Layla Comforter Review – Pure Luxury?

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Layla Sleep is known for memory foam beds with its signature hexagon patterns. You’ll find this shape in all of its bedding products, and its comforter is no different. If you’re looking for a soft cotton comforter that also features a down alternative fill, then this is the comforter for you.

In this Layla comforter review I’ll cover everything you could possibly need to know about this comforter, from its construction to warmth, to help you figure out if it’s the comforter for you.

Here’s a quick overview on the Layla Comforter:

Who will Like the Layla Comforter?

  • Fans of down alternative bedding
  • Anyone looking for an all season comforter
  • Anyone who gets cold quickly

Who won’t like the Layla Comforter?

  • Hot sleepers
  • Fans of down comforters
  • Shoppers on a budget
Save $50
Layla Down Alternative Comforter
Layla Down Alternative Comforter
Layla Down Alternative Comforter

Looking for a super soft, luxury comforter that's also a down alternative? The Layla comforter is super soft, and will keep you feeling nice and cozy year round!

Layla Comforter Video Review

Want to see the Layla Comforter in action? Watch our video review!

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Layla Comforter Materials

Layla only sells a down alternative comforter, and for this review I received its full/queen size model. This also comes in a twin/twin XL size and a king/California king size.


On the outside, you’ll find a cover made of high-quality 100% cotton. In my experience, this cotton shell feels softer than other cotton shells, but is still somewhat crisp.

Layla Comforter Review - A man sleeping on his back with the Layla Comforter.

Cotton is a very breathable material, so air should be able to flow through this shell.

This cover has a 300 thread count. For reference, thread count just refers to the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric. The lower the thread count, the more open the weave, which should help with regulating temperature.

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Currently, Layla only sells their comforter in white and gray color options.

In the corners of this comforter, you’ll find corner loops to attach a duvet cover to it.


Inside the cover, you’ll find what Layla calls “Cluster-Loft Down.” This artificial material adds a good amount of coziness and is designed to mimic down. This material felt very plush and soft from the outside.

Layla Comforter Review - A man rubs his hands across the Layla Comforter.

The Layla comforter has the company’s signature hexagon pattern quilted into it. This will help keep the fill evenly distributed throughout.


The Layla comforter comes in one warmth option, and its Cluster-loft down is very fluffy and adds a good amount of coziness. You should feel rather comfortable and warm under this comforter.


Because this is a down alternative comforter, the Layla comforter is 100% hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for people with sensitive allergies.

This comforter also carries an OEKO-Tex certification, meaning it is chemical and toxin free.

Sleeping With the Layla Comforter

I received a queen sized Layla down alternative comforter. I was really surprised that this comforter feels softer than other cotton comforters out there. Typically, cotton feels rather crisp, but this comforter felt a bit softer and silkier.

Layla Comforter Review - A man sleeps on his side with the Layla Comforter.

Even though cotton is a breathable material, I felt that the comforter wouldn’t be a great all season use for me. As a hot sleeper, I tend to only need comforters in the winter when the temperature gets really low at night. If you’re an extremely hot sleeper, overheating may be an issue.

This is still a fairly comfy comforter though. The fill felt very comfortable and plush through the cover.

Layla Comforter Size & Price Chart

Take a look at our chart to get up-to-date pricing information on the Layla comforter.

Size Price
Twin/Twin XL (66” x 90”) $189
Full/Queen (90” x 90”) $229
King/Cal King (104” x 90”) $249
Save $50
Layla Down Alternative Comforter
Layla Down Alternative Comforter
Layla Down Alternative Comforter

Looking for a super soft, luxury comforter that's also a down alternative? The Layla comforter is super soft, and will keep you feeling nice and cozy year round!

Caring for the Layla Comforter

Comforters need a little extra attention to detail when it comes to washing. The good news is that Layla’s comforter is machine washable. Per Layla, here’s how you wash it:

It’s recommended to use a large capacity, front loading washer and dryer set to wash and dry your comforter.

To the washing machine, add your comforter and wash with cold water. If you have the white comforter and want to keep it bright and stain free, Layla suggests using non-chlorine bleach. You may want to consider additional rinse cycles to fully remove any residue left behind by your detergent.

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Once washed, move to the dryer and tumble dry on low. You may also need additional dry cycles to fully dry out your comforter.

How does the Layla Comforter Compare to other Comforters?

If you’re in the market for a new comforter, chances are you’re looking at a lot of different options. Let’s see how the Layla comforter stands up to others out there.

Layla Vs Casper

When it comes to comforters, the question may be “down or down alternative?” Both have pros and cons, so let’s compare the Layla comforter to Casper’s Humidity Fighting Duvet. Though called a duvet, Casper’s product has more of a classic comforter construction.

Being a down comforter, the Casper has feathers inside of its cover, which is also made out of cotton. The defining feature of this comforter is that it has some moisture wicking properties which means you shouldn’t feel too hot and sweaty underneath.

Casper Humidity Fighting Duvet Sewn Through Design

Layla’s down alternative fill feels plush, and though it doesn’t have any moisture wicking properties, its cotton cover aids in breathability.

Both are intended to be all season, but in our experience, the Casper comforter felt a bit cooler and didn’t warm us up during the night. If you get cold quickly, the Layla comforter may be a better option for you.

Finally, in terms of price, the Layla comforter is the more affordable option.

Who Should Get the Layla Comforter?

  • Anyone who gets cold quickly
  • Shoppers on a budget

Who Should Get the Casper Humidity Fighting Duvet?

  • Fans of down comforters
  • Hot sleepers

Read our Casper Humidity Fighting Duvet review.

Layla Vs Superior

Some people just prefer to use a comforter year round. In addition to the Layla, the Superior down alternative comforter is intended to be an all season comforter.

Featuring a microfiber outer shell, the Superior comforter feels very soft on your skin. It also has a traditional baffle box construction. Baffle box construction just refers to the way the comforter is stitched, typically into large squares, that keeps the fill in place. The Superior comforter also comes in a variety of colors if you’re looking to dress up a room.

Superior - Best Overall Down Alternative Comforter

Layla’s cotton cover should be fairly breathable, and the fill isn’t too thick which makes it a good option for year round use. However, both comforters might run a little hot if you’re an extremely hot sleeper.

Both comforters are great options for sleepers with sensitive allergies, as the fills are 100% hypoallergenic.

If you want to extend the lifespan of your comforter, both act as a duvet insert as well.

Finally, in terms of price, the Layla is a more luxury option, while the Superior is more of a value pick.

Who Should Get a Layla Comforter?

  • Anyone wanting a luxury comforter
  • People who get cold quickly

Who Should Get a Superior Comforter?

  • Shoppers on a budget
  • Anyone looking for a variety of color options

Read Our Superior Solid White Down Alternative comforter review.

Layla Comforter Review Rating

Take a look at our Mattress Clarity Score for the Layla Comforter!

Layla Comforter Review
4.7 Overall
Temp Regulation
Fill Density
Fluffiness / Softness

Company Policies for the Layla Comforter

Here’s what you can expect when you purchase a Layla Comforter.


The Layla Comforter comes with a five-year warranty.

Shipping Information

Layla offers free shipping and returns on the Layla Comforter.

Trial Period

The Layla Comforter comes with a 120-night trial period.

This will give you plenty of time to test out this comforter. If you decide that this is not the comforter for you, you can send it back during the trial period for a full refund.


Still have questions about Layla Sleep or its comforter? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

How do you wash Layla comforters?

To wash a Layla comforter, it's best to use a large capacity, front loading washer and dryer.

Wash in cold water, and if you have the white color, you can use non-chlorine bleach to keep it looking nice and pristine.

After that, move it to the dryer and tumble dry on low. You can pull it out every 30 minutes or so to fluff and keep the fill evenly distributed.

Do I need a duvet cover for my Layla comforter?

No! While the comforter features corner loops to attach a duvet cover to it, the comforter is designed to be used as is.

Be sure to check out the differences between a duvet and a comforter.

What if I don’t like my Layla comforter?

No worries! You have 120 nights to try out your comforter. If it’s not a perfect match, you can get a full refund so long as you return it during the trial period.

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