How to Fold a Fitted Sheet (The Easy Way!)

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Who knew that folding a fitted sheet could be so tricky? There’s something about wrangling those rounded corners into a slightly more squared-off shape that can bring out a raging frustration in even the calmest person.

One big issue is that folding a fitted sheet is not that intuitive. You don’t just hold up the sheet and automatically know what to do. That’s why we’ve practiced (and practiced) and put together the simplest version of folding a fitted sheet that there is.

Here’s the deal: It’s probably going to take you at least two (maybe three) views of this video and a couple read-throughs of the instructions below to get a hang of this. So don’t give up on the first try! Keep practicing, and you will get it.

Also, we want to say a big THANK YOU to the folks at Layla Sleep for financially sponsoring this video and post and hooking us up with some gorgeous premium bamboo bed sheets to use for our demonstration. They’ve also got a really nice mattress and pillow, too!


Once you’ve folded that sheet, life will never be the same. You’ll be dazzling the world with your linen folding skills in no time.

If videos aren’t really your thing, here is a detailed breakdown:

The Setup

Start with the longest side of the sheet facing you, and put your hands inside the corners.

Turn Corners Inside Out

Take the two corners and turn them inside out.

Swap Hands

You’ll need to swap corners (so your hands are now holding the opposite corners from what they started with).

Face Elastic Towards You

After swapping hands, switch the sheet around so the elastic is facing you.

Hands Back In Corners

Put your hands back in the corners of the sheet.

Hold Sheet Back Up

The sheet should be lengthwise again, and you should be able to see the seam of the sheet.

Bring Your Hands Together

Now take your right hand and bring it over to your left hand, touching the two corners of the sheets together and essentially giving yourself a high five.

Flip The Corner Over

Flip the right-hand corner over the left-hand corner so now everything is on your left hand.

Free Up Your Right Hand

Everything is on your left hand now.

Swap Hands Under The Sheet

Bring your right hand under the sheet and swap hands.

Free Up Your Left Hand

Your right hand should now be supporting the corner of the sheet, and your left hand is now free to go find the other corner.

Find The Other Corner

Locate the final corner of the sheet. You’ll need to wiggle around a little to match up the seams.

Hold Your Sheet Back Up

Both of your hands should now be in the corners of the sheet again.

Look For A U-Shape

When you hold the sheet up, you should see that the elastic part has created an upside down “U” shape.

Place Sheet On The Bed

Keeping your hands in both corners, lay your fitted sheet down on the bed. Make sure the elastic is still creating an upside down “U” shape and that you see the rough outline of four corners.

Work Fabric To Create Corners

Work the edges so they become more square-like. (Cotton sheets may be a little more structured and easier to manipulate compared to bamboo or jersey knit.)

Look For Squared-Off Corners

Check to make sure you have squared-off corners and that your fitted sheet is looking more like a flat sheet.

Fold In Thirds Vertically

Fold your sheet in thirds vertically (hot dog style!).

Fold In Thirds Horizontally

Flip the sheet over and fold horizontally (hamburger style!).

You’re Done

Now your fitted sheet should have beautiful square corners. Congratulations, you did it!

Katie Golde

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