Parachute Sateen Sheets Review – Silky Smooth Luxury?

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With so many online retailers, buying new bed sheets can be confusing. One popular brand is Parachute Home. The brand makes many different types of sheets, and I’ve tried them all!

In this Parachute Sateen Sheets review, I cover how they feel, how they performed for me, color options, and much more. Let’s dive in!

Specs Details
Mattress Clarity Rating 4.2
Customer Rating 4.4/5 Stars
Price $229 – $299
Material 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton cotton
Thread Count N/A
Color Options White, Sand, Light Grey, Blush
Size Options Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split King, Cal King
Return Policy Free returns and exchanges up to 60 days

Parachute Sateen Sheets

Parachute Sateen Sheets

The Parachute Sateen Sheets are high-end and luxurious.

Mattress Clarity Score
4.40 / 5 starstarstarstarstar
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Accessories Details



Trial Period
Trial Period

60 nights



Return Policy
Return Policy

Free returns


Parachute Sateen Sheets Overview

Parachute Home is a popular online retailer known for its bedding, home and decor items. We’ve reviewed the Parachute Percale sheet set and the Parachute Linen sheet set before. The company also makes a set of sheets with the sateen weave, which is what I’ll focus on in this review.

Here’s a quick overview of these sheets:

Who Might Like the Parachute Sateen Sheets?

  • Fans of buttery smooth sheets
  • Cotton sheet lovers
  • Hot sleepers

Who Might Not Like the Parachute Sateen Sheets?

  • Fans of satin-like bamboo sheets
  • Shoppers on a budget
  • Anyone looking for a wide variety of color options

What Do the Parachute Sateeen Sheets Feel Like?

For this sheet set, Parachute uses the sateen weave. This is one of two weave styles for cotton sheets, and it leaves sheets feeling incredibly soft and buttery smooth. Some sateen sheets will even have a slight sheen to them when you drape them on the bed.

A hand brushes across the Parachute Sateen Sheets.

I’ve tested many sateen sheets, but these are truly some of the softest sheets I’ve felt with this weave.

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Parachute Sateen Sheets Materials

Parachute uses high-quality long-staple Egyptian cotton for these sheets. This cotton is OEKO-Tex certified, meaning the cotton was grown without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Because Parachute uses long-staple cotton, the threads are very durable. Long-staple cotton means the cotton fibers can be made into long threads without the cotton breaking. So, with good care these sheets should last around two to three years!

Parachute Sateen Sheets Set Size Options and Price

Take a look at our up-to-date price chart for the Parachute sateen sheets!

Size Price
Twin $149 (no top sheet), $229 (with top sheet)
Twin XL $149 (no top sheet), $229 (with top sheet)
Full $169 (no top sheet), $269 (with top sheet)
Queen $169 (no top sheet), $269 (with top sheet)
King $189 (no top sheet), $299 (with top sheet)
California King $189 (no top sheet), $299 (with top sheet)

Parachute Sateen Sheets

Parachute Sateen Sheets

The Parachute Sateen Sheets are high-end and luxurious.

Mattress Clarity Score
4.40 / 5 starstarstarstarstar
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Accessories Details



Trial Period
Trial Period

60 nights



Return Policy
Return Policy

Free returns


What to Consider Before Buying

How did the Parachute sateen sheets work for me? Let’s talk about some key considerations.

Sleeping Hot or Cold

Cotton is a naturally breathable material in the textiles world. The top sheet is incredibly lightweight, and as a hot sleeper, I felt very comfortable while I slept with these sheets.

A man sleeps on his side with the Parachute Sateen Sheets.

Sateen sheets can retain more heat than other weave styles. So if you’re an exceptionally hot sleeper, or tend to layer up with thick layers, that’s something to consider.

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Care Instructions

The good news is that these sheets are machine washable! Here’s what Parachute recommends for care:

Wash in cold water with similar colors, using a liquid detergent. Do not use bleach. From there, you can tumble dry on low. If you notice a wrinkle after drying, you have the option to warm iron on low heat as you see fit.


While Parachute does not market this product as hypoallergenic, cotton is not known to trap allergens in your sleep environment or trigger allergies.

Company Policies

Here’s what you can expect before making a purchase with Parachute.

Set Includes

For this review, I received the queen-sized sheet set. This included:

  • A fitted sheet
  • Two pillowcases

If you’re looking for a full sheet set, you’ll need to add on the top/flat sheet, which is what I did.

Parachute offers this set in all bed sizes, from twin to California king. Each set comes with two pillowcases, and the two king-sized sets come with king-sized pillowcases.

Return Policy

Parachute offers free shipping and returns. You’ll have 60 days to test out your Parachute sateen sheet set. During that time, you can make an exchange or return for a full refund.

How Do Parachute Sateen Sheets Compare to Other Sheets?

Comparison shopping is key before clicking “check out.” Here’s how the Parachute sateen sheets stack up against two popular brands, Serta and Brooklinen.

Parachute vs Serta

Serta is a big name in the bedding industry, and the company made some icy cool sheets to accompany the Serta Arctic mattress. Let’s see how these compare to the Parachute sateen sheets.

Both sets of sheets feel soft and buttery smooth. This is a common characteristic of Tencel sheets, which is what the Serta sheets are made out of. The Parachute sheets feel this way because of the sateen weave.

An image of the Serta Arctic cooling sheets set on a blue duvet.

And while cotton is a breathable material, the Serta sheets are designed to be cool to the touch. Tencel is breathable and moisture-wicking, and Serta also uses a blend of cooling nylon and its proprietary CoolMAX polyester.

Both sets are around the same price point, but Serta only offers its sheets in white, while Parachute has four neutral colors to choose from.

Who Should Get the Parachute Sateen Sheets?

  • Fans of smooth, cotton sheets
  • Anyone looking for a few different colors to choose from

Who Should Get the Serta Arctic Cooling Sheets?

  • Hot sleepers
  • Fans of all-white sheets

Read our full Serta Arctic Cooling Sheets review.

Parachute vs Brooklinen

Both Brooklinen and Parachute are popular online retailers that sell many different sheets. Let’s see how the Parachute sateen sheets stack up against the Brooklinen Linen sheets.

To start, the two sets use different materials. Brooklinen uses 100% European flax in its linens, and Parachute uses 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton. These materials feel very different.

A man sleeps in the Brooklinen Linen Sheets.

Egyptian cotton feels very soft, and with the sateen weave, these sheets feel buttery smooth. Linens are known to have a textured feel. However, the Brooklinen sheets still feel soft, they just won’t feel smooth.

If you’re looking for a wide variety of colors and designs, Brooklinen has many different options to choose from, while Parachute only sells four.

Who Should Get the Parachute Sateen Sheets?

  • Fans of cotton sheets
  • Anyone looking for soft, smooth sheets

Who Should Get the Brooklinen Linen Sheets?

  • Anyone looking for color variety
  • Fans of textured linen sheets

Read our full Brooklinen Linen Sheets review.

Parachute Sateen Sheets Rating

Take a look at our Mattress Clarity score for the Parachute sateen sheets!

Parachute Sateen Sheets Review
4.2 Overall
Return Policy


Let’s answer some frequently asked questions about the Parachute Sateen Sheets!

What thread count are the Parachute Sateen Sheets?

Parachute doesn’t list a thread count for its sheets on its website. However, a good range for cotton sateen sheets tends to be anywhere from 300 to about 600. Because thread count impacts the feel of sheets, higher thread counts will make sheets feel very soft, though they might not be as breathable as lower thread count sheets.

If you want to learn about the best thread count for sheets, we’ve got you covered with an article detailing just that!

Will sateen make you sweat?

It depends! Sateen sheets with higher thread counts can retain heat more than percale sheets. However, the material used also plays a role. We’ve listed some of the best sateen sheets, and there are sheets made with bamboo or Tencel that can keep you cool because they have the ability to wick away moisture.

How long will the Parachute Sateen Sheets last?

Egyptian cotton is more durable than traditional cotton. And because this is the type of cotton Parachute uses, the sateen sheets should last around two years if you take good care of them!

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