Sleep Number P-5 VS. P-6: Which One Is Best For You?

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There is a lot to like about both the P-5 and the P-6 Performance Series mattresses. The popular P-5 is considered, “the perfect balance of softness and pressure relief.” Meanwhile, the P-6 includes a thicker comfort layer and features moisture-wicking fabric.

This review will go over the construction of each mattress, the key similarities and differences, and the key takeaways consumers should know about before making a purchasing decision.

Key Similarities

  • DualAir™ adjustability
  • Both had proprietary PlushFit foam designed to provide the perfect balance of support and pressure relief
  • A variety of standard sizes – including FlexTop
  • Individual or dual air chamber options
  • 5 zones specifically designed to contour to your head/neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, and feet

Both come with these optional features:
SleepIQ® technology
FlexFit™ Adjustable Bases

Key Differences


  • European style pillow top design
  • 2” of proprietary PlushFit foam
  • Mattress fabric is made with a rayon/polypropelene blend for smoothness and durability
  • $2,099.99 for a Queen



  • Plush-style traditional design
  • 3” of proprietary PlushFit foam
  • Mattress fabric is made with a breathable rayon/polyester knit blend with moisture-wicking technology for a cool sleep surface
  • $2,599.99 for a Queen


What Happened During Several Live Chat Sessions

After speaking with Sleep Number Customer Service representatives, I learned about a few extra details and clarifications that may help you decide between a P-5 or a P-6 mattress.

Mattress Top: Both the P-5 and P-6 mattress tops are sewn with 2” of quilting foam. This is about all that the mattress tops have in common as they are sewn with different fabric and designed in different styles.

Popularity: The P-5 model is Sleep Number’s most popular bed. The salesperson I spoke to at a Sleep Number store said it had a good amount of balance between cushion and natural firmness from the air chambers. The P-6 model has an extra inch of comfort foam and a taller mattress profile.

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Which Should You Pick?

P-5 if…

You Like Moderate Firmness: The P-5 is a popular bed because it is a good mix between firm and cushioned. You still get some of the natural firmness from the air chambers, but 2″ of PlushFit comfort foam to keep the mattress comfortable and pressure relieving.

You Like European-Style Mattress Tops: The customer service representatives say the European-style mattress top is more luxurious than the ones offered in the Classic Series, like a C-2. The P-6 has a mattress top that is described as Plush-Style.

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P-6 if…

You Sleep Hot: Of the two mattresses, only the P-6 has the rayon/polyester knit blend with built-in moisture wicking technology. This will help keep you cool at night by pulling moisture from sweat or body heat away from your body while you sleep

You Don’t Like a Firm Bed: The P-6 has one inch more foam and therefore, more cushion than the P-5. Since the P-5 is a popular bed, known for keeping a good balance in terms of firmness, going with a P-6 is better for those who want to sink into their bed.

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Personal Opinion

When it comes down to comparing the P-5 to the P-6, I like to see what features consumers get for the added price.

The P-5 is $2,099.99 for a Queen and the P-6 is $2,599.99 for a Queen. For an additional $500, you get one additional inch of PlushFit comfort foam and a mattress made from fabric with moisture wicking technology built-in.

If you are a hot sleeper who likes extra cushion, this may be worth the price because of the additional comfort and cooling features. For me, I would rather put that $500 towards an adjustable base, or towards an extra mattress topper or mattress protector that helps you sleep cool. Bottom line: I’d stick with the popular P-5 mattress.

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