GhostBed Weighted Blanket Review – The Best Weighted Blanket for Everyone?

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Weighted blankets come in all shapes and sizes, and if you’re new to weighted blankets, you might not know where to start! Well, you’re in luck. GhostBed made a weighted blanket that is perfect for just about anyone.

In this GhostBed weighted blanket review, I’ll go over what you can expect from this weighted blanket, its weight options, how it performed, and more.

No need to hide from this ghost. Let’s dive in!

Save 25%
GhostBed Weighted Blanket
GhostBed Weighted Blanket
GhostBed Weighted Blanket

GhostBed sells its weighted blanket only in a 15 lb option. The reason being is that 15 lb is the sweet spot for most weighted blanket shoppers. If you're new to weighted blankets, this is a good entry level weighted blanket that won't trap heat!

GhostBed Weighted Blanket Review Overview

We’ve reviewed a number of GhostBed’s memory foam mattresses before like the GhostBed and the GhostBed Luxe mattresses. But the company also makes bedding accessories, like the GhostBed GhostSheets, too!

Here’s a quick overview on what you can expect from the GhostBed weighted blanket:

Who Might Like the GhostBed Weighted Blanket?

  • Hot sleepers who enjoy weighted blankets
  • People looking for weighted blankets to act as a duvet insert
  • Average weight adults

Who Might Not Like the GhostBed Weighted Blanket?

  • People looking for a wide range of weight options
  • Weighted blanket fans who prefer color options
  • People who get cold quickly

GhostBed Weighted Blanket Video Review

See what the GhostBed weighted blanket is all about in our video review!

Sleeping With the GhostBed Weighted Blanket

The first thing I noticed about the GhostBed weighted blanket was that it felt cool. That’s not something I say often about weighted blankets!

Sleeping with the GhostBed Weighted Blanket

This is because this blanket features Tencel fabric in its outer cover, which is a material known to be cool to the touch.

As a heavier person, this blanket was too light for me, so I didn’t really feel it all the way around me. However, I appreciated that it didn’t feel too hot. It made lounging on the couch very comfortable!

How Much Does the GhostBed Weighted Blanket Weigh?

GhostBed only sells its weighted blanket in a 15 lb option. GhostBed’s reasoning is that 15 lb is considered to some as a “sweet spot” for weighted blankets.

While the weight option you choose for yourself is entirely up to personal preference, 15 lb is better suited for more average weight adults.

If you’ve never bought a weighted blanket, the GhostBed blanket could be a good entry level option. However, the general rule of thumb is to take 10% of your body weight, add or subtract a pound or two, and that will be the ideal weight option for you.

So, ideally, the GhostBed blanket works perfectly for adults weighing around 150 to about 170 lb. Though this is just a recommendation, not a hard and fast rule.

If you’re looking for some heavier weight options, check out our best weighted blankets round up!

How Does the GhostBed Weighted Blanket Feel?

Weighted blankets are known to stimulate something called deep pressure touch (DPT). This is that hugging sensation that helps you release those “feel good” chemicals, dopamine and serotonin, which will make you feel much more at ease and relaxed.

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GhostBed Weighted Blanket Feeling

DPT also can help your body release more melatonin, which helps you fall asleep faster. While this was a lighter blanket for me, it felt like a light hug.

GhostBed Weighted Blanket Size Options & Prices

Take a look at our chart below to get up-to-date pricing information on the GhostBed blanket!

Size Price
Queen (60″ x 80″) – 15 lb $289
Save 25%
GhostBed Weighted Blanket
GhostBed Weighted Blanket
GhostBed Weighted Blanket

GhostBed sells its weighted blanket only in a 15 lb option. The reason being is that 15 lb is the sweet spot for most weighted blanket shoppers. If you're new to weighted blankets, this is a good entry level weighted blanket that won't trap heat!

GhostBed Weighted Blanket Performance

How did the GhostBed weighted blanket perform in a few key categories? Let’s discuss.

Sleeping Hot or Cold

This weighted blanket has been designed for cooling! The Tencel fabric is cool to the touch, breathable and moisture-wicking.

As I rested with this blanket, I could tell pretty quickly overheating was not going to be an issue. As someone who runs hot most of the time, this was a great thing.

I think the cool sensation also had to do with this being a lighter weighted blanket for me. I’m a heavier person, so this blanket did not amount to 10% of my body weight.

I’ve found that the heavier the weighted blanket is, the more likely it is to trap heat.

Care Instructions

The GhostBed blanket comes to you without a cover. Unfortunately, the blanket is not machine washable.

GhostBed recommends that you spot clean with warm water and a mild detergent, then let air dry.

If you’re worried about stains, or constant exposure to dirt, food, etc., take advantage of the corner loops and use a duvet cover that is machine washable!


Tencel is a hypoallergenic fabric, so I do not anticipate this blanket triggering allergies for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

GhostBed Weighted Blanket Construction

The GhostBed weighted blanket comes to you as a single piece. On the outside, you’ll find a 100% Tencel outer cover. This high-quality material feels super-soft to the touch, and is known to be hypoallergenic, breathable, and moisture-wicking. This is great news for hot sleepers.

GhostBed Weighted Blanket Stitching

In the corners, you’ll find loops if you want to attach a duvet cover to this blanket. The cover also has a quilted design which promotes even distribution of the fill.

Speaking of, underneath the cover you’ll find glass microbeads that give the blanket its weight. The gridded stitching helps keep the glass beads from bunching, so you should feel an even weight distribution while using this blanket.

Company Policies

I’ve read the fine print so you don’t have to. Here’s what you can expect when you make a purchase from GhostBed


If you decide to keep your GhostBed weighted blanket, it comes with a three-year warranty.

Return Policy

Unfortunately, you cannot return the GhostBed weighted blanket. GhostBed considers this a personal use item, and will not accept returns.

How Does GhostBed Weighted Blanket Compare To Other Weighted Blankets

Not all weighted blankets are made the same or perform the same. Let’s compare the GhostBed blanket to two other popular blankets on the market.

GhostBed vs Gravity

I’ve reviewed two Gravity blankets before, but let’s focus on the flagship Gravity blanket.

To start, Gravity’s blanket comes as one, but has two pieces to it: a removable cover, and the inner blanket. This outer cover feels minky, and is very soft to the touch. GhostBed’s blanket doesn’t have a removable cover, and feels soft as well, but not minky.

Gravity Blanket

Gravity also sells its blanket in a variety of weight options, ranging from 15 to 35 lb. The 35 lb option is also a larger, king-size blanket as well. The GhostBed blanket only comes in a 15 lb option, and is a queen-size throw blanket.

Gravity has a washable cover, but the inner blanket is hand wash only, just like the GhostBed blanket.

If you’re a hot sleeper looking for a weighted blanket, I’d go with the GhostBed blanket over the Gravity blanket.

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Who should get the GhostBed Weighted Blanket?

  • Average weight adults around 150 lb
  • Hot sleepers

Who should get the Gravity Blanket?

  • Cold sleepers
  • People looking for weight options

Read our Gravity Weighted Blanket review.

GhostBed vs Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding is known for affordable mattresses, and those low prices tend to show up in its sleep accessories, too. The Brooklyn Bedding Dual Therapy weighted blanket is a more budget friendly weighted blanket on the market.

It features a removable outer cover. This cover has two sides. One side is made of minky microfiber, and is studded with small dots to give some texture. The other side is designed for temperature regulation, and is made with Tencel.

Brooklyn Bedding Weighted Blanket - Sleeping

The GhostBed blanket is only a single piece, though it can act as a duvet insert. Because it has a fully Tencel cover, this is more of a cooling weighted blanket than the Brooklyn Bedding blanket. If you’re a hot sleeper who likes weighted blankets, opt for the GhostBed blanket.

Brooklyn Bedding sells its blanket in two weight options, 15 and 20 lb, while GhostBed only sells its blanket in a 15 lb option. And finally, in terms of price, the Brooklyn Bedding weighted blanket is more affordable.

Who should get the GhostBed Weighted Blanket?

  • Hot sleepers
  • People who prefer to have their weighted blanket without a duvet cover

Who should get the Brooklyn Bedding Weighted Blanket?

  • Weighted blanket shoppers on a budget
  • People looking for weight options

Read our Brooklyn Bedding Dual Therapy weighted blanket review.

Our GhostBed Weighted Blanket Review Ratings

Take a look at our Mattress Clarity score for the GhostBed weighted blanket review!

GhostBed Weighted Blanket Review
3.9 Overall
This is a great starter weighted blanket if you've never used one before. It'll keep you at a comfortable temperature. You can add a duvet cover to extend its life span. However, you don't get a trial period with it, but you do get a long warranty on it!
Temp Regulation
Weight Distribution
Cleaning & Care
Trial Period


To make sure you’ve got all the info you need, I’ve gathered some frequently asked questions about the GhostBed weighted blanket.

Can you use weighted blankets every night?

The short answer is yes, you can!

The long answer, it really is up to you how long and how often you use your weighted blanket. Because this type of blanket can provide extra warmth, hot sleepers may not want to use them all night.

Of course, if you’re worried about any health concerns, it's best you consult with a medical professional to make sure a weighted blanket is best for you. Play around with how long you use the blanket. If you feel like it helps you sleep all throughout the night, then of course, sleep with it all night!

How heavy should a weighted blanket be?

As we discussed earlier, the rule of thumb is to take 10% of your body weight, and that should give you an ideal weight option. If you’ve never bought a weighted blanket before, this is a good place to start. Ultimately, how heavy your weighted blanket ends up being boils down to preference. I’ve encountered people who like them to be a bit heavier than the recommended weight option. GhostBed found that 15 lb seems to be a sweet spot for weighted blankets, so the company opted to only sell a 15 lb option.

Will the GhostBed blanket really keep you cool?

I’ve found that when most weighted blankets are marketed as “cooling,” it really just means the blanket won’t make you overheat or it’ll keep you at a comfortable temperature.

The GhostBed weighted blanket is certainly cool to the touch because of the Tencel fabric. In my experience, because it’s lighter than other weighted blankets I’ve tried, I didn’t think overheating was going to be an issue, either.

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