Angela Myers

Staff Writer

While Angela has only started writing about mattresses and sleep products this year, she has over 22 years of sleep experience. In her role as a staff writer at Mattress Clarity, she reviews sleep products and mattresses. Angela is passionate about sleep science and products because great overall health starts with a good night’s sleep.

She received her B.A. in Professional Writing and Rhetoric at Elon University. While there, she conducted award winning research on public health communication strategies and co-managed the university’s writing center.

Before joining Mattress Clarity, she worked as a freelance writer and social media manager for some of America’s leading physicians. When she’s not writing about sleep, she can most likely be found running, whether to the bookstore or to train for her next half marathon.

Sleeping Position: Side and stomach

Hours Logged Each Night: Ideally 8, most likely 7

Always Sleeps With: Penguin pajamas on

About Mattress Clarity and Pillar4 Media

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