Layla Bamboo Sheets Review (2022 Update)

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There are many types of sheets out on the market, and there are lots of materials to choose from. One popular material for sheets is bamboo!

In this Layla Bamboo sheets review, I’m going to cover everything you could possibly want to know from construction, to how they feel, and more. Hint: hot sleepers should pay close attention!

Let’s dive in!

Specs Details
Mattress Clarity Rating 4.2/5
Customer Rating 4.5/5 Stars
Price $135-$235
Material Bamboo Viscose
Thread Count 300
Color Options White, Gray
Size Options Twin to California king
Return Policy 120 Nights
Save 40%
Layla Premium Bamboo Sheets
Layla Premium Bamboo Sheets
Layla Premium Bamboo Sheets

Layla's Premium Bamboo Sheet set is made with 100% viscose from bamboo, it's silky soft, lightweight and comes in two colors: white and grey. The fabric is durable and moisture-wicking and comes in sizes ranging from Twin - Cal King.

Layla Bamboo Sheets Overview

Layla makes some high-quality memory foam mattresses, like the iconic flippable Layla Mattress. Here at Mattress Clarity, we love the brand’s signature hexagon design, which we’ve seen featured in the Layla comforter, the Layla weighted blanket, and much more.

Layla’s bamboo sheets have a silky feel and will keep hot sleepers cool at night. Here’s a quick overview of who should enjoy these sheets, and who may need to consider different options:

Who Might Like the Layla Bamboo Sheets?

  • Hot sleepers
  • Fans of soft bamboo sheets
  • People looking for hypoallergenic bedding

Who Might Not Like the Layla Bamboo Sheets?

  • Fans of crisp cotton feeling sheets
  • Anyone looking for color options
  • People who need deep pockets in the fitted sheet

Layla Bamboo Sheets Video Review

Take these sheets on a virtual test drive with our Layla Bamboo Sheets video review!

What Do the Layla Bamboo Sheets Feel Like?

Bamboo sheets are known for their soft, silk-like feeling. Layla’s sheets are no different! If you prefer this over that crisp, cotton feel then these sheets should be something to consider.

Layla Bamboo sheets feeling

Layla Bamboo Sheets Materials

The Layla Bamboo sheets are made from 100% bamboo viscose. This material is a great option for hot sleepers because it has moisture-wicking properties to it, and it is very breathable. This combination of features means you won’t sleep hot and sweaty under these sheets.

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These sheets feature a 300 thread count, which is an ideal thread count for bamboo bed sheets. The fitted sheet can fit mattresses up to 14” tall.

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Layla Bamboo Sheets Size Options and Price

Size Price
Twin $135
Twin XL $140
Full $185
Queen $205
King $235
California King $235
Split King $235
Save 40%
Layla Premium Bamboo Sheets
Layla Premium Bamboo Sheets
Layla Premium Bamboo Sheets

Layla's Premium Bamboo Sheet set is made with 100% viscose from bamboo, it's silky soft, lightweight and comes in two colors: white and grey. The fabric is durable and moisture-wicking and comes in sizes ranging from Twin - Cal King.

What to Consider Before Buying

There are always a few key categories to consider when looking at new bedding products. Here’s what you need to know about the Layla sheets.

Sleeping Hot or Cold

Bamboo is a great material to consider if you’re a hot sleeper. Layla’s bamboo sheet set sleeps cool!

Viscose is a breathable material, and it has moisture-wicking properties. The top sheet feels lightweight, so this combination is great for my fellow hot sleepers out there.

Sleeping with the Layla Bamboo Sheets

When I tried them out, the top sheet kept me cool, even under the thin blanket I tend to use in addition to the top sheet. If you tend to get cold quickly, you may want to layer up, reach for thicker sheets, or add a comforter on top to stay warm.

Care Instructions

The Layla Bamboo sheets are fully machine-washable. Here’s what Layla recommends:

Wash with cold water, and be sure to not add bleach or fabric softener as well.

From there, tumble dry on low heat. Bamboo is more prone to wrinkles, so you can iron on low as you see fit.


Bamboo is known to be naturally hypoallergenic, and Layla is known for antimicrobial bedding. Overall, these are a very safe set of sheets to invest in.

Company Policies

You should always read the fine print before clicking “check out.” Here’s what you need to know when you order this set of sheets.

Set Includes

For this review, I received the queen-sized Layla bamboo sheets. This included:

  • A flat sheet
  • A fitted sheet
  • Two standard-sized pillow cases.

The Layla sheets come in all bed sizes, but the twin and twin XL sets have one standard pillowcase, while the king, California king, and split king-sized sets have two king-sized pillowcases.

Return Policy

You have a 120-night trial period to test out the Layla Bamboo Sheets. If you decide these aren’t the sheets for you, you can return them for a full refund, so long as it’s within that 120-night window.

If you decide to keep your Layla Bamboo sheets, they come with a 5-year warranty.

Common Layla Bamboo Sheets Complaints

Looking at customer reviews, one of the most common complaints I saw was that the sheets don’t seem to fit beds the best. Many called them “slippery” and the fitted sheet needed frequent readjusting.

One other common complaint I saw was that the sheets seemed to stain fairly easily, even from just sweating during the night.

How Do the Layla Bamboo Sheets Compare To Other Sheets?

If you’re looking for new sheets, you might already have a few options in mind. I’ve taken the time to compare the Layla sheets to a few other popular sheets out there!

Layla Vs. Casper

If you’re a hot sleeper, bamboo is certainly a great option to consider. But one other type of sheet that is particularly good for hot sleepers is Tencel sheets.

Also called lyocell or Tencel lyocell, Casper’s Hyperlite sheets are made from this material. Let’s see how it stacks up against the Layla Bamboo.

Both are great for hot sleepers because the materials are breathable and moisture wicking. However, if you’re prone to overheating, Casper’s Hyperlite sheets are a bit thinner, and have a lower thread count. Layla’s sheets have a higher thread count making them a bit better at retaining some heat, but overall, both should sleep relatively cool.

Casper Hyperlite sheets set

If you toss and turn, Casper’s sheets have deep pockets that can fit mattresses up to 17” tall. The Layla sheets can fit mattresses up to 14” tall. If you toss and turn, you may find yourself readjusting the fitted sheet more with the Layla set.

Layla currently only offers white and gray for its sheets, while Casper has five neutral colors to choose from. In terms of price, both are around the same range, but Layla’s cost just a bit less than Casper’s.

If you decide to go with Layla, you also get a 5-year warranty over Casper’s 1-year limited warranty.

Who Should Get the Layla Bamboo Sheets?

  • Fans of bamboo sheets
  • Anyone looking for a long warranty on sheets

Who Should Get the Casper Hyperlite Sheets?

  • Sheet shoppers who want color options
  • People who need deep pockets

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Layla Vs. Tuft & Needle

Cotton is also a popular sheet material. The Tuft & Needle Percale sheets are made from 100% cotton. They are a good option to consider for those more familiar with cotton sheets.

The feel for these two sheets are going to differ significantly because of the material. The bamboo fibers used for the Layla sheets make them feel much softer and silkier, while cotton sheets tend to feel much more crisp.

Tuft & Needle Sheets Overview

This crisp feeling is made even more apparent because of the weave style used for Tuft & Needle’s sheets. The percale weave is one of two popular weaves used for sheets–the other being sateen–that leave sheets feeling crisp and looking matte.

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Both sheets should be relatively good for hot sleepers, as both bamboo and cotton are breathable materials. However, Tuft & Needle’s sheets don’t offer anything specific in terms of cooling features, so if you tend to overheat, Layla’s bamboo sheets are the better option. This is because bamboo is also moisture-wicking so you won’t feel hot and sweaty.

Finally, budget minded shoppers should consider the Tuft & Needle sheets, but Layla’s bamboo sheets are more durable and are backed by a 5-year warranty.

Who Should Get the Layla Bamboo Sheets?

  • People looking for durable sheets
  • Hot sleepers

Who Should Get the Tuft & Needle Percale Sheets?

  • Fans of crisp cotton sheets
  • Budget minded shoppers

Read our full Tuft & Needle Percale Sheets review.

Layla Bamboo Sheets Review Rating

Take a look at our Mattress Clarity score for the Layla Bamboo Sheets review!

Layla Bamboo Sheets Review
4.2 Overall
If you love that soft, satin-like feel to your sheets, but need something hypoallergenic, look no further than the Layla Bamboo Sheets! This set of bamboo sheets sleeps cool and are lightweight making them a great option for hot sleepers.
Return Policy


I’ve taken the time to collect some of the most frequently asked questions I’ve seen online, just to make sure you have all the information you need before buying the Layla Bamboo sheets.

How can you tell if bamboo sheets are high-quality?

Here are a few key considerations to keep in mind when looking for high-quality bamboo sheets! You want to look for sheets made from 100% bamboo viscose or rayon, which is made from bamboo viscose. This material is very durable and keeps for a long time. You also want to look at thread count. Bamboo sheets typically cap out at around a 300 thread count, so if you see anything higher than that, you should be skeptical. Companies can artificially inflate thread count by using two- or three-ply threads, which aren’t as durable as single ply.

How often should you wash bamboo sheets?

Washing your sheets is just part of good hygiene! You typically want to wash your bamboo sheets once every 7-10 days.

If you want to know more on how often you should wash your sheets, we have an article with more detailed information.

How long will the Layla Bamboo Sheets last?

Bamboo sheets in general tend to be durable sheets. At the very least, bamboo sheets should last you five years, which Layla recognizes and backs up with a five-year warranty.

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