L Pillow Review – A Customizable Down Alternative

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Those in the market for a made-to-order down alternative pillow need look no further than L Pillows. Customers simply answer a few questions and provide some details about their individual sleep styles and the team behind L Pillow will create a soft, comfortable and personalized pillow. Is there anything not to like about these pillows?  To find out, check out my video review below or read on for my full written review.

Editor’s Note: Hey there! Unfortunately, the L Pillow is no longer available. Looking for something similar? Check out our latest review on the Best Down Alternative Pillows to find the right one for your sleep needs!

L Pillow Video Review

Key Features

  • Each pillow is made to order based on answers to three questions/preferences:
    • Primary sleeping position(s)
      • Options: Back, Stomach, Side, and Multiple Positions
    • Fabric preference
      • Options: Quilted or Plain (Sateen)
    • Preferred pillow thickness
      • Options: Very Thin, Thin, Normal, Thick, Very Thick
      • *An additional “notes” section in the Checkout section allows customers to add their weight and any additional injury/surgery or other details they may want.
  • 400 thread count, 100% cotton
  • Down alternative filling (Gel polyester fibers)
  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • Made in the USA
  • Standard Size (20” x 26”)
  • Double-stitched construction
  • 100-night trial
  • Care instructions: Gentle cold machine wash and low tumble dry. Pillow may need to be fluffed often, if not daily

L Pillow Review Package

Pillow Construction

My pillow was constructed based on the following answers to the sleep questions and preferences:

  • Primary sleeping position(s): Multiple Positions
  • Fabric preference: Quilted
  • Preferred pillow thickness: Normal

The pillow comes in one size: Standard 20” x 26”. As requested, my pillow has a soft white quilted cover that is 100% cotton and 400 thread count.

My pillow is filled with gel polyester fibers – a down alternative – and definitely mimics the feel of down. I requested a “Normal” pillow thickness and it feels about a medium-level thickness (around a 4.5 or 5 out of 10) for a down alternative option.

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L Pillow Review Side

How L Pillows Creates A Pillow

I was curious about how L Pillows would utilize my main sleep position into consideration in the design process. I spoke with Lucas Larson at L Pillows and here is how he described it to me:

We use a sleeping position as one of the factors to calculate the pillow density.  The majority of people who sleep in multiple positions need a softer pillow that can conform to the different positions they sleep in. Your pillow was made to account for that. 
Here’s how our calculation works:
1. The sleeping position provides a baseline for pillow density.
2. We then look at the thickness preference and adjust from there. 
3. Weight is the next refining factor to fine-tune the density.
4. Any other information like surgeries or pain is the last step and we adjust if necessary to accommodate those conditions 


  • Customizable based on customer preferences
  • Soft cotton cover
  • Easy to care for
  • Good for those with allergies
  • Trial period


  • One filling (gel polyester fibers)
  • One cover fabric option (cotton)
  • One size available
  • Pricey for a standard down alternative pillow
  • Should be fluffed often

L Pillow Review Full

My Experience

The premise behind L Pillows is simple. Instead of an answering a long sleep quiz or a choosing from a range of already made products, customers simply tell the company how they sleep, any details that might be relevant to their sleep experience and what their pillow preferences are – in terms of cover fabric and thickness at least – and they’ll hand make a pillow to meet the sleeper’s specific needs and preferences.

lpillow screenshot order

The ordering experience was fairly easy on the L Pillows website. The questions are laid out and individuals can choose one option. They say that “sleeping position” refers to the position that sleepers wake up in. I tend to sleep in multiple positions (and wake up in such) and choose the “Multiple Positions” option.

I also chose a quilted fabric option and a “Normal” pillow thickness. a Normal thickness seemed (to me) the safest filling level for someone who sleeps in multiple positions.

My pillow arrived quickly and with a nice handwritten note from Lucas at L Pillows (No, the L doesn’t stand for Lucas, I asked!).

The care instructions on the website recommend that the pillow is fluffed before use since it could be compressed when shipped. I let my pillow breathe and fluffed it before using it.


I had a good experience with the pillow. It is simple in its design, filling, and cover but the density and overall thickness seemed to match my sleep needs pretty well.

My head sunk into the pillow the way it does with a down alternative – not a slow sinking like foam but a gentle dip into the pillow. The loft seemed about right for my head and neck, I had a generally neutral alignment down to my spine.L Pillow Review KT

I woke up on my stomach in the morning with no neck stiffness.

After my initial experience with the pillow, I followed the care instructions and put the pillow in a cold, gentle wash cycle with a few other clothes to balance the load. The low tumble dry was easy and the pillow came out with no wear or damage.

They do recommend that sleepers fluff the pillow often, if not daily. After only a couple of nights of use, my pillow definitely started to fall flat. It would easily regain its luster once I fluffed it, but customers will need to be prepared to do that frequently.

L Pillow


I absolutely see the appeal of a made-to-order pillow and I had a pretty positive experience with mine. I think the service and product from L Pillows will be most beneficial to those who are looking for a down alternative pillow with a cotton cover and already have a good idea of how they like to sleep.

Customers have the best chance of getting a pillow that suits their needs if they are transparent about their sleep styles and share it with the team at L Pillows.

In addition to filling out their questionnaire, give them details on weight, tell them if there are any injuries or are prone to aches and pains in specific areas. The more information they have, the more likely they can create a pillow that will meet specific needs.

Curious what the L in L Pillows does stand for? Here is the answer I got from their representative, Lucas:

Just as our pillows are custom, the L could mean something different to each customer. So it actually doesn’t stand for one thing in particular. Maybe it means luxury, life, or lovely. Who knows! 🙂

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