Adjustable Bed Bases Skyrocket In Popularity Among American Mattress Shoppers

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At a time when conventional mattress foundation sales are dropping, sales of adjustable bases are growing at a significant pace. So concludes the ISPA Motion Foundations Report, a new analysis produced by the International Sleep Products Association.

The report (which compared data from 2016 and 2017) found that unit sales of adjustable bases grew by 29.6 percent in the first quarter of last year. Meanwhile, traditional foundation unit sales have declined.

These findings have implications both for mattress shoppers and the mattress industry as a whole.

“Our research shows that consumers are increasingly interested in products with new features that will help them get a better night’s sleep,” says Mary Helen Rogers, vice president of marketing and communications for the International Sleep Products Association and Better Sleep Council, in an email to Mattress Clarity. “The mattress industry is responding to these needs and wants by designing new mattresses, foundations and component materials.”

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Growing Interest In Motion Bases

Adjustable or motion bases may differ from traditional units in several ways.

“The primary difference is that a traditional foundation is not adjustable, meaning that it can only be used in a flat, horizontal position,” says Rogers. “An adjustable base, however, can be adjusted to raise the head or the feet, to allow the consumer to more easily read in bed, watch TV or sleep in a position other than flat.”

Adjustable beds may also be equipped with extra features rarely found in traditional foundations. “Some models of adjustable bases also have anti-snore features… massage features, etc.,” says Rogers. “Some even have under-bed lighting, electrical and USB outlets and Bluetooth speakers.”

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Rogers shared that a recent study conducted by the Better Sleep Council found more than one-third of consumers are interested in buying an adjustable foundation, which helps explain the rise in motion base sales. More specifically, the report found that:

  • 9 percent of consumers say they own an adjustable foundation
  • 33 percent are familiar with and would be interested in buying one
  • 26 percent are familiar with but not interested in buying one
  • 9 percent are not familiar and not interested in adjustable beds
  • 12 percent are not familiar with but would be interested in learning more about it
  • 4 percent are not familiar with but would definitely be interested in buying one

Why the growing interest in adjustable bases? “A big trend is the interest in gadgets and technology and “upgrading” [people’s] current sleep set,” says Rogers. She says more and more people are becoming aware of adjustable bases and their unique features, which may be attractive to consumers.

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That consumers are starting to favor adjustable bases also helps explain why sales of traditional foundation units are declining.

“Sales of traditional foundations have been falling as a percentage of new mattress units for several years,” says Rogers. “The increasing popularity of adjustable bases and other bases that are not traditional foundations has certainly contributed to this change. In addition, it appears that when consumers replace their mattresses, they may be less likely also to replace the foundation at the same time. A final reason is the popularity of the platform bed as an option… many will purchase this style of bed without a traditional foundation to accompany their new mattress.”

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How The Trend Affects Consumers And The Mattress Industry

Growing demand for adjustable bases is informing changes on both the consumer and industry sides of the mattress market.

On the consumer side, Rogers says shoppers are benefiting from more choices than ever before. “The important role sleep plays in everyone’s life is a hot topic, and consumers are understanding the true value of a good night’s rest and are researching and investing in their sleep environment,” she says. “Consumers have more options for choosing the types of equipment they want to use to get a good night’s sleep, and are attracted to the different features that adjustable foundations provide.”

Meanwhile, Rogers says consumers’ increasingly high expectations are driving new innovations in the mattress industry. “Mattress manufacturers have modified their product lines to offer products that are built from materials that can be used easily and comfortably on an adjustable base,” she says.

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