Purple SoftStretch Sheets Review – Luxurious and Stretchy Sheets?

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Chances are you’ve heard of the unique Purple mattress. The company has grown in popularity, and so have their products. Now, Purple’s designed a perfectly stretchy set of sheets to maximize your sleep.

In this Purple SoftStretch Sheets review, we’ll explain why these could be the sheet set you need in your life.

We may not be yoga instructors, but we’re sure ready to stretch! Let’s dive in.

Specs Details
Mattress Clarity Rating 4.2
Customer Rating 4.6
Price $139 – $229
Material Rayon from bamboo viscose, polyester, spandex
Thread Count N/A
Color Option Stormy Grey, True White, Natural Oat, Deep Purple, Soft Lilac, Morning Mist
Size Options Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King/Cal King, Split King
Return Policy Free returns during the 30-day sleep trial
Up to 25% off!
Purple SoftStretch Sheets
Purple SoftStretch Sheets
Purple SoftStretch Sheets

The Purple SoftStretch sheets are designed to be soft and stretchy to help you feel maximum levels of comfort while you sleep on your mattress! Click the link to save up to 25% on your new sheets!

Purple SoftStretch Sheets Overview

Purple, as a company, is all about being vastly different from their competitors. And that even extends to some of their sleep accessories. So, it makes sense that their sheets are fairly different, too.

So for this Purple sheets review, we’re looking at their new SoftStretch sheet set.

Who Might Like the Purple SoftStretch Sheets?

  • Hot sleepers
  • Purple Product fans (these sheets are designed to work best with a Purple mattress)
  • Fans of breathable bamboo sheets

Who Might Not Like Purple SoftStretch Sheets?

  • Fans of all-cotton sheets
  • Sheet shoppers on a budget
  • Anyone who prefers to layer up with sheets while they sleep

Purple SoftStretch Sheets Video Review

Want to see us stretch these sheets out? Check out our video review!

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What Do The Purple SoftStretch Sheets Feel Like?

The Purple SoftStretch sheets are nice and soft to the touch, and they feel a bit cool. Of course, the stretch factor is definitely there!

Purple SoftStretch Sheets Back Sleeping

Purple SoftStretch Sheets Materials

These particularly elastic sheets are made up of a blend of different high-quality fibers. The main component is rayon based from bamboo viscose. That gives these sheets their breathable and moisture-wicking properties.

The other components are polyester and spandex. The polyester helps the sheets feel nice and soft, while the spandex gives them their stretch.

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Purple SoftStretch Sheets Stretching

The overall construction of these stretchy sheets should help you feel so much more comfortable in bed. They’ll conform to your body and should help make your mattress feel softer!

When people shop for a new set of sheets, thread count might be an important factor. If you’re not sure what thread count is, it just simply refers to how tightly woven the sheets are within a square inch. Thread count can be an indicator of softness and quality. However, with the Purple SoftStretch sheets, there isn’t a thread count.

We should mention that Purple designed the SoftStretch sheets to work optimally with the Purple grid within their mattresses. But, that’s not to say they won’t work with other mattresses.

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Purple SoftStretch Sheets Size Options and Price

When you’re shopping for new bed sheets, cost is always important. Take a look at our up-to-date price chart below.

Size Price
Twin $139
Twin XL $139
Full $169
Queen $189
King $209
California King $209
Split King $229
Up to 25% off!
Purple SoftStretch Sheets
Purple SoftStretch Sheets
Purple SoftStretch Sheets

The Purple SoftStretch sheets are designed to be soft and stretchy to help you feel maximum levels of comfort while you sleep on your mattress! Click the link to save up to 25% on your new sheets!

What to Consider Before Buying

Now we know what these sheets are made of. But how do they perform, and how do we take care of them? Let’s take a look.

Sleeping Hot or Cold

If you’re worried about sheets that trap heat, or worried about breathability, you can rest easy. The rayon, which is made from bamboo viscose, makes them very breathable and moisture-wicking.  All of this definitely helps you sleep cooler at night.

Purple SoftStretch Sheets Side Sleeping

Care Instructions

Care instructions couldn’t be easier: these sheets are machine washable! For the best results, Purple recommends that you machine wash these in cold water. Once done, you can tumble dry them with low heat, or even hang them to dry if you see fit. It’s that simple!


The Purple SoftStretch sheets aren’t listed as 100% hypoallergenic. However, we don’t anticipate these sheets triggering any allergies.

Company Policies

We love when a company has the customer’s interest in mind. Let’s see what Purple has to offer for these stretchy sheets.

Set Includes

The SoftStretch sheet set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases for a queen size bed. But don’t worry, these Purple bed sheets come in all bed sizes!

Purple SoftStretch Sheets Corner

They also offer just a pillowcase set if you don’t need a full set.

Return Policy

Purple offers a 30-day trial period. If you’re not satisfied with the Purple sheets, then you can send them back within those 30 days for a full refund.

However, should you decide to keep these sheets, you’ll be covered by a 1-year warranty.

Common Purple SoftStretch Sheets Complaints

Some of the most common complaints about the Purple SoftStretch sheets tend to involve their durability. Most people notice that after some time, the sheets start to pill. Just remember though, that if this happens within your first year, the sheets come with a one year warranty.

Other complaints seem to be concerned about the price of the sheets. Keep in mind that its high-quality materials drive up the price a little. However, here at Mattress Clarity, we do have some coupons to help save you some money at check out. But, if you decide that these sheets are just too much, you can return them for a full refund within the 30-day trial.

How Do The Purple SoftStretch Sheets Compare To Other Sheets?

When looking for new sheets, it’s always a good idea to compare your options. Not many companies make stretchy sheets like Purple’s, but we can still compare these sheets to other bamboo-based sheets.

Purple SoftStretch Sheets Vs. Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets

The Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets are incredibly soft and luxurious, but when comparing them to the Purple SoftStretch sheets, construction differences are the first thing we notice.

The Cozy Earth sheets are made of 100% bamboo, while the SoftStretch sheets have about 60% rayon based from bamboo viscose. The Purple sheets also have spandex to help them stretch. Both sheets feel fairly soft and breathable. Because they’re made of 100% bamboo, however, the Cozy Earth is a better option for people with severe allergies.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets

The Cozy Earth sheets are made of 100% bamboo, so if you like a wrinkle-free set of sheets, then the Purple SoftStretch could be the better choice. Pure bamboo sheets tend to wrinkle more.

And finally, if you’re shopping for sheets on a budget, the Purple SoftStretch sheets wins in that regard.

Who Should Get The SoftStretch Sheets?

  • People looking for stretchy sheets
  • Sheet shoppers on a budget

Who Should Get the Cozy Earth Sheets?

  • Fans of luxurious feeling sheets
  • Sheets intended to be hypoallergenic

Read our full Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets Review.

Purple SoftStretch Sheets Vs. Sleep Number True Temp Sheets

Now, let’s see how the Purple sheets compare to a sheet set designed for cooling: the Sleep Number True Temp sheets.

Starting with construction, the SoftStretch has a blend of rayon, polyester, and spandex, while the Sleep Number sheets are made of a blend of similar materials, but swap the rayon for cotton.

Sleep Number Sheets

In terms of features, the True Temp Sheets contain Sleep Number’s 37.5 active particle technology. This means the sheets will continuously adapt to your body temperature to help you sleep cooler at night. The SoftStretch sheets don’t have any specific cooling features, but bamboo sheets are known to sleep cool.

And finally, when it comes down to price, the SoftStretch sheets win again.

Who Should Get the SoftStretch Sheets?

  • Fans of bamboo based sheets
  • Sheet shoppers on a budget

Who Should Get the Sleep Number True Temp sheets?

  • Fans of that classic cotton feel
  • Anyone shopping for sheets designed specifically for cooling

Read our full Sleep Number True Temp Sheets Review.

Purple SoftStretch Sheets Rating

So, how did we rate the Purple SoftStretch sheets? Take a look below!

Purple SoftStretch Sheets
4.2 Overall
Return Policy


Still have some questions about the Purple SoftStretch sheets? Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions!

What if I don’t like my Purple SoftStretch sheets?

If you’ve decided that the Purple SoftStretch Sheets aren’t for you, you can send them back for a full refund during your trial period. Purple also has a few other sheet options on their website for you to pick from, too!

How deep are the Purple SoftStretch sheets?

The SoftStretch sheet set comes in all bed sizes and has pockets that can fit a mattress up to 15” tall!

Do the Purple SoftStretch sheets work with other mattresses?

The Purple SoftStretch sheets have been optimized to work best with the Purple grid to help you feel maximum levels of comfort with your mattress. However, rest assured, you do not need a Purple Mattress. They work with any mattress!

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