Sleep Number P-6 Review: Best Model For You?

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While the P-5 bed may be the most popular, the P-6 is the nicest model in the Performance Series set of Sleep Number beds. It not only offers 3″ of comfort foam to help relieve pressure along the body, but its knit blend will keep people cool by wicking moisture away. Read on for my full review.

Construction Overview

The P-6 is similar in construction to the P-5. The most notable difference that the P-6 mattress is 12” deep and has 3” layer of PlushFit comfort foam.

Like all Sleep Number beds, the P-6 will come with either one or two air chambers (depending on what size people get). The air chambers are what inflate and deflate according to the Sleep Number setting. This will determine the level of support the mattress provides.

A bed with two air chambers is part of Sleep Number’s “DualAir™ adjustability” feature. It allows people to adjust firmness and support on each side of the bed to the Sleep Number setting. The hoses to pump air into the chamber are 4ft in length.

The P-6 model features a Plush-style mattress top and a breathable rayon/polyester knit blend. This is not a pillow top mattress top like the P-5, it’s more of a traditional style. The knit also has moisture wicking technology built-in to keep the surface of the mattress cool.

Sewn into the mattress top is a 2” layer of quilting foam. This filling in mattress tops varies by model, but people will find this same quilting layer in the P-5 model as well.


Underneath the mattress top and above the air chamber people will find a 3” foam comfort layer designed specifically for Sleep Number. This foam layer is intended to relieve pressure in the head/neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, and feet.

Optional: People can also purchase Sleep Number’s Sleep IQ Technology, which will track people’s sleep and help them find their optimal Sleep Number setting.

Or people can add a FlexFit Adjustable Base for their bed that will allow them to raise the head and foot of the bed.

Firmness Level

The air chamber in a Sleep Number bed will dictate how firm the mattress is. The higher the Sleep Number, the more air will fill the chamber and the firmer the bed will be.

The least amount of firmness comes in the C-2 model, which offers no foam comfort layer at all. The only cushion is from fiberfill sewn into the top of the mattress.

Naturally, this will be the firmest Sleep Number bed because there is basically no cushion between the mattress and the air chamber.

The P-6 model has 3” of foam that is designed specifically for Sleep Number. Within the foam, there are five specific areas engineered to relieve pressure.

The 3” foam layer and plush mattress top makes the P-6 model less naturally firm (and therefore cushier) than the models in the Classic Series of Sleep Number beds.

You Might Want To Consider This Mattress If:

  • You sleep hot. The rayon/polyester knit blend of this mattress has built-in moisture wicking technology. This will help keep you cool at night by pulling moisture from sweat or body heat away from your body while you sleep.
  • You have aches and pains. The 3” comfort foam layer with added body contouring is specifically designed to help relieve pressure in areas of your body that commonly cause pain – the head/neck, shoulders, back, and hips. Many reviewers found relief with this foam layer and their correct Sleep Number.

You Might Not Want To Consider This Mattress If:

  • Some nights you sleep alone and some nights you have a partner. Those who have a dual air chamber bed – but spend many nights sleeping solo – may find themselves stuck on one side of the bed. Laying in the middle of the bed essentially places you between two air chambers and may not give you the support you desire. This may be less noticeable on the firmer models. When you get to a P-6, you have a decent amount of cushion and probably sink further into the bed in between the dual air chambers.
  • You are on a budget. The P-6 is sometimes placed on sale, but a Queen will run you just under $2,600 ($2,599.99 to be exact). That is the price for just the mattress; the addition of an adjustable base – which raises/lowers the head and foot of your bed plus other cool features – is an added cost, as well as adding Sleep IQ Technology that at allows you to track your sleep.

Most Common Pieces Of Praise

  • Couples who have different sleep preferences love the dual air chamber option of the Sleep Number beds. This goes for the premium P-6 model as well.
  • People recovering from surgery or who are struggling with pain or sleep issues like acid reflux, seemed more inclined to spend the extra dollars and buy a model like the P-6, with extra cushioning, to help relieve their pain.


Most Common Complaints

  • More people complained about the smell of the P-6 model than any other model I’ve reviewed. While I don’t know exactly what causes the smell, one customer wrote: The bed had a horrible chemical smell for weeks, go to find out afterward it was from the fire retardant spray they use on the bed that they did not mention. Another customer had a bad experience with the smell as well.

  • Other complaints included fine print and extra fees associated with returning the bed during the trial period. Most notably, you can return the mattress, but not the adjustable base (which is always an optional purchase).

  • As with all models, some people just did not feel that the quality of the bed was worth the price.

Why Would Someone Pick This Model Over The Other Sleep Number Mattresses?

The main reason someone would pick the P-6 over the more popular P-5 or a Classic Series model is the extra cushion provided in the 3” of comfort foam and plush mattress top. This is a full inch more foam than the P-5 model.

The P-6 also comes with moisture-wicking technology built into the knit fabric of the mattress. Those who have night sweats or sleep hot may prefer this model.


The P-6 is the premium Performance Series model – you are getting an extra inch of comfort foam, a plush mattress top, and a moisture-wicking fabric.

Couples, those dealing with aches and pains from their current mattress, and those who like a little extra cushion in their mattress may all like the features of the P-6 model. They just need to be ready to spend the extra cash for it.

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