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With its standout design, incredibly soft jersey knit cover and supportive microbead fill, the Ostrich Pillow encourages people to shut out the world and nap virtually anywhere. Can that person handle the hoards of attention he or she will inevitably receive once the pillow is on? Check out my video review below or read on for my full written review with high-resolution photos.

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Who Makes It

The Ostrich Pillow is a product of STUDIO BANANA THiNGS, a division of STUDIO BANANA, and the company describes itself as an “imagination studio excelling at impactful actions.”

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The team at STUDIO BANANA says they use smart design solutions to improve lives and is the creator of the Original Ostrich Pillow, the Ostrich Pillow Light, and the Ostrich Pillow Mini.

Key Features

  • One size and the dimensions are 17.7″ x 11″ x 5.9″
  • Circumference opening for the head – 27.6″
  • The pillow’s fabric is 95 % Viscose and 5% Elastomer
  • The filling is made up of Polystyrene microbeads
  • Available in two colors – Sleepy Blue and Midnight Grey
  • To care for the pillow it must be hand-washed with mild soap and water
  • The Ostrich Pillow comes with a travel bag

Ostrichpillow Travel Pillow and packaging


  • The soft fabric on the cover feels like thin t-shirt material
  • The microbead filling provides firmness
  • There are fashionable color options to choose from
  • Travelers have the ability to rest head in nearly every position
  • The design blocks out light and helps muffle the sound
  • It is compatible with small headphones or earbuds
  • It is also compatible with most glasses
  • It offers decently high-quality design and construction


  • The unique pillow design may draw unwanted attention
  • Hand clean and air dry only care required; it may take several days to be fully dry and useable
  • The pillow arrived with a chemical-heavy smell that did not go away completely after the first wash
  • It is a large or bulky size for travel; there is an inability to compact or roll to a smaller size
  • More expensive than standard travel pillows ($98)

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My Experience

I’d been looking forward to reviewing the Ostrich Pillow for some time, as it has one of the most memorable designs for a travel pillow that I’ve seen.

The pillow is intended to make it easy to nap anywhere, especially outside the bedroom. The makers of the pillow, STUDIO BANANA THiNGS, highlight several ways to use the pillow on their website, including face down on a desk – which is a fairly unusual position for a travel pillow.

Before I could put the pillow on, I needed to wash it and let it air out for a while because it had a very strong chemical-like smell, especially when I put the pillow over my head. This was not the best first impression and I was disappointed I couldn’t just throw it in the washing machine for a simpler cleaning experience.

When I did wash it by hand, I used a mild soap and water to do so and discovered that it can take several days for the pillow to dry. I was able to leave mine outside, where it’s well ventilated, so it took a little over one day for mine to dry completely. The smell was less aggressive, but still present.

The pillow covers almost the entire neck, head, and face but is surprisingly not claustrophobic and I think this is because it’s roomy inside the pillow, it’s not tight like a mask. I had no problem getting my head through and the opening for my nose and mouth adjusted to breathe.

Ostrich Pillow Review
3.9 Reviewer
Overall the unique design of the Ostrich Pillow allows you to find a comfortable position to nap in no matter where you are. The fabric is soft and the microbead filling is firm. However, it can't be machine washed and you may draw unwanted attention when wearing the pillow thanks to its special design.
My Experience3.9
Value (Price)3.6

woman wearing the Ostrichpillow Original Travel Pillow

The soft fabric and firm microbead filling make it easy to rest the head in almost every direction, and I was able to relax in the car, laying back and lying face down on a desk. With all that said, I’m not sure I could maintain that position long enough to actually sleep.

The pillow is so unique and very comfortable for rest, but I found the idea of wearing it in public overwhelming. I’m not super introverted, but the Ostrich Pillow will generate attention if a person wears it outside the home, and I’m not sure I could simply fall asleep with people watching me (out of curiosity and not judgment, I’d hope!).

The pillow is also on the bulkier side and there is no condense it to a smaller size.  The traveler will either need to attach it to the outside of a carry-on or stuff it into a bag in order to bring onto a plane or train.

Things To Consider Before Buying

In my opinion, the pillow is a bit ostracizing (pun, intended!) because of the way it looks on a person – covering the entire head, most of the eyes, nose, and mouth. I’m not alone in my thoughts as this attention-grabbing theme came up in many reviews – even from people who enjoyed the pillow.

Amazon reviews of the Ostrichpillow Original

While I did not personally face any issues with temperature regulation, some other reviewers found they overheated when donning the Ostrich Pillow for too long.

ostrichpillowreviewreview1It is not machine washable and must be hand cleaned and air dried, which can be potentially tedious and time-consuming. The pillow cannot be made smaller so it may take up some room in a carry-on bag.


In the end, the Ostrich Pillow’s attention-grabbing design and inability to be machine washed/dried made it a poor fit for me- I struggled to get over the weird smell, even after I let the chemical-smell dissipate.

close up image of the Ostrichpillow Original

Honestly, I had a hard time swallowing the $98 price tag as that feels too expensive for the actual value of the product.

The Ostrich Pillow enables individuals to sleep in virtually any position that’s remotely comfortable, including desks or tables, making it a nice option for the corporate world (with a private office) or for students studying at desks.

This versatility is a plus and the soft jersey-like cover and microbead filling were comfortable to rest on. For some, it may be worth the price for the novelty and the creative thought put into the pillow’s design. For others, the pillow may just be a little too ostentatious.

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