Saatva vs Loom And Leaf Mattress Comparison

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A lot of people who hear about Saatva then learn that the company also runs the brand Loom And Leaf.  Naturally, they wonder which mattress would be better for them.

Similarly, some people may first hear about Loom And Leaf and then find out it is run by Saatva.  We recommend both mattresses in general, but you will definitely prefer one over the other depending on your own personal preferences.  So I put together an easy-to-digest guide comparing Saatva vs Loom And Leaf.

Saatva Deals
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  • Features a traditional innerspring feel
  • A more supportive mattress

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Loom and Leaf Deals
Loom and Leaf
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  • Features a classic memory foam feel
  • Better for side sleeping

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Loom and Leaf vs Saatva

Comfort Levels

Saatva provides three comfort levels, while Loom And Leaf only provides two.  The “Plush Soft” comfort level is unique to Saatva, so if you want an extra soft mattress you won’t be able to find it with Loom And Leaf.

General Feel

To me, this is the key difference between Saatva and Loom And Leaf.  The memory foam feel you get from Loom And Leaf is definitely different from the feel of Saatva, which has the traditional feel of an innerspring mattress.  It is important if you are deciding between these two brands that you make sure you understand the difference and decide which type of feel you like better.  I have noticed that memory foam tends to be a love or hate type of thing, and I think which brand you would like better comes down to whether you love or hate the memory foam feel.

The Saatva is more comparable to high-end innerspring mattresses.  See a full comparison against those leading brands HERE.

Loom And Leaf has the more slow-reacting feel where you feel a bit that you sleep in the mattress as it envelops around you (less so, however, than other memory foam mattresses in my experience).  Saatva has the traditional feel of sleeping “on” the mattress.  You will ultimately have to decide which type of feel you prefer.

More on the Loom & Leaf feel HERE.


The Saatva Queen comes in at $899, which does not include shipping charges.

The Loom And Leaf comes in at $999, which does not include shipping charges.

Delivery Method

The delivery method for Saatva and Loom And Leaf is essentially the exact same, and both do not arrive in a box.  You will have two men deliver and install your mattress for you.  They can remove your old mattress as well for a small fee.  Having this delivery process is part of the reason you have to pay a small shipping charge.


Some people worry about their mattress “sleeping hot,” but I think both brands do a great job of addressing this.  Saatva is a more traditional innerspring mattress, so that alone means more airflow and a cool sleeping surface.  Loom And Leaf has extra measures to keep the sleeping surface cool.  During my testing, I didn’t note sleeping hot on either mattress, so this shouldn’t be a big problem on either mattress.

Natural materials

Both brands have the same pitch that they use more natural materials.  The bio-based foams used in both mattresses are only partially plant-based (meaning the rest is the standard petroleum-based).  They both use an organic cotton covering.  Neither mattress is truly “green,” but they both get you part of the way there.


I didn’t notice any off-gassing at all with either mattress in the first couple of days of receiving them, so this shouldn’t really be an issue with either mattress.

Motion Transfer

Because Loom And Leaf is built in part with high-density memory foam, it does a very good job with motion transfer (meaning movement on one part of the bed doesn’t affect the other parts of the bed).  Saatva does uses pocketed coils on the top part of its “coil on coil” construction, but it does have some motion transfer to it.  Loom And Leaf definitely has the edge in this category simply because of the memory foam used in the construction.


Both brands offer a great value, but the biggest difference to me is the feel, which will ultimately come down to personal preference.  People need to decide whether they are a “memory foam person” or more of a traditional spring mattress person.  For that reason, it’s impossible to say that one brand is better than the other, because it really comes down to the type of feel that you like in your mattress.

For more information on each mattress visit the Saatva review and/or Loom and Leaf review.

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