Casper Unveils New Low-Priced Mattress, The Essential

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Casper has added one more mattress to their product line, The Essential, which became available for purchase online in early October and is the company’s best cheap mattress yet. They announced the arrival of their higher-end Wave mattress in September.

The Essential – along with the original Casper mattress and the Wave – means that after years of only one choice, customers now have three Casper mattresses to choose from.

“We’re proud of our original Casper mattress—it’s become wildly popular—but understand that it tops many consumers’ budgets,” says Jeff Chapin, Casper co-founder and chief product officer to Forbes. “So, we analyzed our millions of data points and utilized three years of research to create a streamlined, simpler version for a value-conscious customer.”

Casper essentials layers

The Essential is the most budget-friendly of Casper’s three mattresses. A Twin retails for $350.00, while the original Casper twin will cost you $895.00. Similarly, a Queen-size Essential costs just $600.00, compared to $1295.00 for an original Casper mattress in a Queen.

There are some significant construction differences between the Essential and the original Casper mattress. The biggest differences are in the height – Essential is 8.5″ and the Casper is 10″. The Essential also features three layers to Casper’s four.

Both mattresses include the hybrid foam construction and open cell foam (intended for cooler sleeping) but the Essentials will not feature a high-density memory foam layer or a transition layer (among other details) that can be found in the Casper and the Wave.

In an article about the new mattress, Forbes contributor Seth Porges suggests that one reason for the introduction of a more budget-friendly mattress could be Casper’s move to fill in any market gaps, and generate competition from other less expensive bed-in-a-box brands like Tuft & Needle and lesser known brands.

“From a business perspective, this could be seen as part of a larger Casper effort to effectively flood the zone, and fill in market gaps that the company’s limited lineup had previously ceded to competitors,” writes Porges.

As with the original Casper and Wave mattress, the Essential comes with free shipping and 100-night trial (plus free returns).

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