GhostPillow vs ISO-COOL Traditional Pillow Review

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Those who like pillows filled with memory foam are in luck today. Both the GhostPillow and the ISO-COOL Traditional pillow offer ventilated foam fillings that are supportive and cool. Sleepers can also remove and clean their covers, too. So what sets these two pillows apart? Read on for my full comparison.

GhostPillow vs ISO-COOL Traditional Pillow: Top Similarities

  • Traditional-shape
  • Fillings are solid pieces of ventilated memory foam (won’t change shape)
  • Covers are removable and washable/dryer-friendly
  • Cooling features are built into the design
  • Warranties are available (5 years on each)
  • CertiPUR-US® certified foams

GhostPillow vs ISO-COOL Traditional

GhostPillow vs ISO-COOL Traditional Pillow: Key Differences


  • Queen size: 16” x 24” x 5.5”
  • Weight: 2.86 lbs
  • Filling: solid ventilated piece of gel memory foam
  • Performance Cooling Side: Proprietary layer of phase change material
  • Exterior Cover Performance Side: High-performance moisture wicking
  • Exterior Cover Reverse Side: 97% premium polyester, 3% spandex
  • Inner Cover: 100% soft cotton scrim
  • The brief scent of lavender that should dissipate after a few days
  • 101 night-trial and 5-year warranty
  • Made in China
  • Price: $85 (Queen)

GhostPillow review

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ISO-COOL Traditional

  • 300-thread count 100% cotton cover with Outlast Adaptive Comfort material has microscopic phase change material (PCM) beads that absorb heat and feel cool, or releases heat and feel warm
  • Visco-elastic memory foam filling in a plush design
  • Cover is removable and can be machine washed and dried
  • Traditional-shape measures 18″ x 24″ x 4″
  • Comes in Standard, Queen, and King
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made in the USA and materials are imported
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Endorsed by American Sleep Association (ASA)

Iso-Cool Traditional Shaped Foam Pillow Review

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Who Might Choose GhostPillow…

  • Back and/or side sleepers. The GhostPillow has a nice 5.5″ height profile and about a medium firmness level according to the company. This gives it good height and support for back sleepers or side sleepers. It may be too much for stomach sleepers who usually need something closer to 3″ in height.
  • Those who like the scent of lavender. Each pillow comes packaged with the scent of lavender in it. It was noticeable to me when I unboxed the pillow but I’ve been told it should dissipate over time. I think the lavender can be pleasing but sensitive noses may want to take this into consideration.

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Who Might Choose ISO-COOL Traditional…

  • Stomach sleepers. The ISO-COOL pillow comes in three different shapes: Traditional, Gusset or Contour. The Traditional is the flattest version, with a height profile of about 4″ and plush design. Because the head sinks fairly far into the pillow, I think it’s suitable for stomach sleepers who like foam but don’t want a pillow that puts their neck and an uncomfortable angle.
  • Those who are looking to spend the least amount of money possible. The pillow is available at a variety of retailers and is fairly affordable. While prices fluctuate, a standard size ISO-COOL pillow is available on Amazon for around $50. A GhostPillow (which comes in a Queen size only) will cost about $85.

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GhostPillow vs ISO-COOL Traditional pillow

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Who Might Choose Either Pillow…

Hot sleepers. Both of these pillows are designed for breathability and helping people sleep cool. They have aerated foam fillings to promote breathability and the GhostPillow has phase change material built into the knitted cover to help draw heat away from one’s body. The ISO-COOL pillow features Outlast Adaptive Comfort material, which also contains phase change materials in it.

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GhostPillow vs ISO-COOL Traditional pillow construction


Both pillows are nice memory foam options for hot sleepers. The main difference is in their height profile. The taller pillow, the GhostPillow, is probably a better fit for back and side sleepers and the ISO-COOL Traditional pillow is flatter and better for stomach sleepers.

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