sleeps with GhostBed sheets in bed

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Care Instructions

GhostBed recommends that you wash your GhostSheets in a cool or warm water cycle with a mild detergent.

It’s also recommended that you hang or line dry these sheets to preserve the fibers, the color, and the elasticity of the GhostGrip band. However, if hang or line drying isn’t feasible for you, tumble dry on low in your dryer.

man loads the GhostBed sheets into a washing machine

The GhostBed sheets are designed to be wrinkle resistant as well.


Tencel is known to fight allergens in your sleep environment, making these a great hypoallergenic pick for people with sensitive allergies.

Company Policies

If you decide to purchase a set of the GhostSheets, here’s what you can expect.

Set Includes

For this review, I received a queen size sheet set, which included a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and two pillow cases. This is the same for a full size set.

Twin and twin xl sets will only include one pillow case. King and California king sets will include two queen pillow cases and two king size pillowcases in addition to everything else.

Return Policy

Ghostbed considers these sheets to be a personal use item, and therefore they cannot be returned.

However, the sheets come with a three-year warranty.

Common GhostBed Complaints

Some common complaints that I’ve seen online deal with the feel and color options for these sheets.

Some thought the sheets weren’t as soft as they were expecting. Cotton sheets tend to feel a bit crisper than other sheets, so keep that in mind.

Also, with only two color options, white and gray, some were displeased with the fact that the sheets didn’t come in more options.

How Do the GhostBed Sheets Compare To Other Sheets?

If you’re looking for new sheets, it’s always a good idea to compare. Let’s see how the GhostBed sheets compare to some of the other sheets on the market.

GhostBed Vs. Casper

The GhostBed sheets are a cotton and Tencel blend, but let’s see how they compare to a fully Tencel sheet set: the Casper Hyperlite sheets.

The Casper set is a rather thin set of sheets, and being made completely of Tencel, they feel cool to the touch. Unlike the cotton in the GhostBed sheets, however, the Hyperlite set won’t feel crisp.

man asleep under Casper Hyperlite sheets

Both options are going to be great picks for hot sleepers, but if you’re the type of person who gets cold quickly, you may need to layer up a little more with the Hyperlite sheet set. GhostBed’s sheets are more year-round friendly.

GhostBed only sells their sheets in gray and white, while Casper has a few more color options to choose from. You also have the option of getting the Casper sheet set with a duvet cover as well.
Finally, in terms of price, the Hyperlite sheet set is around the same range as the GhostBed sheets, but a little more affordable.

Who Should Get the GhostBed Sheets?

  • Fans of crisp, cotton sheets
  • Anyone looking for a cozy but comfortable set of sheets to use year-round

Who Should Get the Casper Hyperlite Sheets?

  • Extremely hot sleepers looking for thin sheets to keep them cool
  • Anyone who wants color options for their sheets

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GhostBed Vs. Purple

Not all sheets are made or designed the same way. Purple changed the game with the grid in its Purple mattress, and they made their sheets a little differently, too.

Purple’s SoftStretch sheets are designed with a blend of rayon, polyester, and spandex. This combination makes them feel very stretchy, and will stretch with your body as you lay on them to help make you feel more comfortable in bed.

The rayon in these sheets is derived from bamboo viscose, making these sheets feel very soft, and very different from traditional cotton sheets. So, if you like cotton, stick with the GhostBed sheets.

man stretching out Purple SoftStretch sheets

Because of the stretch, however, Purple’s sheets might be difficult to change positions in. GhostBed’s sheets are crisp and fairly easy to move around in.

Bamboo, like Tencel, which has some moisture-wicking properties to it, so you shouldn’t sleep too hot under the SoftStretch sheets. It’s important to note though, that while the Purple SoftStretch sheets can work with any mattress, they were designed with the Purple grid in mind. GhostBed’s sheets can work with any mattress as well, but they weren’t designed to work best with just a GhostBed mattress.

There are a few more color options with the SoftStretch sheets as well. And finally, in terms of price, the SoftStretch sheets are the more affordable option.

Who Should Get the GhostBed Sheets?

  • Fans of crisp cotton sheets
  • Combo sleepers who change positions frequently during the night due to the sheets being easy to move around in

Who Should Get the Purple SoftStretch Sheets?

  • Purple product fans
  • Sheet shoppers on a budget

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GhostBed Sheets Review Rating

Take a look at our Mattress Clarity score for the GhostBed sheets!

GhostBed Sheets Review
3.8 Overall
Return Policy


Still have some questions about the GhostBed sheets? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions!

What is Supima Cotton?

Supima cotton, also known as superior cotton or superior pima cotton, is a specially designed cotton and grown in the US. This type of cotton is much sturdier and softer than traditional cotton. The GhostBed sheets are made of 60% supima cotton, and 40% Tencel fabric.

What if I don’t like my GhostBed sheets?

Unfortunately, if you decide that the GhostBed sheets aren’t for you, they are unable to be returned.

GhostBed considers them a personal use item, and therefore will not accept returns or exchanges.

How long will the GhostBed sheets last?

Being made of supima cotton, which is more durable than traditional cotton, the GhostBed sheets should last a very long time.

They carry a 3 year warranty, so they should last at least that long.

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