Mattress Firm Now Accepting Applications For A “Snoozetern”

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Last week, Mattress Firm announced its search for a “Snoozetern” — an intern for this fall — who will be responsible for testing Mattress Firm mattresses and creating content as a member of their Social Media team.

“At Mattress Firm, we are obsessed with mattresses and all things sleep. We are also passionate about helping our customers find their dream bed,” Mattress Firm’s Chief Marketing Officer Scott Thaler told Mattress Clarity. “Our Snoozetern will help share that obsession by testing our new products and giving real-time feedback. The ideal candidate is brimming with fresh ideas and eager to use creativity to share their experience. He/she should be a self-starter who won’t shy away from the camera and can create engaging content.”

According to Mattress Firm’s site, the internship position is part-time and is located in Houston. The paid position begins August 15 and runs through November 15. Anyone older than 18 years of age may apply, and credit may be applicable to college students.

Here are some of the intern’s responsibilities as listed on Mattress Firm’s Snoozetern application page:

  • Test out our beds and create written and video reviews for our social platforms and
  • Create regular video content about your Snoozetern experience for Mattress Firm’s social platforms.
  • Host Facebook Live events to give sleep tips and share your favorite products.
  • Capture Insta-worthy photos around BEDQuarters for our social platforms.
  • Interview Mattress Firm employees to get sleep tips and tricks from the best, and share these tips through video and blog content.
  • Create video content interviewing Houston locals about their sleep habits.
  • Attend Mattress Firm events and capture photo/video content.

“Those interested in this unique opportunity should have a keen eye for storytelling that is both entertaining and educational,” Thaler told us. “He/she should be eager to put their rest to the test to share their favorite products with both inquiring minds and the sleep-deprived. And of course, any Snoozetern applicant must love sleep!”

The application process itself is unique. In addition to filling out a quick form on Mattress Firm’s site, applicants are required to produce a short video about why they would be the best Snoozetern and upload it to YouTube. Once submissions are in (the deadline is July 27), the hiring team will pick five finalists who will interview in Houston.

Three applicants will be selected from the round of interviews, and then Mattress Firm’s Instagram followers will have a chance to vote for their top choice based on their videos, says the retailer. Those who share the post with their friends have a better chance of receiving more votes on their submitted video, according to the company.

Thaler told us that while engagement and votes from the Mattress Firm social audience will be included in overall scoring, there are several factors that will help them determine the best sleep-fluencer for the Snoozeternship.

Mattress Firm says the person selected for the position will be notified by August 10.

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