Travel Pillows: J-Pillow vs Evolution Pillow

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The J-Pillow travel pillow and the Evolution travel pillow may both support the head, chin, and neck, but they do so in such unique and different ways.

Those who are trying to decide between purchasing the J-Pillow or the Evolution Pillow for their next trip, we’ve put together some key features, pros and cons and overall thoughts on both pillows to help guide the decision. Check out the video comparison or the written comparison below now!

Key Similarities

  • Both pillows are intended to support the chin and neck
  • Both pillows come in a variety of colors
  • Both pillows are machine washable or have portions of their pillow that are machine washable

Key Differences

  • Filling: The J-Pillow is 100% polyester; Evolution Pillow is polyurethane 100% memory foam
  • Cover Fabric: J-Pillow is plush but non-removable; Evolution Pillow is 80% cotton and 20% polyester
  • Care: The entire J-Pillow is machine washable and dryer-friendly; only the Evolution Pillow cover is washable
  • Shape: J-Pillow is a unique “J” shape; Evolution Pillow is a traditional U-shaped neck pillow

The J-Pillow has no mechanism to connect or anchor itself to a person, while the Evolution Pillow has a clasp that lets a person enclose the pillow around his or her neck.

Evolution Pillow has a built-in pocket for a media player (larger smartphones may not fit).

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Feel Difference

The difference in the feel of these pillows all comes down to the different fillings in each. The J-Pillow is filled with 100% polyester while the Evolution Pillow is filled with denser memory foam. This makes the J-Pillow less firm than the Evolution pillow.

The memory foam filling in the Evolution Pillow makes it easy to press and roll into a compact shape that fits into a travel case.

J-Pillow Travel Pillow Review

Who Might Want to Choose the J-Pillow:

Those who primarily side sleepers.

The J-Pillow does a great job of supporting the whole side of the face and functions exceptionally well up against a car, train or plane window.

Those who want versatility.

This pillow also works if the traveler chooses to lay down on a couch or a bed and if he or she needs an emergency pillow, maybe a hotel pillow isn’t cutting it, this can be used.

J-Pillow Travel Pillow Review

Those that do not care for memory foam.

Because it’s made with polyester in its core, the J-Pillow does not offer the same level of firmness or pressure-relief as a memory foam pillow.

Those that want a simple pillow that is easy to clean.

TheJ-Pillow is easily machine washable and can be dried on a low tumble dry setting; no need to remove the cover beforehand.

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Evolution Pillow Travel Pillow Review

Who Might Want To Choose the Evolution Pillow If:

Those who like neck support.

I jokingly said that travelers will like this pillow if they like “neck-brace level support” in my full review. The truth is I was only half-joking because the pillow really is oversized and there is a lot of supportive foam.

Travelers who have a middle seat or an aisle seat.

Because the Evolution Pillow provides 360-degree neck support, people can lean their heads in any direction to rest. This bodes well for people who are stuck in the middle seat and only have the option to lean their head forward (chin support will help!).

Those who need to save space in a suitcase.

The Evolution Pillow can be rolled into a smaller travel case that will save room in a suitcase (for more shoes, perhaps).

Evolution Pillow Travel Pillow Review

Travelers who always wear eyeglasses.

The J-Pillow presses against the side of the face, which may interfere with any eyeglasses or sunglasses a traveler may be inclined to wear (it’s easy for eyes to get dry on a plane).

Those who want to listen to music while resting.

The built-in pocket will hold a media player so travelers can focus more on resting and less on losing track of their smartphone.

Those who want to their travel pillow to stay in place.

The special connecting clasp attached to the pillow lets the traveler keep the pillow anchored around the neck. No need to worry about it falling off if the traveler adjusts positions during a nap.

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Evolution Pillow Travel Pillow Review

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The J-Pillow is soft, comfortable, supportive but overall more simple design and has less functionality than the Evolution Pillow.

J-Pillow Travel Pillow Review

The Evolution Pillow offers more features: it stays connected to the neck, its cover is removable and washable, it compacts and comes with a travel case and it has a media player pocket built-in.

Evolution Pillow Travel Pillow Review

For this reason, the Evolution Pillow is often found for $10-$15 more than the J-Pillow. Both pillows can be found for under $40 (depending on size and color).

True side sleepers will prefer the J-Pillow to the Evolution pillow simply because its design allows for more support against the whole side of one’s face. It’s creative design really cradles the side of your head while providing chin and neck support, making it easy to rest.

Those who want it all – both function and comfort -will probably prefer the Evolution Pillow because the pillow offers support, attachment to the neck, a media player pocket, and a removable cover.

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