American Blossom Linens Sheets Review – The Best American Made Sheets?

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There is satisfaction in knowing a product is made in your home country. Combine that with eco-friendly materials? It can help make clicking that ‘check out’ button a little easier.

These sheets hit all of those check marks. Take a look at our American Blossom Linens Sheets review to get the full details.

Specs Details
Mattress Clarity Rating 4.5
Customer Rating 4.9
Price $229-$345
Material 100% West Texas Cotton
Thread Count 180
Color Options Natural & White
Size Options Twin, Full, Queen, King, Split King, Cal King
Return Policy 2 years
Save 15% with code CLARITY15
American Blossom Linens Classic Sheets
American Blossom Linens Classic Sheets
American Blossom Linens Classic Sheets

The American Blossom Linens Classic Sheets are made from 100% West Texas Cotton. These environmentally friendly sheets are free of chemicals, dyes, and will only get softer and more comfortable the more you use them. 

American Blossom Linens Sheets Overview

American Blossom Linens have manufactured and sold its sheets in here in the USA for over 100 years. The company cuts out the middleman and sell its sheets exclusively online.

Because you can’t try them out in-store, it can be hard to tell what’s going to work for you. Here’s a quick overview to see who might like these 100% cotton sheets:

Who Might Like the American Blossom Sheets?

  • Fans of  crisp, cotton sheets
  • Eco-conscious sheet shoppers
  • Hot sleepers

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Who Might Not Like the American Blossom Sheets?

  • Sheet shoppers on a budget
  • Anyone looking for super soft sheets
  • People looking for multiple color options

What Do The American Blossom Sheets Feel Like?

When I first pulled the American Blossom Sheets out of the box, they were quite crisp. They felt nice and soft, but to help get rid of that crispness, I recommend washing these sheets before your first use. If you’re a fan of that all-cotton feel, you’ll find what you’re looking for in these sheets.

American Blossom Linens sheets


These sheets are also designed to be more durable, and they feel much weightier than other cotton sheets out there. However, what’s impressive about these sheets is that they’re designed to get softer after each wash. I’ve washed them a few times already, and they are much softer than when I first pulled them out of the box.

But, if you are looking for sheets that are soft right out of the box, we’ve reviewed some of the best bamboo sheets out there.

American Blossom Linens’ Sheets Materials

Every part of these sheets comes from the USA. Let’s take a look at what goes into these American made sheets.

The Classic Sheet set is made with 100% West Texas organic cotton. They are environmentally friendly and are free of chemicals, bleaches, and dyes. They have deep pockets that can cover mattresses up to 16” tall, and the top sheet comes oversized for a more secure tuck.

The fitted sheet is made with elastic from North Carolina, which is quite strong and helps secure the fitted sheet to the mattress. You shouldn’t have to deal with the corners popping up!

These sheets have a custom thread count of 180 and have a percale weave to them. A percale weave is a more traditional weave style that makes for a matte finish, feels crisp but still soft as well. This makes them great for everyday use. Thread count refers to how tightly woven the threads are within a square inch, and a higher thread count doesn’t always indicate a high-quality product.

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American Blossom found that some companies manipulate thread count, so in an effort to combat this, American Blossom made their sheets from a custom fabric to ensure that their sheets are still high-quality.

American Blossom Sheets Size Options and Price

Thinking about buying the American Blossom sheets? Take a look at our up-to-date price chart below.

Size Price
Twin $229
Full $249
Queen $289
King $299
California King $299
Split King $345
Save 15% with code CLARITY15
American Blossom Linens Classic Sheets
American Blossom Linens Classic Sheets
American Blossom Linens Classic Sheets

The American Blossom Linens Classic Sheets are made from 100% West Texas Cotton. These environmentally friendly sheets are free of chemicals, dyes, and will only get softer and more comfortable the more you use them. 

What to Consider Before Buying

So, we know these American sheets are sustainably made with organic cotton, but what does that all mean? How do these sheets perform? Keep reading to find out!

Sleeping Hot or Cold

As a hot sleeper, making sure I have a cool night of sleep is one of my top priorities. While these sheets don’t have anything specific in terms of cooling or temperature regulation, I’ve felt nice and comfortable using these sheets.

American Blossom Linens Sheets Side Sleeping

Cotton is known to be breathable, and the lower thread count on these sheets helps with the breathability as well. I definitely get a good night’s sleep with these.

Care Instructions

As I’ve mentioned, these bed sheets are designed to get softer with use. American Blossom Linens recommends that you wash these sheets in cold water with like colors. You should avoid bleach while washing.

For the best results, tumble dry the sheets on on low heat and remove them promptly. It’s been my experience that these sheets do wrinkle, even after pulling them out of the dryer. If you’re especially concerned with wrinkling, then you can warm iron them as needed.


These sheets aren’t labeled as hypoallergenic, however, we don’t expect these sheets to trigger any allergies.

Company Policies

Whenever you’re looking for quality sheets, you want to know what policies the company has before purchasing. Here’s what you can expect if you buy from American Blossom Linens.

Set Includes

American Blossom Linens Sheets on a bed

For this review, I received the queen sized set. This set included:

  • A top sheet
  • A fitted sheet
  • Four pillowcases

This sheet set comes in all sizes ranging from twin to split king.

The twin and twin XL sheet sets come with one pillow case. Full sizes come with two, while queen and king size sets come with four pillowcases.

Return Policy

American Blossom has what they call a Happiness Guarantee. This includes free shipping and returns on all of their sheets. You have up to 2 years to decide if these sheets are for you. If you decide to return them, American Blossom will give you a full refund.

Common American Blossom Linens Complaints

Most of the complaints that accompany these sheets have to do with their softness. Many customers have said that, even after multiple washes, the sheets still feel rough and stiff. If you’re not sure you can wait for multiple washes to make your sheets soft, take a look at our Cozy Earth Bamboo sheets review. Even Oprah says they’re the softest sheets out there!

How Do the American Blossom Sheets Compare To Other Sheets?

When looking into any bedding purchase, comparison is key. Let’s compare the American Blossom Sheets to some other sheets in the market.

American Blossom Vs. Tuft & Needle Percale Sheets

Both the American Blossom Sheets and the Tuft & Needle Percale sheets are fairly similar in construction. They’re made from cotton, though the Tuft & Needle sheets are made with supima cotton, which should be more durable than standard cotton.

Tuft & Needle Sheets Overview

Hot sleepers, however, might find what they’re looking for with the American Blossom sheets. These sheets have a thread count of 180, while the Tuft & Needle sheets have a 300 thread count. In my experience, lower thread count aides in the breathability of sheets, so the American Blossom sheets win in that respect.

If you’re looking to test either of these sheets out, Tuft & Needle offers a 100 night sleep trial. However, as part of their Happiness Guarantee, American Blossom will let you test out their sheets for two years.

If you’re shopping for sheets on a budget, then the Tuft & Needle sheets are the more affordable option.

Who Should Get the American Blossom?

  • Hot sleepers
  • Shoppers looking for a long trial period

Who Should Get the Tuft & Needle Percale Sheets?

  • Shoppers on more of a budget
  • Fans of higher thread count sheets

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American Blossom Vs. Sleep Number True Temp Sheets

When looking for sheets, sometimes they might be designed with certain capabilities in mind. The Sleep Number True Temp sheets are some of the best cotton sheets for one reason: They are designed for cooling.

Sleep Number Sheets

What does this mean, then? Well, for starters, the construction of these two sheet sets vary significantly. The American Blossom sheets are made of 100% West Texas cotton, while the Sleep Number True Temp sheets are made from cotton, spandex, and polyester. So, if you love 100% cotton sheets, then the American Blossom sheets are for you.

However, Sleep Number’s sheets are made with the company’s 37.5 active particle technology. This technology will work with your body, and the sheets will adjust to your body temperature. If you opt for these sheets, you’re almost guaranteed to have a cool night of sleep. The American Blossom sheets don’t have any specific cooling features, but they’re still quite breathable.

Finally, price is always an important factor. These two sheet sets are relatively similar in price. However, when comparing the highest prices for each, the True Temp might be a little more affordable.

Who Should Get American Blossom?

  • Fans of that 100% cotton feel
  • Fans of crisp sheets

Who Should Get Sleep Number True Temp?

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American Blossom Linens Sheets Review Rating

A lot goes into testing sheets! See our Mattress Clarity Score for the American Blossom Linens Sheets.

American Blossom Linens Sheets
4.5 Overall
If you love that classic, crisp cotton feel to your sheets, you should consider the American Blossom Linens classic sheet set! The company doesn't include chemicals or dyes in its product, and uses 100% organic West Texas cotton. Better yet, American Blossoms sheets are made right here in the USA!
Return Policy


Still got questions after reading this American Blossom Linens Sheets review? Let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

What are the best sheets on the market?

It’s a tough question with a variety of answers. If you’re looking for some of the best cotton sheets, the American Blossom Linens Classic Sheets are certainly high quality. However, if you’re looking for sheets intended to be soft, take a look at our list for some of the best bamboo sheets.

What if I don’t like my American Blossom Classic Sheets?

Don’t stress! As part of their Happiness Guarantee, American Blossom Linens will let you test the sheets out for two whole years. If you decide you don’t like them before that two year mark, you can send them back for free and for a full refund.

How deep are the American Blossom sheets?

The American Blossom Classic Sheet set come in all mattress sizes, and will fit mattresses up to 16” tall!

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