Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector Review

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The Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector may be thin but it can keep the surface of a mattress free from damage caused by liquids and spills. This review will highlight everything consumers should look out for when taking a look at this mattress protector.

Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector

Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector

The Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector is a simple and straightforward waterproof mattress protector. It fits like a fitted sheet and is machine washable and dryer friendly. It is affordable but is also ultra thin and may not be the best fit for those who want ultimate waterproof or allergy protection.

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Key Features

  • 100% waterproof (polyurethane backing)
  • Cotton terry surface fabric
  • Vinyl-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Protects against dust mites and allergens
  • Waterproof membrane contains microscopic divots for air to flow through
  • Care: machine wash cold to hot water and low tumble dry with other bedding or clothing
  • Can fit mattresses Twin-King size
  • 10-year warranty

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Hann Kay Premium Mattress Protector Review


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Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector Review


  • Waterproof backing creates crinkling sound
  • Loose material may cause shifting
  • Some customers reported issues with leaks
  • Some customers reported issues with breathability

Care Instructions and Warranty

It is always important to follow the care instruction on the mattress protector. Failing to follow it correctly it could void the mattress protector warranty.

Care instructions are especially important when it comes to drying the protector. Most mattress protectors – especially ones that are waterproof – suggest to dry the protector on a low or medium tumble dry.

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Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector Review

Drying protectors on too high of a heat can damage the waterproof membrane on mattress protectors. This could allow the protector to underperform and potentially allow water or fluid to get to the mattress and void the mattress warranty.

The Hanna Kay Premium Mattress protector comes with a 10-year warranty. The details of the warranty are printed on the inside lining of the protector’s packaging.

Waterproof Test

The Hanna Kay mattress protector is 100% waterproof on the surface. Waterproof properties on mattress protectors are definitely worth having. Often, water or liquid stains and damage will make the mattress warranty invalid.

Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector Review

I poured 10 ounces of water into the center of the Hanna Kay mattress protector. I waited two hours and lifted up the protector to feel underneath for any moisture or dampness.

I felt no moisture, dampness or any leaks from the protector, meaning it passed the waterproof test.

Vinyl Free

There has been a lot of attention around the toxicity of plastics, including PVC (also known as polyvinyl chloride or vinyl).

Products that contain vinyl or PVC – like mattress protectors and curtains – can release toxins into the air (often called off-gassing) that have negative health effects. This is especially concerning for babies or small children whose bodies are still developing.

Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector Review

It is best to avoid using products made of PVC or Vinyl – especially if you have little ones.

This protector uses a synthetic resin (plastic material) called Polyurethane as the waterproof barrier. Other vinyl-free mattress protectors include Luna, SafeRest, SureGuard and Linenspa.

Additional Considerations

Size and Noise: The protector comes in four sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King. It fit my 10-inch thick mattress but had a little extra room.

Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector Review

There was no information about the depth restrictions for the protector but I think it could at least fit a 16-inch thick mattress or thicker. Because my mattress is 10-inches thick I had a little extra material. This generated some shifting and crinkling under my bed sheets.

Breathability: Hanna Kay uses terry cloth and polyurethane to keep the protector waterproof and comfortable. They say it allows for breathability.

I had no issue with feeling hot or cold at night but other customers did. I wanted to share one review.

Leaks: While the protector passed my waterproof test and I had no issues with leaks, others did.

If people are considering this protector because they absolutely need something waterproof and have frequent spills or accidents, it may be more appropriate to do one’s own waterproof test after washing and drying the mattress protector.


There’s no doubt that the Hanna Kay premium mattress protector is affordable. A Queen sized protector costs around $22. A Twin size costs under $20.

The price makes it an easy option for anyone who wants to cover the surface of their mattress and prevent general water damage and allergens.

The protector is very thin and does not have a high-quality feel that other protectors do (like the Casper or Slumber Cloud Dry Line Protector).

Bottom line, for people looking for a simple and affordable waterproof fitted mattress protector, the Hanna Kay protector could be the perfect fit.

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