TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow Review – Perfect For Back Sleepers?

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TEMPUR-Pedic’s TEMPUR-Cloud pillow is aptly named. It’s got an attractive and – dare I say it – “cloud-like” white cover and a super soft core of signature TEMPUR foam. The traditional shape and memory foam feel make this pillow a great choice for those looking for some serious pressure relief.

But is this the right pillow for you? In this unbiased TEMPUR-Cloud pillow review, I’ll go over everything you need to know about this high-quality pillow, including construction, feel, and price. Let’s go!

TEMPUR-Cloud Adjustable Pillow

TEMPUR-Cloud Adjustable Pillow

TEMPUR-Pedic’s TEMPUR-Cloud pillow is aptly named. It’s got an attractive and dare I say “cloud-like” white cover and a super-soft (albeit not fluffy) core.

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TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow Overview

The TEMPUR-Cloud pillow is made by TEMPUR-Pedic, the pioneer in using memory foam in sleep products. TEMPUR-Pedic merged with Sealy in 2012 to become Tempur-Sealy International and continues to produce high-quality mattresses and sleep accessories, including the TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress Series and the TEMPUR- Adapt Topper mattress topper.

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The TEMPUR-Cloud is TEMPUR-Pedic’s most popular pillow. It condenses the same foam used in the TEMPUR-Cloud mattress into pillow form, offering some great contouring and pressure relief. Here’s who will like the TEMPUR-Cloud best:

Who Might Like TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow:

  • Back and stomach sleepers
  • People looking for an extra soft pillow
  • Fans of slow-moving, contouring memory foam

Who Might Not Like TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow:

  • Side sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • People who toss and turn

TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow Video Review

See the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow in action with our video review:

TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow Firmness and Feel

When it comes to shopping for a new pillow, firmness and feel are two of the most important factors to consider. Let’s see how the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow performs:

TEMPUR-Cloud pillow with 5" height profile on bed

How Firm is the TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow?

The TEMPUR-Cloud pillow is made from a solid piece of TEMPUR foam material that is very soft. Your head will sink quite far into this pillow, which will provide good contouring around your head and neck. Fans of extra soft, extra slow memory foam will love this pillow!

TEMPUR-Pedic notes, however, that it may take a few weeks for the TEMPUR foam to break in, meaning the pillow may feel much firmer at first than it will after some use. Eventually, the foam will “open up” and properly adjust to your weight and sleeping position.

Woman Pressing Down On Extra Soft TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow

Sleeping on the TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow

This pillow works best for back sleepers and stomach sleepers who like a contouring pillow. The TEMPUR-Cloud is really quite soft, so be prepared for one’s head to sink slowly and deeply into that TEMPUR material. TEMPUR-Pedic itself recommends this pillow for back and stomach sleepers.

Although the TEMPUR foam material is great for relieving pressure, this pillow really doesn’t have the loft or firmness to support most side sleepers. Similarly, combination sleepers will struggle to move around when their head sinks into the pillow. This is not the best choice for side and back combination sleepers.

Woman Back Sleeping On TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow

What Does the TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow Feel Like?

There’s a lot to like about the TEMPUR-Cloud, especially for those who prefer the feeling of memory foam. True to its name, the foam of the TEMPUR-Cloud slowly compresses around the head and gives one the impression of sinking into a cloud. It’s incredibly lightweight!

TEMPUR-Pedic says this pillow could be a good introduction to a memory foam pillow, and I’m inclined to agree – so long as the customer is a back sleeper or stomach sleeper and looking for a soft pillow. It really does have that traditional memory foam shape and dense, slow-moving feel.

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Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lb – 230lb

This pillow is a great match for average weight back and stomach sleepers. These sleepers will feel nice pressure relief around the head and neck, while the knit cover gives the pillow an overall soft and “cloud-like” feel. Most average weight side sleepers, however, will find that the TEMPUR-Cloud doesn’t have enough firmness and loft to support their head.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230lb

Heavyweight sleepers will sink even more into the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow. This pillow is best for heavyweight stomach sleepers, although it is also a good option for heavyweight back sleepers who are looking for the contouring effects of memory foam. But ideally, heavyweight back sleepers will want something more supportive.

Heavier side sleepers, or side sleepers with larger frames, should look into getting a pillow meant for side sleeping. This pillow is too low and too soft to keep your head in a neutral position.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130lb

The TEMPUR-Cloud is soft enough that even lightweight sleepers will gently sink into the foam and get good pressure relief. Again, this pillow is made for stomach and back sleepers in particular, although lightweight side sleepers with a small enough frame may find the 5” loft is enough to support their head.

TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow Construction

What’s this “cloud-like” pillow made of? Let’s go over the TEMPUR-Cloud’s unique construction:

TEMPUR-PEDIC label on Tempur-Cloud pillow


The TEMPUR-Cloud pillow features a 100% polyester cover that can be removed for easy cleaning. The material is very soft yet textured–something to keep in mind for stomach and side sleepers who will have their faces against the pillow. The texture can be felt through a thin pillowcase.

If the texture of the cover is bothersome, one workaround may be to remove the cover and use a thin pillow protector between the core and a pillowcase.


TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow Is Filled With Slow Response TEMPUR Material Foam

Inside the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow is a solid piece of TEMPUR foam material. This is your classic memory foam sheet pillow with lots of give and pressure relief. TEMPUR-Pedic is known for its high-quality, durable, and adaptive foam, so you can expect this pillow’s soft, conforming feel will last for a long time.


The term “loft” refers to the height of the pillow. When shopping for a new pillow, it is especially important to choose a loft that suits your sleeping position. Having a pillow that is too tall or too low could cause neck and back pain down the line. As a general guide, side sleepers require the most loft, stomach sleepers need the least amount of loft, and back sleepers should look for something in between.

The TEMPUR-Cloud pillow is a relatively low profile pillow. While uncompressed, it stands 5” inches tall, but the soft TEMPUR foam material will allow the head to sink considerably into the pillow. This gives the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow a lower loft while in use, so it is best for back and stomach sleepers.

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Woman Stomach Sleeping On TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow

TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow Size Options and Price

TEMPUR-Pedic only sells the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow in a standard/queen size option. Note that the company will frequently discount pillows if you buy multiple pillows at once.

Check in with our handy chart for the most up-to-date information about the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow:

Standard/Queen Size24″ x 15 3/4″ x 5″$89.00

TEMPUR-Cloud Adjustable Pillow

TEMPUR-Cloud Adjustable Pillow

TEMPUR-Pedic’s TEMPUR-Cloud pillow is aptly named. It’s got an attractive and dare I say “cloud-like” white cover and a super-soft (albeit not fluffy) core.

Mattress Clarity Score
4.00 / 5
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TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow Performance

Firmness, feel, and price: check! Now let’s explore how the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow performs in a few key areas:

TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow Has Extra Soft Solid Memory Foam Core

Sleeping Hot or Cold

As a solid memory foam pillow, the TEMPUR-Cloud has the potential to trap heat. The foam core is not ventilated, and sleepers may find the pillow warms up as the night progresses.

If you are a particularly hot sleeper, you may prefer a cooling pillow over the TEMPUR-Cloud.


Because the TEMPUR-Cloud is not compressed for shipping, it should not come with that “new bed” chemical smell. No off-gassing here!

Care Instructions

The cover of the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow can be removed for machine washing, but it does need to be air dried so there is no shrinking. The inner pillow itself should never be washed, but TEMPUR-Pedic recommends rolling out to the foam on occasion to promote freshness. You can find specific instructions on how to freshen the foam on the TEMPUR-Pedic website here.


The 100% polyester cover is hypoallergenic. It shouldn’t trap allergens such as dust mites or mold, making the TEMPUR-Cloud a good choice for sufferers of allergies or asthma.

TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow Has Polyester Knit Removable Cover

Company Policies

Thinking about picking up a TEMPUR-Cloud pillow of your own? Here’s what you can expect when you purchase one of these pillows:

Warranty Info

TEMPUR-Pedic offers a generous 5-year warranty for its TEMPUR-Cloud pillow. If your pillow has a manufacturer’s defect within this period, the company will repair or replace the pillow.

Sleep Trial

Unlike its mattresses, TEMPUR-Pedic pillows do not come with the 90-day sleep trial. Once you purchase a TEMPUR-Cloud pillow, it is yours to keep.

Return Policy

TEMPUR-Pedic also does not accept returns on its pillows. The company attributes this policy to the “personal nature of these products,” so shoppers should expect to keep their new pillows after purchase.

Common TEMPUR-Cloud Complaints

The TEMPUR-Cloud pillow has thousands of positive online reviews that rave about its exceptional comfort and durability. Some reviewers, however, complain the pillow is just too soft and flat to give them the support they need. Likewise, some reviewers found the pillow trapped too much heat for them to sleep comfortably.

Our own experiences with the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow suggest this pillow isn’t a great fit for side sleepers or particularly hot sleepers. We recommend the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow to stomach and back sleepers who are looking for a soft foam pillow.

How Does TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow Compare To Other Pillows?

We love the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow for its extra soft, “cloud-like” memory foam feel. But before you pick up one of these pillows for yourself, see how it compares to other high quality pillows we’ve reviewed:

TEMPUR-Pedic Vs. Eli and Elm

A woman sleeps on her side on an Eli and Elm Side Sleeper pillow

The TEMPUR-Cloud may not have the firmness and support it needs to keep some side sleepers comfortable. Fortunately, there are lots of pillows out there made specifically with side sleepers in mind. The Eli and Elm Side Sleeper is one such pillow. Its ergonomic, U-shaped design and customizable loft can alleviate and prevent neck pain in side sleepers who need an extra supportive and responsive pillow.

Inside the Eli and Elm Side Sleeper you’ll find pieces of polyester fiber and latex noodles. These materials give the Side Sleeper pillow a plush yet responsive feel that should keep the head and neck well-supported. You won’t get the same slow, sinking sensation as the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow, but with its removable filling, the Eli and Elm Side Sleeper can be customized to fit your individual firmness and loft preferences. The Eli and Elm Side Sleeper also comes with a hypoallergenic, machine-washable cover for easy care.

Who Should Get the TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow?

  • Back and stomach sleepers
  • Fans of especially soft pillows

Who Should Get the Eli and Elm Side Sleeper Pillow?

  • Side sleepers
  • People who want a customizable pillow

Read our full Eli and Elm Side Sleeper pillow review.

TEMPUR-Pedic Vs. Layla

A Layla Kapok pillow open on a bed

As an unventilated, full-foam pillow, the TEMPUR-Cloud may not be the best option for hot sleepers. If you’re looking for a pillow that will stay cool throughout the night, check out the Layla Kapok pillow, which uses shredded filling and a copper-infused outer cover to prevent the buildup of heat.

Plush and luxurious, the Layla Kapok pillow features a blend of shredded memory foam and all-natural kapok fibers. These materials allow for easy airflow through the pillow and combine with the copper-infused cover to dissipate heat throughout the night. The Layla Kapok pillow has more of a down-alternative feeling than the classic memory foam of the TEMPUR-Cloud, but its adjustable loft makes it a good choice for all three sleeping positions.

Who Should Get the TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow?

  • Stomach sleepers
  • Fans of memory foam

Who Should Get the Layla Kapok Pillow?

  • Hot sleepers
  • People looking for a down-alternative pillow

Read our full Layla Kapok pillow review.


What is the best pillow on the market?

The best pillow for you is one that helps you maintain neutral spine alignment throughout the night. The firmness, loft, and feel of a pillow can all contribute to how well you will sleep on the pillow, so if you’re a stomach or back sleeper looking for a low profile foam pillow, then the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow could be a great match for you.

What if I don't like my TEMPUR-Cloud pillow?

One potential downside to investing in the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow is that TEMPUR-Pedic does not offer a trial period or returns. If the pillow ends up being a bad fit, donating it or giving it to a friend to keep may be the next best scenario.

How long will the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow last?

The TEMPUR-Cloud is a very durable pillow. With its 5-year warranty, this pillow should last you a very long time with good care.

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