Boll & Branch Sheets Review

Boll & Branch Sheets Review

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Boll & Branch are one of the most asked about sheets on my site.  They have a reputation for quality, and though definitely not cheap, they are at a reasonable price point for 100% organic bedding.

Overall I’m a big fan of the sheets, though I had a few complaints as well.  You definitely have to know you want this type of feel before you should make a purchase.  These sheets are a bit on the pricey side, but if you like this type of feel, you will probably like the sheets a lot.

Read on for the full Boll & Branch review.

Boll & Branch Sheets Review

You will love Boll & Branch if you…

  • Want organic bedding – Boll & Branch is 100% organic cotton with non-toxic dyes
  • Want a soft luxurious feel – these sheets are a Sateen weave, giving them a nice silky feel
  • Value tasteful and classic design – Boll & Branch does offer a few designs and patterns, sticking to a very classic look that I really like compared to other options (obviously you can judge for yourself)

Boll And Branch Sheet Set

You may not like Boll & Branch if you…

  • Don’t value organic bedding – though reasonably priced for the quality, if you don’t care about the organic component, you can probably get a similar quality at a lower price (I’d look at my Brooklinen review)
  • Want a Percale weave – Percale is a dry crispy sheet, vs a more silky feel from Boll & Branch.  One feel isn’t better than another, it really comes down to personal preference, but Boll and Branch only offers one type.

Boll and Branch Pillow Case

My Experience

To start, the packaging of Boll & Branch is really first class.  The box comes tied up with a ribbon, and the sheets come in three separate wraps tied together by a second ribbon.

Boll and Branch Packaging

After going through the wrapping, you are left with the sheets, with each component individually wrapped.

Boll & Branch Sheets Set Packaged

I bought the pleated sheet set (twin size), which includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillow cases.  There are several colors available in the hem, and other styles include hemmed, banded, trimmed, seedling, and children’s hemmed.

Out of the box the sheets were already pretty soft, and with this pair I actually used them one night before washing.  Still after two washes the sheets felt even softer and fit the bed even better.

Boll and Branch Sheets Out Of Box

The sheets were a great fit.  Note that the fitted sheet is actually quite deep, and in my opinion will fit a very thick mattress.  I had it on a relatively thin mattress (~8 inches thick) and it managed to fit this size as well.

I will say that the pillow cases looked great, but I put them on some pillows that were slightly smaller than non-standard pillows, and they did hang off it a little bit and hid the beautiful pleated pattern.  If you’re planning on making this sheet set look as great as possible, you’re going to need to consider the pillow size.

Boll and Branch Pillow Case Fit

Sheet Construction and Company

This company definitely values eco-friendly and fair trade practices, and thus the sheets are 100% organic cotton and are manufactured in a Certified Fair Trade factory in India.  The sheets have 300 thread count in a Sateen weave.

The company offers a variety of other textiles, including duvets, shams, towels, knit blankets, and scarves.  For all products, the company sells direct to the consumer to deliver a luxury-quality product at a more affordable price.

Boll and Branch Manufacturing

Other things to note

  • They have returns within 30 days of purchase (note: shipping is not refunded)
  • Boll & Branch donates to Not For Sale, a non-profit that fights against human trafficking

Final Recommendation

I really love the feel of these sheets (I’m a big fan of quality Sateen weave) and love what the company stands for (eco-friendly and fair trade).  They are a bit pricier than other sheets I’ve reviewed, but in my mind are still a tremendous value.  In terms of comfort and feel, they might be my favorite sheets reviewed to date.  Overall highly recommended.

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Roxie says January 23, 2017

They look a bit too thin. I can almost see right through it and if that’s right out of the box, what will happen in a few months or years?

Barbara says March 14, 2017

Are we dealing with the finishing dust which takes many washings to get rid of?

Kim Chase says April 13, 2017

Just opened the box and to my horror the fitted sheet had 9-12 stains on them!!! Looked like the local whorehouse tried them for free for 30 days. What Kind of a company ships you messed up sheets? Top sheet was stained too. Freaking gross. Reported it to Attorney General for a scam and a public health issue.

Priscilla says April 18, 2017

I must have gotten someone else’s sheets shipped to me!! They are NOT sateen style, feel much more like muslin! I am not able to iron out the wrinkles using spray starch and steam!! What happened???

Boll and This says May 9, 2017

I admit, I succumbed to the advertising pressure … and, in a moment of weakness, handed over $250 to Boll & Branch. Waste of $250. Long story (involving communication with the company) my bottom line is: don’t rely on advertising hype. Sheets just as “sleepable” are available elsewhere at a far lower price.

Brad says June 14, 2017

They sent standard pillow cases with my king size sheet set. They said many people want a standard set. When I asked them to replace just the pillow cases, they said they could not and that I would have to send everything back. I didn’t want to go through the hassle and for the price you pay, you would think they would take care of their customers. Anyway, the sheets are OK–If you like crisp new sheets, this is not your company. You are better off buying high end sheets at Bloomingdales or Macys.

Joe says July 29, 2017

I would bet several of the above negative reviewers have never actually bought and slept on a set of these sheets.

They are great sheets. I feel like they actually sleep cooler than many of my past sheet sets.

They are very generously sized… The fitted sheet has a big rubberband in it that makes it suck down around the mattress, and the top sheet is easily two feet larger than any of my other sets. It’s nice.

I “fell for the advertising” too, but I am really liking my $190 investment.

Marty says September 9, 2017

I have had the sheets for eight months. Everything you said about them is spot on. I love them and am going to buy another set with a blanket.

Jody says September 22, 2017

First of all for a set of sheets this expensive 4 pillow cases should be included. But the worse thing is the construction of the pillow cases. A Jr High student in Home Ec class would make a better pillow case than these. It gives Boll & Branch a bad name. I wish my husband would not fall for every product that Limba advertises.

Mack says October 22, 2017

I did a search for reviews. What B and B appears to have done is saturate the internet with phony positive reviews. The legit reviews I did find seems to be negative such as quality goes way down after a few washes. B and B seems to disappear and not respond to those wanting to return the product. There radio ads are bit ridiculous like 3 US presidents sleep on them…I imagine they sent samples to Whitehouse to make that stupid claim. They also guarantee that the sheets will keep your body at the “Perfect” temperature. A bit asinine to make such a guarantee.

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