KUTSON Launches First Bed-In-A-Box Mattress With Dual-Sided Customization

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Online mattress retailer KUTSON launched their one-of-a-kind mattress on Indiegogo October 24. The company says they are the only mattress-in-a-box brand that offers dual-side customization and at-home modification capabilities.

“As the owner of a local mattress manufacturing business, I have witnessed 25 years of mattress industry gimmicks and themed sales tactics,” says Brian Gargalis, founder of KUTSON in a statement.

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“There were the ‘pillow top’ and ‘NASA memory foam’ phases, followed by an era where retailers marketed confusing coil counts and glorified air mattresses with deceptively varying firmness achieved by adjusting air levels,” says Gargalis. “Shoppers have been overwhelmed and confused with options, and at the same time, still disappointed in the comfort of their beds. At KUTSON, we are offering what we know consumers really want—top quality, transparency, and comfort.”

The 11″ KUTSON mattress is made up of a spine align base layer with an additional unique edge support system to keep all the layers in place.

The additional mattress layers become customizable, with soft, medium and firm dual layers that can be configured into nine different layered combinations. These layers can be easily switched out by the customer based on their sleep preference.

A final comfort layer and fire barrier top the mattress to keep the foam breathable.

KUTSON mattresses can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo through December 23, 2017. During the campaign, mattresses are priced from $500 for a Twin to $900 for a King (Queen will land at $800).

The company says that customers should expect to receive their mattresses in early 2018. After that, KUTSON says you should be able to order straight from the company website.

The KUTSON mattress launch comes on the heels of other noticeable mattress-in-a-box debuts, including Mattress Firm’s Tulo line of mattresses and Wayfair’s own Nora mattress.

Katie Golde

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