TEMPUR-Adapt – What Should You Know?

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TEMPUR-PEDIC is one of the best-known mattress and sleep accessories retailers. Its popularity stems from its use of contouring and pressure-relieving TEMPUR material (memory foam) in its mattresses.

In 2018, TEMPUR-PEDIC debuted new technology and revamped its line of mattresses.

Their most basic and affordable line is the TEMPUR-Adapt. This collection offers the original TEMPUR-PEDIC materials and comes in two different comfort levels: Medium and Medium Hybrid.

To learn more about what you get with a TEMPUR-Adapt bed, check out all the details below, including who we think this mattress could and could not be a good fit for.

Key Features

  • Both types of beds are 11″ in height.
  • They come with a 90-day trial.
  • They come in two comfort levels: Medium and Medium Hybrid
  • The price is $2,199 for a Queen.

Available Sizes

Twin (38″ x 74″)Twin Long (38″ x 80″)Double (53″ x 74″)Queen (60″ x 80″)King (76″ x 80″)CA King (72″ x 84″)Split King (38″ x 80″)Split CA King (36″ x 84″)
Medium Hybridxxxxxxxx

Comfort Levels

The original TEMPUR-Adapt line offers two comfort levels: Medium and Medium Hybrid. Let’s take a deeper dive into the construction of each of these mattresses.


  1. Cool-to-touch cover: Described as “premium knit technology for superior cool-to-touch feel”
  2. TEMPUR-ES® Comfort Layer: This layer offers a softer feel; the brand says it works in combination with other materials to support and relax
  3. Original TEMPUR® Support Layer: This layer adapts to the individual for additional comfort and support

Medium Hybrid

  1. Cool-to-touch Cover: Described as “premium knit technology for superior cool-to-touch feel.
  2. TEMPUR-ES® Comfort Layer: This layer offers a softer feel that the brand says works in combination with other materials to support and relax.
  3. Original TEMPUR® Support Layer: This layer adapts to the individual for additional comfort and s
  4. Hybrid Technology: These coils were developed by TEMPUR-PEDIC to work with their other materials. Contains 1,000+ premium spring coils total.

You Might Like The TEMPUR-Adapt Series If …

  • You’re on a budget but want a TEMPUR-PEDIC bed. The TEMPUR-Adapt series of mattresses is the most affordable option available. A Queen mattress cost $2,199 at full price. That is $800 less than the next most expensive option, the TEMPUR-ProAdapt.
  • You’re a hot sleeper. Both the Medium and Medium Hybrid versions come with a “Cool-to-touch” cover to help with breathability. The hybrid version, with its coil system, will also promote airflow and keep the mattress cool.
  • You’re a back sleeper. Both the Medium or Medium Hybrid options should be the best fit for back sleepers. Mattresses that are just slightly firmer than average tend to be the sweet spot for this sleep position.

You Might Not Like The TEMPUR-Adapt Series If …

  • You are primarily a stomach sleeper or primarily a side sleeper. Stomach sleepers need the firmest comfort levels and side sleepers should do best with the softest comfort level. With only medium options in this collection, those who sleep in these positions might want to look elsewhere.
  • You want the latest TEMPUR-PEDIC materials and technology. Although the TEMPUR-Adapt is a good value, it doesn’t have some of the newer and more innovative materials as some of the other collections. Many of the other lines have TEMPUR-APR and TEMPUR-APR+ technology for added support and comfort.
  • You’re looking for the most pressure relief available in a TEMPUR-PEDIC bed. While the brand is known for its contouring foam, this line will offer the least pressure-relief because it features the most original materials. Lines like the TEMPUR-ProAdapt has the TEMPUR-APR material that offers 20% more pressure relief.

Common Praise

  • There are many comments about how good the motion isolation is, particularly on the Medium Hybrid. This makes it a potentially good option for couples who don’t want to feel their partners move around when sleeping.
  • The majority of the positive reviews center around good pressure relief and alleviating back pain. One person wrote, “Good pressure relief I no longer toss and turn all night and no more painful pressure points. I chose the medium hybrid and it’s the perfect blend of softness and support.”
  • There are also several comments about mattress durability. One person wrote, “I had an original queen mattress for fourteen years, always loved it…now I have a new queen and will love it for a long time!”

Common Complaints

  • Several complaints focused on the mattress feeling too firm. One person wrote, “I bought the Adapt Medium Hybrid hoping that it would be the perfect mattress; however, the mattress just doesn’t provide me with enough pressure-relief for my shoulders and hips. I like the firmness of the top of the mattress, however, once you sink down into the mattress, it just becomes too firm.”
  • While the majority of the reviews were positive on helping with aches and pains, those who did not like the mattress had complaints that the mattress was just not comfortable enough and did not relieve enough pressure for their personal needs.
  • Others said the TEMPUR-Adapt beds were too warm despite cooling features. This can happen with all-foam beds; air can get trapped in memory foam and body heat can build up.

90-Night Trial

The TEMPUR-Adapt mattress comes with a 90-night trial period. This means you get up to 90 nights to test out the mattress before deciding if you want to keep it.

The bed must have come from a TEMPUR-Pedic flagship store, the official online website, or be purchased by phone. The brand recommends you sleep on it for at least 30 nights before deciding.

If you decide the mattress is not a good fit, you must call 1-800-821-6621. A Customer Service representative will work with you to refund and return the mattress.

Details You Should Know

The 90-night trial period excludes closeout mattresses, TEMPUR-Pedic power bases (all models), foundations, bed frames, pillows, cushions, linens, and accessories.

If you got your mattress with a free shipping offer, the cost of shipping may apply to you (around $175).

Warranty Details

The TEMPUR-Adapt comes with a 10-year limited warranty. Here is the exact language from the TEMPUR-Pedic website:

For 10 years after you purchase your new mattress or foundation from Tempur-Pedic or an authorized Tempur-Pedic Retailer, when it has a defect covered under the warranty, we will replace or repair it. This includes all parts of the mattress and foundation, and there’s no deductible. 

You’ll need to keep your Proof of Purchase documents in a safe place, as you’ll need to refer to them when you file a claim. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Purchase receipt (copy). Required unless purchased directly from Tempur-Pedic and registered with the brand
  • Bed frame and foundation information. Are you using a metal frame, wooden side-rail bed, power base, or platform base?
  • Registry number and manufacturing date. This info should be located on the mattress law tag, underneath the zip cover on the mattress
  • Choice of a retired model. If your current mattress is a retired model, they will provide you with an option most comparable in feel or the option to upgrade to the model of your choice for an additional fee

You can file a claim online or call 1-800-821-6621.

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