Anti-Snore Pillow Announced as CES Innovation Honoree

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The Motion Pillow, an anti-snore pillow, has been featured as a CES Innovation Awards 2024 honoree. The Motion Pillow is made by the South Korean-based company 10 Minds. The CES Innovation Awards feature many products that range from robotics, medical technology, and of course, an anti-snoring pillow.

This marks the third time that the Motion Pillow has been a CES Innovation Awards honoree, having earned it in 2020, 2022, and now 2024. The Motion Pillow is a two-part pillow: the pillow itself and the Motion System. This piece of technology is able to detect when you start snoring. When you start snoring, the Motion System will automatically send a signal to the pillow to inflate airbags within it. This adjusts your head’s position and will stop the snoring.

A graphic of the airbags within the Motion Pillow inflating.

According to 10 Minds, in a clinical trial, over 90% of users showed or experienced a reduction in snoring while using the Motion Pillow. Snoring is caused by the narrowing of your airway, and is affected by a variety of things, such as head position.

The Motion System is set up by learning the sounds of the user’s snoring during a brief learning period. Once the Motion System learns the sound of the user’s snoring, it will send a signal to adjust the pillow when snoring occurs. This is particularly impressive, because even if one shares a bed with a partner, the Motion System is uniquely tuned to the user. So even if the user’s partner is snoring, the pillow won’t won’t mistake that and inflate when the user isn’t snoring.

An image of the Motion Pillow and the Motion System.

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You can find the Motion Pillow available for purchase on Amazon.

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