Titanflex Mattress Topper Review

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Some memory foam toppers can make you feel stuck, which can be tough to move around on. If you want to soften your mattress while ensuring easy mobility check out the Titanflex™ mattress topper from Brooklyn Bedding. It’s made with a proprietary material that’s more responsive than the typical memory foam.

Think this is the topper for you? Read my full, unbiased Titanflex™ mattress topper review for the full scoop.

Brooklyn Bedding TitanFlex Topper

Brooklyn Bedding TitanFlex Topper

The TitanFlex is a comfortable topper that comes in three firmnesses. This makes it a good fit for any sleeping position.

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Titanflex™ Mattress Topper Overview

Brooklyn Bedding is a popular online mattress retailer, and we’ve reviewed many of the brand’s mattresses such as the Brooklyn Bedding Signature and the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora. But like other mattress brands, Brooklyn Bedding doesn’t stop at just mattresses.

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Titanflex Mattress Topper Review


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Firmness Adjustment

From sheets to pillows, Brooklyn Bedding offers a variety of bedding accessories to dress your bed. And the brand offers a number of mattress toppers as well. This review will focus on the Titanflex™ mattress topper. Here’s a quick rundown of the review before I get into the details:

Who should get the Titanflex™ Topper?Who shouldn’t get the Titanflex™ Topper?
Fans of toppers with coversPeople who prefer a traditional memory foam feel
People looking for firmness optionsFans of down featherbeds
Combination SleepersExtremely hot sleepers

Titanflex™ Mattress Topper Firmness & Feel

Toppers will change the way your mattress’s firmness and feel. Let’s go over how that works for the Titanflex™ topper. Though this topper comes in three firmnesses, I tested the medium model. I’m basing this review on that model and using my expert insight to inform me on how the soft and firm models should work.

What’s the Titanflex™ Mattress Topper’s Firmness?

The Titanflex™ topper is offered in three different firmness levels: soft, medium and firm. I tested out the medium option, which still felt quite soft and plush. The different firmness options work for different body types and sleeping positions, which I’ll explain in more detail below.

What does the Titanflex™ Mattress Topper Feel Like?

The Titanflex™ topper is made from memory foam, so it feels quite soft. However, this isn’t your typical slow-moving memory foam like something from TEMPUR-Pedic. It springs back into place immediately. This allows the topper to still offer good pressure relief while also being really easy to move around on.

A hand presses into the Titanflex Mattress Topper

Sleeping on the Titanflex™ Mattress Topper

Because I tested the medium option, I’ll go over how each sleeping position should do with this model, and then give insight and recommendations for the other two firmnesses.

Starting out on my back, I felt decently supported on the Titanflex™. My hips sunk in just a bit but I wasn’t bottoming out of the topper. This was because of the thickness of the topper, being 3” tall. 

A man sleeps on his back while on top of the Titanflex Mattress topper.

I felt the best moving over to my side. It was really easy to do so because of how responsive this topper is, and I felt really good pressure relief along my shoulders and hips. I think the medium firmness will work better for heavy side sleepers like myself, but the soft option might be better if you weigh less than 230 lb.

As for stomach sleeping, I felt the least supported here. While this topper could be good for a quick nap on your stomach, the firm option is likely going to work best for all body types. I felt myself compress the foam quite a bit and if I were to sleep like that for prolonged periods over the span of weeks, lower back pain would follow.

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30-60 Min Nap

After my initial testing, it was time to take a nap on the Titanflex™ topper. I’m a side sleeper by nature, so that’s how I napped. As I mentioned earlier, the Titanflex™ topper did a really good job offering some additional pressure relief as I felt very little pressure buildup. The bed underneath was maybe a 7/10 on our firmness scale, so just a bit firmer than medium-firm.

The Titanflex™, thanks to its thickness, didn’t bottom out while I was using it and I’d say it made the mattress feel about two points softer. I also had the organic cotton cover, rather than the luxury cooling cover, which felt very soft and smooth. And while this topper doesn’t have any specific cooling features, outside of the breathable cotton cover, I didn’t notice hot spots developing.

A man sleeps on his side while on top of the Titanflex Mattress Topper

Though I would say if you’re worried about overheating, or live in a very hot climate, this might not be the best topper to go with, or opt for the cooling cover instead.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lb – 230 lb

For the medium-firm topper, this should be a great option for average weight back and side sleepers. But for average weight sleepers who really want the maximum amount of pressure relief, I’d recommend the soft version. The firm option should work well for stomach sleepers, but keep in mind that this is still foam so going with something that can keep your hips elevated, like a latex topper, would work better.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lb

For heavyweight sleepers, the medium-firm and firm options should work the best for all sleeping positions. I’d be worried about the soft model being too soft, and even though this topper is 3” tall, back and side sleepers run the risk of compressing the foam too much and reaching the bed underneath, just based on my experience with the medium-firm option.

The medium-firm should still be supportive enough for back and side sleeping though. And I would recommend the firm model for stomach sleepers.

Lightweight Sleepers – Less than 130 lb

With lightweight sleepers, I’d say look at the firmness more than anything. The soft model should work best for side sleepers who need pressure relief. People in this weight range won’t have to worry about bottoming out and reaching the bed beneath. The medium model should offer plenty of lumbar support for back sleeping while still offering good body contouring and comfort. The firm model will work best for stomach sleepers so it can keep hips elevated.

Titanflex™ Mattress Topper Construction

Let’s take a look at the materials that make up the Titanflex™ topper.


Brooklyn Bedding offers two cover options for the Titanflex™ topper. One is an organic cotton cover, which I tested, and the other is a luxury cooling cover. Both are good options for hot sleepers, but the cotton cover is a better option for those who are looking for a hypoallergenic option.

The cover and the inner comfort layer of the Titanflex Mattress Topper.

The cotton cover is soft and smooth. You can also remove the cover with a zipper, and both are machine-washable. Both are designed to be very breathable and not trap heat.

Comfort Layer

Within the cover is a slab of memory foam called Titanflex™ foam. This material feels soft and plush much like traditional memory foam. However, Brooklyn Bedding designed this material to be much more responsive than traditional memory foam.

Topper Height

The Titanflex™ topper is 3” tall. This will also add to your mattress’s height.

Titanflex™ Mattress Topper Size Options & Price Chart

Check out our chart below for up-to-date pricing information on the Titanflex™ topper. Note that these are the prices before any kind of seasonal discount.

Twin XL$159
Queen Short$224
California King$269

Brooklyn Bedding TitanFlex Topper

Brooklyn Bedding TitanFlex Topper

The TitanFlex is a comfortable topper that comes in three firmnesses. This makes it a good fit for any sleeping position.

Mattress Clarity Score
4.20 / 5
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Titanflex™ Mattress Topper Performance

Now that we know the materials, firmness and feel of the Titanflex™ topper, let’s cover a few more key considerations for this topper.

Sleeping Hot or Cold

In terms of sleeping hot or cold, I can see this topper going either way. The foam itself doesn’t have any particular cooling infusions like holes for ventilation or a gel-infusion. Really, the cooling features lie in the covers. The cotton cover is designed to be breathable, and the luxury cooling cover is designed to be cool to the touch.

If you’re an exceptionally hot sleeper, I don’t recommend this particular topper. Personally, I didn’t notice any hot spots forming. However, I only tested the topper for about 48 hours. If you want one of the best cooling mattress toppers, we’ve compiled a list to help out.


The Titanflex™ topper is a fairly durable mattress topper thanks to the cover. And Brooklyn Bedding is willing to cover the topper with a three-year warranty so it should last you around that amount of time.


The topper does come to you compressed into a cardboard box. However, it does expand rather quickly when you remove all the packaging. There might be a slight chemical smell to the topper, but this should dissipate after about 48 hours. This is only a result of the compression processes.


The covers are removable and machine-washable. Brooklyn Bedding recommends washing the cover on a gentle cycle with a detergent of your choice, preferably mild. From there it’s recommended that you air dry the topper.

Should spills or accidents happen to the memory foam, you’ll have to do your best to spot clean it. It cannot be machine-washed.


The cotton cover is listed as hypoallergenic. However, the fact that you can machine-wash both the cotton and luxury cooling covers should help eliminate any allergens the covers might attract.

Company Policies

Here’s what you can expect when you purchase a Titanflex™ topper.


The Titanflex™ topper is made by Brooklyn Bedding, and the company offers a three-year replacement warranty for the Titanflex™ topper. The warranty covers general manufacturing defects or general defects in the material from normal usage. Liquid spills or misuse of the topper will void the warranty, however.

Sleep Trial

While not an official sleep trial, Brooklyn Bedding offers a 30-day window to make returns and exchanges. This gives you about a month to test the topper out.

Return Policy

As mentioned above, you can make returns or exchanges up to 30 days after the day of delivery. Brooklyn Bedding offers a full refund during this timeframe. Customers in the contiguous United States will get free shipping, but those that live in Hawaii or Alaska will have to pay for shipping.

How Does the Titanflex™ Mattress Topper Compare to Other Toppers?

There are hundreds of mattress toppers out there on the market, but how do you know if the Titanflex™ topper is the right one for you? Let’s compare the Titanflex™ topper to two toppers that use more traditional memory foam and latex foam.

Titanflex™ vs Saatva

Foam is a go-to material for bedding these days, but it can have a different feel depending on how it was made. If you prefer that classic, slow-moving memory foam feel then the Saatva memory foam mattress topper is a great choice. This will have that sinking feeling, unlike the Titanflex™, which will spring back into place after you apply pressure.

A man sleeps on his side.

This makes the Titanflex™ topper a better choice for combination sleepers who move around frequently during the night. Both toppers come with removable covers, but Saatva takes it a step further. The cover has corner straps, which make attaching the topper to your mattress easier. But the Saatva topper only comes in one firmness option, while the Titanflex™ has three, so it can fit a wider range of needs.

Who should get the Titanflex Topper?Who should get the Saatva Mattress Topper?
Combination sleepers who move around frequentlyFans of slow-moving memory foam
People who want firmness optionsPeople who want a topper with straps

Read our full Saatva mattress topper review.

Titanflex™ vs Plushbeds

Latex foam has gained popularity, and Plushbeds makes a high quality latex foam topper. Like the Titanflex™, this is offered in multiple firmness options, but Plushbeds offers five as opposed to Brooklyn Bedding’s three. So both should be good for a wide range of people, but they’ll vary in the way they feel.

An image of the corner of the Plushbeds Latex topper, with the cover pulled back to reveal the perforated latex foam.

Latex foam is springy and bouncy. You’ll sleep more “on” the Plushbeds topper, rather than “inside” it. While the Titanflex™ is more responsive than traditional memory foam, it has much more give than latex. The Plushbeds topper is going to be better for hot sleepers due to latex’s natural breathability and the fact that the foam has been perforated with holes for airflow.

However, in terms of price, the Titanflex™ is going to be much kinder to your wallet over Plushbeds.

Who should get the Titanflex Topper?Who should get Plushbeds Latex Topper?
Fans of foam toppersFans of bouncy latex toppers
Shoppers with a budget in mindHot sleepers

Read our full Plushbeds latex mattress topper review.

Titanflex™ Mattress Topper FAQs

What is Titanflex™ foam?

According to Brooklyn Bedding, Titanflex™ foam is a type of foam that is designed to be much more responsive than traditional memory foam. It can contour to your body to provide pressure relief like regular foam, but it springs back into place immediately. You can press your hand into this foam and it won’t leave a hand-shaped indentation.

How long will the Titanflex™ topper last?

Around two to three years. Brooklyn Bedding offers a three-year warranty on this topper, so with good care, the Titanflex™ should last around that amount of time. Plus, it comes with a cover, which can help the topper last longer.

What if I don’t like my Titanflex™ topper?

Brooklyn Bedding will let you make returns or exchanges for up to 30 days after the day the topper arrives. You can do so for a full refund, and Brooklyn Bedding will cover shipping costs.

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