Serta iComfort 2023 Reviews – Everything You Should Know

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Are you a fan of comfortable memory foam, but are afraid of sleeping hot? The Serta iComfort line of mattresses could be exactly what you need.

My Serta iComfort mattress review will break down the pros and cons of each model, who they’re the best fit for, and help you decide which iComfort mattress is ideal for you. Let’s talk comfort!

iComfort CF1000 vs. CF3000 vs. CF4000

Compare the CF1000, CF3000, and CF4000 mattresses below to see which may be best for you!
Serta iComfort CF1000 Mattress
Medium-firm: 6.5/10
Serta iComfort CF3000 Mattress
Multiple firmness options
Serta iComfort CF4000 Mattress
Multiple firmness options

iComfort CF1000 vs. CF3000 vs. CF4000

Compare the CF1000, CF3000, and CF4000 mattresses below to see which may be best for you!
Serta iComfort CF1000 Mattress
Medium-firm: 6.5/10
Serta iComfort CF3000 Mattress
Multiple firmness options
Serta iComfort CF4000 Mattress
Multiple firmness options

Serta iComfort Mattress Overview

Serta is one of the oldest mattress brands and, for almost a hundred years, it has been at the top of the game. Recently, Serta hit the bed-in-a-box market with its line of iComfort mattresses. These mattresses are designed specifically with hot sleepers in mind and feature some very advanced cooling features. They also range in terms of price and firmness, offering something for sleepers of every preference and budget.

There are five iComfort mattresses to choose from, and they all have a lot to offer. Still, they are going to work better for certain types of sleepers.

Who Should Get The iComfort Mattresses?

Who Shouldn’t Get The iComfort Mattresses?

  • Fans of responsive mattresses
  • People with mobility issues
  • Shoppers looking for a cheap mattress

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Which Serta iComfort Mattress Should You Get?

Serta offers five iComfort mattresses that boast several different features and firmnesses. Let’s look at each model one by one and discuss who should choose each one.

  • Serta iComfort LE: This is the most basic, affordable iComfort model that has a plush firmness. If you are on a tighter budget or are a lightweight sleeper or side sleeper, this model offers everything you need.
  • Serta iComfort CF1000: This iComfort boasts more cooling features and has a medium firmness. Being medium-firm, it should be a great fit for back sleepers. It will also perform well if you sleep hot, but don’t need the more advanced cooling materials found in the higher-end models.
  • Serta iComfort CF2000. The CF2000 is one of the firmest models in the iComfort line. Take a look at the CF2000 if you are a stomach sleeper or back sleeper who prefers something on the firmer end.
  • Serta iComfort CF3000. This is one of the coolest-sleeping mattresses in the iComfort line as it contains very advanced cooling materials. You can also choose from multiple firmness options, so it should work for hot sleepers of any sleeping position.
  • Serta iComfort CF4000. This is the most luxurious iComfort model, making it a good fit if you want the most luxurious mattress. It features both maximum cooling features as well as a Pressure Relief Upgrade. If you are a side sleeper or hot sleeper who wants the best pressure relief and cooling, the CF4000 is the way to go.

Serta iComfort Mattresses Construction

Now, let’s get into exactly what’s going on inside these five mattresses. We’ll discuss the materials and how they affect the performance of each mattress.

Serta iComfort LE Construction

The LE features Serta’s proprietary Cold Touch™ cover. This is a knit cover that is cool to the touch and is designed to cool you down the moment you lie down.

The mattress contains EverCool® Fuze Gel Foam and EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam. As the names suggest, they are both intended to keep you cool at night. Both are infused with cooling gel, a material known for its heat-dissipating qualities.

Firmness: Plush

Serta iComfort Model CF1000

The CF1000 features the same Cold Touch™ cover found on the LE mattress. In addition, it boasts the same cooling and pressure-relieving EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam. This mattress differs from the LE in that it contains Carbon Fiber Memory Foam, which is designed to draw heat away from your body while also offering great back and neck support.

Firmness: Medium

Serta iComfort Model CF2000

The CF2000 features a cooling upgrade and adds a layer of Gel Active® Max Foam to the construction. This material is more breathable than standard memory foam and helps promote airflow through the mattress. The CF2000 also contains the same Carbon Fiber Memory Foam you find in the CF1000.

Firmness: Firm

Serta iComfort Model CF3000

The CF3000 comes with the Max Cooling upgrade. This includes the addition of a Max Cold™ Cover, made with high-performance fibers for maximum cooling. It also boasts the UltraCold™ System that will absorb your body heat and channel it away from your body.

Depending on which firmness you choose, the mattress may also contain EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam and EverCool® Supreme Memory Foam for even more pressure relief and comfort.

Firmness: Medium, Plush, Ultra Plush

Serta iComfort Model CF4000

This is the most luxurious iComfort model that contains Max Cooling and Pressure Relief upgrades. Like the CF3000, it also features a Max Cold™ Cover, and UltraCold™ System. In addition, it contains Air Support™ Foam, which is designed for superior pain and pressure relief. If you choose the ultra plush model, the mattress will also feature EverCool® Supreme Memory Foam.

Firmness: Firm, Plush, Ultra Plush

Serta iComfort Size and Price Options

Compare each iComfort model’s thickness below.

Model Height
LE 10″
CF1000 10″
CF2000 11.5″
CF3000 12.5″
CF4000 13.5″

For more pricing information, take a look at our convenient chart below. Note that we’ve only included the CF1000, CF3000, and CF4000. If you’re interested in purchasing the limited edition model, the LE is typically $400 – $600 cheaper than the CF1000 and is only available in Queen-size, King, and California King sizes. If you’re interested in purchasing the iComfort with the cooling upgrade, the CF2000 typically sits in the middle ground between the CF1000 and CF3000.

Size CF1000 CF3000 CF4000
Twin $909.00 unavailable unavailable
Twin XL $999.00 $1699.00 $2199.00
Full $1219.00 $1899.00 unavailable
Queen $1399.00 $2099.00 $2599.00
King $1899.00 $2599.00 $3299.00
California King $1899.00 $2599.00 $3299.00

What Types Of Beds/Frames Do They Work With?

According to a Serta sales representative, all iComfort memory foam mattresses will work with any standard bed frame. They do advise that owners use a box spring or a solid foundation as it helps with the stability of the mattress.

One thing to note is that if an old foundation somehow manages to damage the mattress, it will void the warranty.

Company Policies

Now, let’s take a look at Serta’s fine print.

Warranty Info

All of the Serta iComfort mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty.

Sleep Trial

You get a 120-night sleep trial with all iComfort mattresses.

Return Policy

Serta offers free shipping and returns. They only ask that you try the mattress out for 30 days before deciding to return it.

Serta iComfort Complaints

Some customers have complained of a slight odor when they unboxed their Serta iComfort mattress. This is called off-gassing and is a normal occurrence with bed-in-a-box mattresses.


Can you flip a Serta iComfort mattress?

No, you cannot flip a Serta iComfort mattress. It should only rest with the base layer on the bottom and the cover on top.

Do I need to rotate my Serta iComfort mattress?

Yes, you should rotate your Serta iComfort mattress every three to six months. This will help even out wear and prevent body indentations from forming.

How long does a Serta iComfort mattress last?

The Serta iComfort mattresses should last for at least 10 years. They contain high-density foams that should stand up to years of use. Make sure to rotate your mattress regularly to help it last as long as possible.

How thick is the Serta iComfort mattress?

The iComfort mattresses range from 10” thick up to 13.5” thick.

Does Serta iComfort need a box spring?

No, the Serta iComfort mattresses do not require a box spring. They will work well with a simple bed frame of foundation.

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