Casper Down Pillow Review – Who Is Down to Try It?

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With a light and fluffy feel, the Casper Down pillow has a luxurious flair. If you love sinking into your pillow, this could be the perfect pick for you.

Eager to learn more about it? In our Casper Down pillow review, we’ll detail its construction, firmness level, and unique features.

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Casper Down Pillow
Casper Down Pillow
Casper Down Pillow

Casper's down pillow features responsibly sourced down and a five-chamber design to help increase support. The luxurious pillow comes with the company's signature 100-night trial as well. Click the button below to save 10% on your purchase!

Casper Down Pillow Overview

As the first bed-in-a-box company, Casper has created quite a name for themselves. But they don’t just sell online mattresses. Now, their lineup includes adjustable bases, sheets, and three types of pillows.

You can learn more about the Casper Foam and Casper Original pillows in our previous reviews, but today we’ll focus specifically on the Casper Down. We tested the medium loft pillow, but it’s also available in a low loft.

This product is made from ethically sourced white duck down and feathers, and it feels like you’re resting on a cloud. But even with its high-end features, this pillow may not suit every single person. Here’s a quick overview of who may like the Casper Down pillow.

Who Might Like The Casper Down Pillow

  • Stomach sleepers
  • Fans of a down pillow
  • People who want a pillow that’s easy to clean and maintain

Who Might Not Like The Casper Down Pillow

  • Side sleepers
  • People who don’t want to regularly fluff their pillows
  • Those who are on a tight budget.

Casper Down Pillow Video Review

Curious about its malleable construction? Check out our video review for even more information.


Casper Down Pillow Firmness and Feel

When testing pillows, we spend a considerable amount of time examining firmness and feel. These two features greatly impact whether someone will get a restful night’s sleep. Let’s see what the Casper Down pillow is all about!

How Firm Is The Casper Down Pillow?

Unlike Casper’s other pillows, the Casper Down feels soft and pliable. When your head hits the cover, it will sink into the soft feather filling. But thanks to its five interior chambers, you won’t completely bottom out. This pillow feels more supportive than other down pillows on the market.

Sleeping On The Casper Down Pillow

You may wonder – what makes a pillow feel comfortable? The easiest way to tell whether a new pillow will work for you is to analyze your alignment. If you’re in the ideal position, your chin will line up with your sternum. When you’re resting on your side, you want to make sure the pillow helps your ears align with your shoulders.

Because of its fluffy texture, this pillow works extremely well for stomach sleepers. In this sleeping position, you’ll feel your head press through the down layers almost completely. This ensures your neck maintains a neutral alignment.
Lightweight back sleepers may also enjoy this pillow, but it may not work well for larger people. If you’re a strict side sleeper, you’ll want to search for a more supportive option such as one of the best memory foam pillows.

What Does The Casper Down Pillow Feel Like?

Not surprisingly, this product has a classic down feel. It fluffs easily, and it feels light and airy. Because Casper’s model has interior chambers, it is slightly more supportive than traditional down pillows.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lbs – 230lbs

People who weigh between 130 and 230lbs will feel their heads sink through the pillow’s down filling. This could cause the neck to crane out of alignment, leading to pain and tension. Because of this, the Casper Down pillow isn’t a great choice for average weight side and back sleepers.

Average weight stomach sleepers, however, will have a completely different experience. Because this pillow flattens when pressure is applied, it helps stomach sleepers keep their backs straight all night long. If this is your preferred sleep position, you’ll love this pillow.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230lbs

For heavier back and side sleepers, the Casper Down pillow won’t hit the mark. If you fall in this category, you’ll feel your head sink through the fluffy filling. This means you’ll rest your head closer to the mattress, which causes the neck to bend out of alignment. Heavier people will prefer a supportive option such as the Tuft & Needle pillow.

The Casper Down works wonderfully for heavier stomach sleepers. When your face hits the soft cover, you’ll feel the luxurious feather filling all around you. This allows your spine to rest in a neutral position, which means you’re less likely to develop neck pain over time.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130lbs

The Casper Down pillow may not feel supportive enough for heavier people, but lightweight back sleepers may find it’s a good match. If you fall in this category, we recommend getting the mid loft pillow. This option will allow your neck and shoulders to rest in the most comfortable position.

The Casper Down pillow still won’t work well for most lightweight side sleepers, however. When resting on your side, you want to ensure your ears line up with your shoulders. Because your head will sink deeper into the down filling, you probably won’t maintain the correct position.

But just because it doesn’t work for side sleepers doesn’t mean everyone won’t like it! Lightweight stomach sleepers will find the Casper down helps them keep their spines in the correct posture throughout the night. Take a look at our list of the best orthopedic pillows for more great options.

Casper Down Construction

This isn’t your typical down pillow. Let’s look inside and see what makes this product stand out.


The pillow’s outer shell is made out of 100% cotton.


Casper’s Down pillow doesn’t have a typical construction. Many products fill their pillowcases with pure down and fibers, but Casper has five interior chambers!

Made out of 100% polyester, these chambers are filled with white duck feathers and down. The outer layers give the pillow a light and fluffy feel, while the interior sections provide extra support. And best of all, the filling meets the Responsible Down Standard, which ensures the feathers were ethically sourced.

And if you’re worried about clumping, you’ll be happy to learn that Casper’s pillow naturally holds its shape for a long time. Just make sure to fluff it every evening before bed.


The pillow weighs 1.9lbs.


The Casper Down pillow is available in two lofts. The low loft pillow has a 1.25-inch gusset, and the mid loft has a 2-inch gusset.

Casper Pillow Size Options and Price

If you want to learn more about size options and pricing, take a look at our convenient chart below.

Size Low Loft Dimensions Mid Loft Dimensions Price
Standard Size 18″ x 26″ x 1.25″ 18″ x 26″ x 2″ $110
King Size 18″ x 34″ x 1.25″ 18″ x 34″ x 2″ $169
10% Off
Casper Down Pillow
Casper Down Pillow
Casper Down Pillow

Casper's down pillow features responsibly sourced down and a five-chamber design to help increase support. The luxurious pillow comes with the company's signature 100-night trial as well. Click the button below to save 10% on your purchase!

Need more comfort? Give your mattress a boost with the help of a Casper mattress topper.

Casper Down Pillow Performance

We know this pillow has a unique constriction, but how does that affect its overall performance? Now we’ll take a closer look at its cooling features, off-gassing period, and more.

Sleeping Hot or Cold

Unlike memory foam, down feathers feel naturally breathable. You can rest easy knowing this pillow won’t overheat at night.


After unboxing a Casper mattress, you’ll notice a slight chemical smell. We call this off-gassing, and it’s extremely common with bed-in-a-box mattresses. However, because the Casper Down pillow doesn’t contain foam, you won’t run into this issue at all. You can sleep on this pillow right away!

Care Instructions

Completely machine washable, the Casper Down pillow is super easy to maintain. Place it in a front-loading washing machine on the warm cycle. Use mild detergent, and tumble dry low with dryer balls or clean tennis balls.


Down has the reputation for triggering allergies, but it’s not as common as you may think. Goose down, in particular, tends to trap dust which can cause people to sneeze. But because the Casper pillow includes ethically sourced duck down, it shouldn’t spark allergic reactions. However, if you frequently suffer from allergies, you may prefer a down alternative pillow such as the COOP Eden.

Company Policies

As you may know, Casper has terrific customer service terms. Let’s take a closer look at their company policies.

Warranty Info

Casper offers a 1-year limited warranty.

Sleep Trial

The Casper Down pillow comes with a 30-night trial period.

Return Policy

If you aren’t happy with your Casper Down pillow during the trial period, you can return it for a full refund.

Common Casper Down Pillow Complaints

The Casper Down pillow mostly has glowing Amazon reviews, but a few customers had negative experiences with it. Most of the complaints had to do with the pillow’s texture. As we mentioned above, the pillow feels quite soft and malleable. This makes it a great choice for stomach sleepers, but it may not provide enough support for side sleepers.

Other people complained about the pillow’s price. Because it’s made with ethically sourced down and high-quality materials, this pillow does cost more than others on the market. However, this pillow should last for many years, so it’s a good investment.

How Does The Casper Down Pillow Compare To Other Pillows?

You may wonder how the Casper Down compares to the brand’s other models. Let’s take a close look at each one to determine which will work best for you!

Casper Down Vs. Casper Original

The Casper Down and Casper Original pillows have many distinct differences. Most notably, the Casper Down feels much softer than the Original. That’s thanks to its authentic white duck down feathers.

The Casper Original has a unique pillow-inside-a-pillow design, and both are filled with polyester microfiber. The inner pillow creates support, while the outer pillow provides soft comfort.

Casper Original Pillow - construction

Because the Original Casper has an interior layer, it’s better suited for back sleepers. The Casper Down feels much softer, so it’ll work best for stomach sleepers.

Who Should Get The Casper Down Pillow

  • Stomach sleepers
  • Those who prefer a luxurious pillow made with white duck feathers

Who Should Get The Original Casper Pillow

  • Back sleepers
  • Those who want to save money

Read our full Original Casper pillow review.

Casper Down Pillow Vs. Casper Foam Pillow

As you can tell from their names, these two pillows have vastly different constructions. The Casper Down has five inner chambers full of ethically-sourced feathers. The Casper Foam pillow is made with three layers of Casper’s supportive foam. Each layer varies in density, and they all combine to give the pillow a well-balanced feel.

Unlike many foam pillows, Casper’s model won’t trap heat. It has a thin cover around the outside, and it features an exterior layer of AirScape foam. This material has tiny holes throughout, which promotes airflow and breathability.

Casper Foam Pillow Construction

A supportive pillow, the Casper Foam works well for back and side sleepers. The Casper Down will work best for stomach sleepers. Both models come in a low and a mid loft, but the Casper Foam costs less.

Who Should Get The Casper Down Pillow

  • People who want something with a light and luxurious feel
  • Stomach sleepers
  • People who want a softer pillow

Who Should Get The Casper Foam Pillow

  • Combination sleepers
  • People who want to save money.
  • Those who prefer the slow-moving feel of a memory foam pillow

Read our full Casper Foam pillow review.

Our Casper Pillow Ratings

Eager to see how the Casper Down pillow stacks up? Here are the final results.

Casper Down Pillow
3.4 Overall
Sleep Trial Period


If you need more information, take a look at our FAQ section below.

Is the Casper Down pillow worth it?

We definitely think the Casper Down pillow is worth the money. This pillow has five interior chambers full of ethically-sourced white duck down and feathers. It feels luxuriously soft, and it's great for stomach sleepers. Back and side sleepers, however, may want to consider getting the Original Casper pillow or Casper Foam pillow. Both of these options will provide more support.

Are Casper pillows toxic?

Casper pillows are made with high-quality materials and are non-toxic. It’s important to note, however, that some people are allergic to down feathers. If you fall in this category, opt for the Original Casper Pillow.

What are the best down pillows to buy?

With a soft outer shell and fluffy feel, the Casper pillow is one of the best pillows on the market. But if you need another option, check out the Parachute down pillow.

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