Through New Partnership, BedJet Brings Temperature Control To ReST Smart Beds

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This month, ReST Performance announced its decision to partner with sleep technology start-up BedJet and offer customers the ability to add temperature control technology to the ReST Bed’s already existing list of smart capabilities.

BedJet’s technology works via its climate control system, which funnels a stream of air into the customer’s bed in between a fitted sheet and a flat top sheet. Sleepers can use their own top sheets but the brand also offers a Cloud Sheet, which the brand says is, “sewn with a series of specially designed interior air flow chambers to help evenly diffuse the BedJet air down onto your body.”

This system allows sleepers to remotely heat or cool their bed through an app on their smartphone or with remote control. The system is offered as a single zone system or a dual-zone system, which is designed for couples who would like individual control of the heating and cooling elements.

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“The mattress industry is full of companies that inflate the technology content of their mattresses with marketing jargon,” Mark Aramli, BedJet’s CEO and Founder told Mattress Clarity. “We believe ReST has developed a truly differentiated and engineered approach to customizable sleep comfort that technologically is much more impressive than the majority of the mainstream industry.”

According to ReST, BedJet’s technology pairs with the ReST Bed functionality, which monitors a sleeper’s movement and adjusts to enhance the user’s comfort level in real-time.

ReST says the BedJet is easily compatible with the ReST Bed. “Customers who choose to add a BedJet 3 Climate Comfort System on at checkout will receive the unit with their bed, including unique instructions [on] how to properly use it alongside the ReST Bed,” Kyle Taylor, ReST’s Marketing Manager told us via email.

ReST Smart Beds utilize proprietary sensor technology built into the beds to analyze an individual’s quality of sleep during the night and make adjustments to help keep the person asleep and comfortable. An air chamber within the bed makes adjustments in five zones, including the legs, hips, lumbar, shoulders and the head. An accompanying app allows sleepers to track their sleep each night and make any adjustments needed based on the provided analytics.

One thing is certain, both ReST and BedJet believe in providing the customer with a personalized sleep experience.

“A BedJet is perfect for anyone who sleeps hot, cold, sweaty, or frankly anyone who wants total control of their bed’s climate,” Taylor said. “Thus, anyone who buys a ReST Bed for its targeted and automatic adjustability would be a great fit for a BedJet 3 Climate Comfort System.”

The BedJet is now available for purchase via ReST’s website or directly from BedJet.

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