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Laura has been writing about sleep and other wellness topics for well over a decade. She is an Editor at Mattress Clarity, where she researches and writes sleep news and sleep health content.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a bachelor’s degree in Geography, and she’s also a creative writing teacher and a 200-hour-, Yin-, and Buti-certified yoga teacher. These practices inform her writing, especially when it comes to relieving stress for better sleep.

To date, she’s written well over a hundred sleep-related articles and hundreds of wellness-related articles for a variety of health outlets including Prevention, Women’s Health, SELF, Daily Burn, Greatist, SilverSneakers, and many more — including, of course, Mattress Clarity. When it comes to sleep-related content, she’s covered everything from how exercising before bed impacts sleep quality, to how alcohol affects the genes related to sleep, to how sleep deprivation can impair people’s social lives. She’s especially interested in the intersection of sleep and socio-emotional wellbeing.

Prior to joining Mattress Clarity part-time, Laura served as Senior Editor at the health site Greatist, where she frequently wrote or edited content pertaining to sleep research. She also worked for several newspapers covering health-related journalism. In addition to her work at Mattress Clarity, Laura teaches yoga part-time and runs her own content strategy and copywriting business, Human Kind Copy. She’s also the founder of Alchemize Studios, where she teaches creative writing.

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