Superior Solid White Down Alternative Comforter Review

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Those who like the fluff and loft of down but struggle with allergies or want a warm comforter and can’t pay for expensive down might want to take a look at the Superior Down Alternative Comforter.

This lofty down alternative comforter has many of the hallmarks of down but without many of the drawbacks.

To find out if this fluffy, affordable comforter is a good pick, read on for my full review.

The Superior Should Work For …

  • Those who struggle with allergies. While some down comforters are advertised as being hypoallergenic, they are rarely as safe (when it comes to allergies) as down alternative comforters. The Superior has a microfiber shell and polyester fill that shouldn’t have issues trapping allergens such as dust mites and pollen. For those who find themselves getting a stuffy nose or watery eyes when they sleep with a down comforter, the Superior should be a good choice.
  • Those who want a fluffy comforter for a value price. For the most part, down comforters are more expensive than down alternative comforters. While down is naturally loftier than synthetic fills, the Superior is quite fluffy for a down alternative comforter because the fill has good body and the baffle boxes (which consist of a thin strip of fabric sewn between the two layers of the comforter to create a 3-dimensional fill box) allow for maximum loft.
  • Those who need a comforter for winter or fall. This comforter is sold as an all-season comforter, but it may be too hot for the warmer months. I slept under it in cool and temperate weather, and I felt comfortable and warm.

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The Superior Might Not Work For …

  • Hot sleepers. For those who overheat during the night, this might not be the comforter because it is not very breathable and could cause sleepers to get that sweaty, clammy feeling. Down alternatives sometimes lack airflow, so hot sleepers might want to consider a down comforter if they need something that sleeps cooler.
  • Those who need a warmweather comforter. This comforter is medium-weight and meant to work all year, but it is probably too hot for the summer months. Those who need a summer comforter should consider a lighter-weight comforter.


  • The shell is made from 100% microfiber.
  • The fill is 77 ounces of a hypoallergenic Down Alternative Polyfill.
  • The comforter is constructed with a baffle box design and a double-needle stitch.
  • The dimensions are 88″ X 90″

Superior Feel

The microfiber shell was generally soft to the touch so, while I was sleeping under the comforter, it felt nice against my skin and did not have that starchy quality found in some down alternative comforters.

That being said, those who prefer a cotton feel or you want something even softer should consider putting the Superior in a duvet cover.

Superior Loft

For a down alternative comforter, the Superior has surprisingly good loft. The comforter has a baffle box design, which allows the 77 ounces of synthetic fill to fully expand so, even though this is an all-season comforter, it has a full body.

Superior Warmth And Breathability

While lying under this comforter in a cold room, I felt very warm and insulated. Simply using the Superior with a top sheet, I did not feel cold spots at the seams which is most likely due to the baffle box and double-needle stitch.

This comforter is advertised as all-season, but I think it could be too warm for the summer season and, on one warmer night, I had to take the comforter off in order to cool down. However, I do run hot, so cooler sleepers may have a different experience with the Superior.

In terms of breathability, the Superior is decent for a down alternative but, that being said, I did feel clammy and sweaty at times. Those who want better airflow should consider a lighter down alternative or down comforter.


One of the benefits of a down alternative comforter is the easy washing and cleaning. Most down comforters need to be dry cleaned, but down alternatives like the Superior can be washed and dried at home.

The company recommends the following steps for washing the Superior Down Alternative Comforter:

  • Wash the comforter on a cold, delicate cycle.
  • Use only mild detergent with no bleach.
  • Dry on a low tumble, and take the comforter out a few times to fluff.
  • Once it is dry, take it out of the dryer immediately to prevent wrinkling.

I will note that the comforter was a bit large for the front loading washing machine at my house. Also, while some online customers commented that the Superior stood up to years of washing, others noted that it began to fray even after one wash cycle. Those who have issues like this should take the Superior to the dry cleaners.


For those who like the loft and warmth of down but want to save money and avoid allergies, the Superior could work. However, hot sleepers and those who need a summer comforter should look for something lighter overall.

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