Home Essentials Company Floyd Unveils Its First Mattress

Floyd, a home goods brand known for creating modular furniture and accessories for every room, has developed its own mattress. The 10″ tall mattress features a hybrid design, including graphite-infused memory foam and a 6″ individual pocketed coil system.

Floyd Co-Founder and CEO, Kyle Hoff, told Mattress Clarity that the company’s decision to make their own mattress came from customer feedback.

“We launched our platform bed frame in 2015, and since then it’s probably become one of America’s favorite and most recognizable pieces of furniture,” Hoff told Mattress Clarity via email. “Customers have consistently asked about what mattress we recommend pairing with The Bed, and if we’re being honest, we never had one. If we’re being doubly honest, it didn’t really exist.”

The Floyd mattress’ cooling cover is made with a blend of TENCEL and polyester and features a non-skid knit material to prevent mattress slippage against Floyd’s platform bed, according to Hoff. There is also a 2″ layer of copper graphite infused viscoelastic memory foam. The foam is an open-cell material infused with copper and graphite intended to dissipate body heat, said Hoff.

In addition to foam, there is also a layer of zoned pocketed coils with perimeter edge support. Overall, the mattress stands at 10″ tall and comes in sizes Twin through King (including Twin XL).

Hoff told Mattress Clarity that his team wants the mattress to offer “just the right” support level.

Floyds cooling cover features non-grip material

“Our hybrid design has the best of both worlds: the foam has give to allow you to sink in and relieve pressure, while the springs provide the support to align your spine and make you feel weightless,” he said. “Plus the copper and graphite infused layer maintains temperature regulation all night long, unlike an all-foam mattress.”

Floyd’s mattress debut reflects the continuing growth in the hybrid mattress market as industry analysts predict that the market will register a compound annual growth rate (CGAR) of 8% by 2024.

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The Floyd mattress is available for purchase online at FloydHome.com and prices start at $795 for a Twin. Those who wish to check the mattress out in person can visit the company’s Detroit showroom.

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