Travel Pillows: J-Pillow VS Travelrest Pillow

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Between their less than conventional shapes and innovative features, the J-Pillow and Travelrest Pillow travel pillows could not be more different. There is one thing they do have in common and that is complete head, chin and neck support. Which pillow will be the best match? Watch my video comparison below or keep scrolling for my written comparison with more photos!

Key Differences

  • Filling: J-Pillow is 100% polyester; the Travelrest is inflatable (air-filled!)
  • Cover Fabric: J-Pillow is a soft and plush fabric; Travelrest is a suede fabric (or a fabric with a similar feel)
  • Care: J-Pillow is machine washable and dryable; Travelrest is hand-wash only
  • Shape: Both are unique shapes – J-Pillow is shaped like a “J”; Travelrest is a long and narrow shape

J-Pillow Travel Pillow Review

Travelrest Pillow vs J-Pillow
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Feel Difference

The Travelrest pillow is slightly more customizable because of its inflatable nature. Travelers can easily let the air out to make it less firm if desired and it took less than a handful of breaths for me to fully re-inflate it.

Travelrest Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow Review

The J-Pillow is filled with 100% polyester, giving it a pillowy feel more reminiscent of a standard pillow. It’s undeniably soft and provides support, but not at the same level a memory foam or fully inflated travel pillow would.

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J-Pillow Travel Pillow Review

Who Might Want to Choose the J-Pillow:

Those who sleep on their sides.

The J-Pillow does a great job of supporting the whole side of the face and functions exceptionally well up against a car, train or plane window.

Those who want versatility.

This pillow also works if the traveler chooses to lay down on a couch or a bed and if he or she needs an emergency pillow, maybe a hotel pillow isn’t cutting it, this can be used.

Those who do not care for inflatable pillows.

The filling in the J-Pillow is a soft polyester that’s not overly firm but provides a nice cushion for the face and is a viable option for those who are not interested in needing to inflate or deflate a pillow while traveling.

Those who want a simple pillow that’s easy to clean.

The J-Pillow is easily machine washable and can be dried on a low tumble dry setting. No need to remove the cover beforehand.

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Travelrest Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow Review

Who Might Want to Choose the Travelrest Pillow:

Those want a pillow to stay in place.

Travelers can anchor the Travelrest pillow to a seat or to their actual bodies and by strapping it in place on a headrest, they can ensure that movement during a nap will not result in a travel pillow on the floor (and interrupted sleep).

Those who want a pillow that is easy to pack.

The narrow design of the Travelrest pillow allows one to easily deflate it and roll it in a very compact size. It can virtually fit anywhere – a smaller purse or a bag that’s already tight on space.

This is my review of the Travelrest Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow. Overall I liked the pillow and its unique shape because I liked that the pillow could be tethered to the headrest in a car or a plane and also connected to my seatbelt to keep it stable. I liked that I could lean the whole side of my face against the pillow and that I could adjust

Those who want a pillow that can work in any seat.

The Travelrest pillow is designed to attach and anchor itself to the traveler or their seat – it doesn’t require a wall or a window to be placed against – and this makes it an ideal pillow for a middle seat on a plane or car.

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Both the J-Pillow and Travelrest Pillows make for excellent trip companions and, as a side sleeper, I personally preferred the plush coziness of the J-Pillow, but see a lot of value in the Travelrest.

J-Pillow Travel Pillow Review

Those who find themselves tight on space and prefer inflatable travel pillows will find a friend in the Travelrest. It’s cool and narrow design allows for a lot of versatility no matter what style the person is traveling in.

Meanwhile, the J-Pillow is the perfect shape for resting the head against a window or a wall because it cradles the head, chin, and neck.

The J-Pillow retails for $30 to $60 depending on where it’s purchased and the Travelrest Pillow retails for $30. I think these pillows are both worth their price (especially if one can get the J-Pillow for closer to $30).

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