Mattresses And Bedding Accessories

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Looking for tips on buying and taking care of you mattress and bedding accessories? Mattress Clarity has articles to help you navigate the world of mattress accessories, including the differences between quilts and comforters, how to wash your pillows, how to fold a fitted sheet, and more!


Amerisleep Comfort Classic Pillow Marten's Take

Pillow Size Guide

Pillows are a very important part of your sleep health, and having a good pillow to pair with your mattress is vital. In this pillow …

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How To Fluff Your Pillow

How To Fluff Your Pillow – By Hand, In the Dryer, & Outside

You may not have known it until this moment, but there is more than one way to fluff your pillow! In fact, there are three …

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How To Clean Your Pillow – Washing & Spot-Cleaning Guide

Have you ever stopped to think about how long it has been since you cleaned your pillow? Have you ever cleaned your pillow? If you’re reading …

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Making a hospital corner with bed sheets

How To Make Hospital Corners – A Few Simple Steps!

What the heck are hospital corners and why would someone want them in his or her home? Creating “hospital corners” is a technique used to …

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How To Fold A Fitted Sheet (The Easy Way!)

Who knew that folding a fitted sheet could be so tricky? There’s something about wrangling those rounded corners into a slightly more squared-off shape that …

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A duvet is pulled back on the bed.

The Debate Continues: Top Sheet Or No Top Sheet?

Ah, that age-old bedding question: To use a top sheet or no to use a top sheet? For some, there’s nothing better than the simplicity of …

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Comforters, Duvets, And Blankets

Quilt Vs Comforter

Quilt Vs Comforter – Which Is Better?

Just walking down the bedding aisle, a number of strange words are thrown at customers: duvet, comforter, quilt, pillow sham. It seems like someone needs …

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Weighted Blanket 3-Day Test And What People Need To Know Before Buying

Weighted blankets have become more and more popular in recent years. The heavy bedding is similar to a comforter, but instead of containing fluffy down …

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A modern bedroom with a duvet and pillows.

How To Put On A Duvet Cover – The Quickest, Easiest Way

Putting a duvet cover onto a duvet insert is not a very fun process. It can be cumbersome, complicated, and very, very frustrating. Luckily, there …

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Mattress Pads, Topers, And Protectors

Mattress Pad vs Mattress Topper: What’s The Difference?

Take one step into any bedding store and people will see just how many ways there are to enhance their sleeping experience. Mattress protectors, mattress …

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Mattress Protector VS. Mattress Pad: Which One Is Right For Me?

Mattress Protector VS. Mattress Pad: Which One Is Right For Me?

Is your current mattress starting to feel uncomfortable? Did you just spend a good amount of money on a new mattress and you’re nervous about …

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Mattress Pråotectors: Fitted Vs. Encasement

Mattress Protectors: Fitted Vs. Encasement

If you are in the market for a new mattress protector, you will notice that you have many options. Not only do mattress protectors come …

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More Mattress And Bed Accessories

How To Hang Your Balckout Curtains

How To Hang Your Blackout Curtains – Just A Few Simple Steps!

When it comes to installing blackout curtains, the results can be totally worth the handiwork involved.  A dark room helps to signal to our body …

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A young woman cannot sleep.

Do White Noise Machines Work?

Have you ever wondered if white noise really helps you get to sleep? The idea behind white noise: It drowns out other sounds around you, …

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Box Springs, Foundations & Platform Beds – What’s The Difference?

There was once a time when you could purchase a lovely spring coil mattress that was made by a manufacturer who also created a box …

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