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TEMPUR-Pedic is one of the best-known mattress and sleep accessories retailers out there. Its popularity stems from its use of contouring and pressure-relieving TEMPUR material (memory foam) in its mattresses.

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In 2018, TEMPUR-Pedic debuted new technology and revamped its line of mattresses. The TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt collection is right in the middle of the five series of beds and is considered the most advanced. The LuxeAdapt mattresses come in two different comfort levels: Soft and Firm.

To learn more about what someone gets with a TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt bed, check out all the details below, including who we think these mattresses could and could not be a good fit for.Tempur-Pedic Luxe Adapt Mattress

Key Features

  • Both types of beds are 13″ in height.
  • They come with a 90-day trial.
  • They come in two comfort levels: Soft and Firm
  • The price is $3,999 for a Queen.
  • Feature a TEMPUR-APR+ support layer

Available Sizes

Twin (38″ x 74″)Twin Long (38″ x 80″)Double (53″ x 74″)Queen (60″ x 80″)King (76″ x 80″)CA King (72″ x 84″)Split King (38″ x 80″)Split CA King (36″ x 84″)

Comfort Levels


  1. SMARTCLIMATE® Dual Cover System
  2. TEMPUR-ES® Comfort Layer 
  3. TEMPUR-APR+™ Support Layer


  1. SMARTCLIMATE® Dual Cover System
  2. Original TEMPUR® Comfort Layer 
  3. TEMPUR-APR+™ Support Layer 

Who Might Like The TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt Series If …

  • A person that want the latest TEMPUR-Pedic tech. The models LuxeAdapt line are made with TEMPUR-APR+. This pressure-reliving material is said to cradle and body and offers 30% more conforming support (compared to the original TEMPUR-APR material).Woman sleeping on a tempur pedic mattress
  • Those dealing with some aches and pains. Between the five collections of TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses to choose from, the Soft and Firm options in the TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt have the most pressure relief. That’s thanks to their TEMPUR-APR+ support layer, that offers more conforming support than previous versions.
  • Customers who want someone else to set up the bed. This series, in addition to the others, come with White Glove delivery. That means someone can come to a person’s house and set up the new bed. They’ll also remove tbe old bed.

Who Might Not Like The TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt Series If …

  • Those who want a Twin-sized bed or a Double bed. It’s unclear what the reasoning is behind this but one cannot get a LuxeAdapt mattress in Twin or Double sizes. It is available in a Twin Long (which is common in many dormitories).
  • Individuals who prefer a Hybrid option. The Soft and Firm models are both made with all-foam materials. There is no innerspring system in either one.
  • Potential customers on a budget. At $3,399 for a Queen mattress, this bed is not cheap. The most affordable options can be found in the more basic TEMPUR-Adapt line.

Common Praise

  • Customers did find the mattresses to be cooling. On the TEMPUR-Pedic website, one reviewer wrote, “No more sweaty nights in the desert! I stay cooler than everyone else in El Paso!!” man sleeping on a Tempur-LuxeAdapt mattress
  • Many five star reviews came from individuals who found pressure relief in their mattress. One person wrote, “I am able to sleep through the night now without constantly waking up throughout the night. I actually wake up feeling rested.”

Common Complaints

  • Some people felt the Firm model was too firm. One person who reviewed the mattress on the TEMPUR-Pedic mattress wrote, “Hate it! Like sleeping on the hard floor or a straight board… Such a bad choice.”
  • People felt they were sinking too deeply into the bed. One person who purchased the Firm model wrote, “You sink into the mattress like a vacuum sucking you in. I couldn’t even turn over! I had to grab the headboard to pull myself out of the mattress, just to get out of bed in the morning.”

90-Night Trial

90 day mattress trialThe TEMPUR-Adapt mattress comes with a 90-night trial period. This means sleepers get up to 90 nights to test the mattress out before they have to decide if they want to keep it.

The bed must have come from a TEMPUR-Pedic flagship store, the official online website, or be purchased by phone. The brand recommends people sleep on it for at least 30 nights before deciding.

Those who decide the mattress is not a good fit must call 1-800-821-6621. A Customer Service representative will work with the individual to issue a refund and return the mattress.

Details To  Know

The 90-night trial period excludes closeout mattresses, TEMPUR-Pedic power bases (all models), foundations, bed frames, pillows, cushions, linens, and accessories.

For those who purchased a mattress with a free shipping offer, the cost of shipping may apply (around $175).

Warranty Details

The TEMPUR-Adapt comes with a 10-year limited warranty. Here is the exact language from the TEMPUR-Pedic website:

Tempur Luxe Adapt warranty


For 10 years after you purchase your new mattress or foundation from TEMPUR-Pedic or an authorized TEMPUR-Pedic Retailer, when it has a defect covered under the warranty, we will replace or repair it. This includes all parts of the mattress and foundation, and there’s no deductible. 

Customers will need to keep their Proof of Purchase documents in a safe place, as they’ll need to refer to them when they file a claim. Here’s what people need:

  • Purchase receipt (copy). Required unless purchased directly from TEMPUR-Pedic and registered with the brand
  • Bed frame and foundation information. Is the customer using a metal frame, wooden side-rail bed, power base, or platform base?
  • Registry number and manufacturing date. This info should be located on the mattress law tag, underneath the zip cover on the mattress
  • Choice of a retired model. If the current mattress is a retired model, they will provide the customer with an option most comparable in “feel” or the option to upgrade to the model of the person’s choice for an additional fee

Individuals can file a claim online or call 1-800-821-6621.

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