Best Innerspring Mattresses 2019

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If you spend much time looking for a mattress, you probably come across a large amount of memory foam and all-foam mattresses. But what if this isn’t the feel you are looking for?

Many of us grew up sleeping on traditional innerspring mattresses and love the support and durability that they offer. But with so many to choose from, which will you purchase?

To help you find the right innerspring mattress, I’ve put together a list of my favorite seven innerspring mattresses. These are high-quality, supportive mattresses that really stand out among the rest.

Which innerspring mattress is right for you? Read on for my full innerspring mattress buying guide.

Good For Multiple Positions

The Saatva has a great balance of comfort and support. It should be a good match for all three sleeping positions. 

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Most Comfortable

The WinkBeds is a very comfortable yet supportive mattress with four firmness options to choose from. 

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Most Affordable
Brooklyn Bedding Signature
Brooklyn Bedding Signature

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature is a comfortable and supportive mattress sold for a value price. 

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Latex Innerspring

The Avocado features all-natural latex and supportive coils. It is a good option for those who want to avoid chemicals in their mattress. 

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Customizable Mattress

With Helix, the company will customize a mattress to meet your specific sleeping preferences. 

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Most Durable
New Purple Mattress
New Purple Mattress

The New Purple mattress features a hyper-elastic gel polymer and supportive coils. It is very durable and should be a good, long-term investment. 

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Luxury Innerspring

The DreamCloud is a luxury innerspring mattress that could be a great option for back sleepers, side sleepers, and heavier sleepers. 

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Top Picks Explained

Take a look at my top picks for innerspring mattresses. There is no right mattress for everyone, but if you read closely, you should be able to find the innerspring mattress that meets your specific needs.

Good For Multiple Positions


The Saatva mattress is a very comfortable and supportive innerspring mattress. It features dual layers of coils as well as a plush, Euro-style pillow-top.

The coils offer a good amount of support, while the pillow-top provides some very nice pressure relief. Because of this construction, the Saatva is a great match for all three sleeping positions. You should feel nice support on your back and stomach and good pressure relief when you are on your side.

The coil-on-coil construction also allows for a good amount of airflow. This makes the Saatva a breathable mattress that shouldn’t make you overheat at night.

Finally, the Saatva is a great value. It is very durable and very affordable when you consider the quality materials used in its construction.

What Makes The Saatva Stand Out?

  • The mix of coils and soft pillow-top make this a good fit for all three sleeping positions.
  • It is a durable mattress that is also a very good value.
  • The Saatva is very breathable and should be a good match for hot sleepers.

Read the full Saatva mattress review.

Saatva Mattress Deals

Saatva is a great value that happens to be both comfortable and supportive at the same time.  You can get the best current deal on Saatva simply by clicking the link below.

Most Comfortable


The WinkBeds, like the Saatva, features coil-on-coil construction and a soft pillow-top. It too offers a great balance of comfort and support and could be a good fit for all three sleeping positions.

What sets the WinkBeds apart is the options available. You can choose from four mattresses depending on what firmness you are really looking for. Do you sleep on your side and need some extra comfort? The WinkBeds Soft will be great for you. Are you a larger person and need more support? Check out the WinkBeds Plus.

In addition, the WinkBeds mattresses are, in my experience, the most comfortable mattresses on this list. That plush pillow-top is comfortable and very pressure-relieving, especially on the Soft model.

If you are looking for options and want to find that perfect balance of comfort and support, the WinkBeds mattresses should be a great choice.

What Makes The WinkBeds Stand Out?

  • The WinkBeds mattresses offer a great balance of comfort and support.
  • The company offers four mattress models so you can find a mattress to meet your specific needs.
  • The two layers of coils make this a very durable mattress. It should be longer-lasting and a good long-term investment.
  • The coils promote airflow throughout the mattress. This keeps the mattress from trapping too much heat, so it should work for hotter sleepers.

Read the full WinkBeds mattress review.

$200 OFF

Winkbeds has a mattress that is an excellent balance of comfort and support.  You can get $200 off the Winkbeds mattress by clicking the link below and using code MC200 at checkout.

Most Affordable

Brooklyn Bedding Signature

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature contains pocketed coils and proprietary TitanFlex Foam. TitanFlex is similar to latex and gives the top of the mattress a bouncy feel. It is very responsive and easy to move around.

The TitanFlex is also infused with TitaniumGel. This is meant to keep the mattress from trapping heat and to ensure you sleep cool at night. The pocketed coils also allow for air to flow throughout the mattress. Altogether, you shouldn’t be sleeping hot on the Signature.

The Signature is a medium-firm mattress with a nice balance of comfort and support. Back sleepers, side sleepers, and combination sleepers should find the support and comfort they need.

This is also the most affordable mattress on this list. Brooklyn Bedding owns its own factory, so the company is able to pass the savings along to the customer.

If you want a comfortable, supportive mattress for a value price, take a look at the Brooklyn Bedding Signature.

What Makes The Signature Stand Out?

  • The mattress features durable, high-quality materials. This means the Signature should be a good long-term investment.
  • The TitaniumGel and airflow-promoting coils should make this a cooler-sleeping mattress.
  • The Signature offers a good balance of comfort and support. It should be a good match for back, side, and combination sleepers.
  • The mattress has some nice bounce, so you should be able to move around easily.

Read the full Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress review.

Get 20% Off

Brooklyn Bedding has amazing products that are sold at very affordable prices.  You can get an additional 20% off Brooklyn Bedding mattresses by clicking below and using code CLARITY20 at checkout.

Latex Innerspring


The Avocado is an organic mattress with all-natural Dunlop latex and pocketed coils. It is free of harmful chemicals and should be a great option for those who want a green mattress.

This latex mattress is both supportive and comfortable. You can also opt to add a pillow-top to your mattress if you need even more comfort. It should help relieve pressure, especially when you are on your side.

In addition, the latex and coils make this a breathable mattress. Latex is naturally cooling, and the mattress’s Dunlop latex layers are ventilated. At the same time, the coils allow for a great amount of airflow. With these features combined, you shouldn’t be sleeping hot.

Dunlop latex is also a bouncy and durable material. It may cost a bit more up front, but it should last for a good amount of time.

If you want a mattress that is comfortable, supportive, and free of harmful chemicals, the Avocado should be right for you.

What Makes The Avocado Stand Out?

  • It contains all-natural Dunlop latex. It is organic and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.
  • The latex and coils make this a breathable, cooler-sleeping mattress.
  • The Avocado comes with an optional pillow-top, which provides more pressure relief.
  • Latex is a very durable material, so this should be a solid long-term investment.

Read the full Avocado mattress review.

$150 Off

Avocado is an innovative, all-natural mattress that a lot of people are going to like.  Right now, you can get $150 off an Avocado by clicking the link below.

Customizable Mattress


The Helix mattress is unique in that the company customizes a mattress to meet your needs. You complete a survey and, based on your answers, Helix puts together a mattress just for you.

If you are more of a side sleeper, Helix will send you a softer, more comfortable mattress. If you are a back or stomach sleeper, Helix will send you something more supportive. They even take your sleeping temperature into account.

In addition, if you are a larger person, the Helix Nightfall is made specifically for you. It is extra supportive and should be able to handle heavier weights.

If you just aren’t sure what type of mattress you want, Helix should be a great choice. No matter your sleeping preferences, Helix should be able to accommodate you.

What Makes The Helix Stand Out?

  • After you take a sleep quiz, Helix customizes a mattress to meet your needs.
  • A Helix mattress should be a good match for pretty much any type of sleeper.
  • The coils allow for airflow, and the company will also include additional features for hot sleepers.

Read the full Helix mattress review.

Get $125 Off

Helix provides customizable mattresses that can be a great fit for any type of sleeper.  You can get $75 off a Helix mattress by clicking the link below and using code CLARITY75 at checkout or $125 off a mattress plus one other product with code CLARITY125 at checkout.

Most Durable

New Purple Mattress

The New Purple mattresses contain individually-wrapped coils along with a proprietary, hyper-elastic gel polymer. This forms a gel grid that is both firm and pressure-relieving at the same time.

If you want coils in your mattress, you can choose from three models: Purple 2, Purple 3, and Purple 4. These mattresses contain varying amounts of the gel grid. The Purple 2 has 2″, the Purple 3 has 3″, and the Purple 4 has 4″.

This allows you to choose the right New Purple Mattress to meet your needs:

  • The Purple 2 will be the firmest and should be a better fit for stomach sleepers.
  • The Purple 3 is right in the middle and could be a good pick for back sleepers.
  • The Purple 4 is the softest and should work for side sleepers.

The gel grid is also a very breathable material. There is tons of room for airflow, so the mattress is completely temperature-neutral. If you worry about sleeping hot, the New Purple mattresses should be a great option.

Finally, the New Purple mattresses are the most durable options on this list. The gel grid shouldn’t sag, so it should last for a good amount of time. If you are looking for a long-term investment, the New Purple could be right for you.

What Makes The New Purple Stand Out?

  • It adds coils to the already popular Purple mattress.
  • The gel grid is pressure-relieving and supportive at the same time.
  • You can choose from three models, allowing you to find the right firmness for you.
  • The gel grid promotes airflow throughout the mattress, so you shouldn’t overheat.
  • The New Purple mattresses are the most durable options on this list.

Read the full New Purple mattress review.

New Purple Mattress Deals

Purple 4 is a perfect choice if you are a side sleeper, are looking for a long-term investment, and are a hot sleeper. Get the best deal on your new Purple mattress, plus get a free pillow when you click the button below.

Luxury Innerspring


The DreamCloud is a luxury innerspring mattress with a pillow-top and pocketed coils. The top is tufted and woven with cashmere, so it gives you that luxury hotel experience.

The mattress offers a balance of comfort and support and should be a great match for back and side sleepers. When back sleeping, the pillow-top allows your hips to sink in the right amount while the coils support you. While side sleeping, the pillow-top relieves pressure on the shoulders and hips.

The DreamCloud is also a good match for hot sleepers. The cover is very breathable, and there is even gel-infused memory foam in the top layers. You shouldn’t be sleeping hot on the DreamCloud.

In addition, the DreamCloud should work for heavier people. The mattress is 15″ tall, and the top comfort layer is very thick. Larger people shouldn’t have issues with bottoming out, but should also feel the proper amount of support.

What Makes The DreamCloud Stand Out?

  • It has a luxury feel that gives you that hotel mattress experience.
  • It should be a great match for back and side sleepers.
  • It is a breathable mattress that should work for hot sleepers.
  • The DreamCloud should be a good match for heavier people.

Read the full DreamCloud mattress review.

$200 Off

DreamCloud is a high-quality, luxury mattress that a lot of people are going to like.  You can get $200 off the DreamCloud mattress simply by clicking the link below.

Best for Back Pain

If you have back pain, you’re going to want to focus on finding a mattress that offers great support.

All of these options can address the issue, so it might depend most on your sleeping position.

Personally, I would lean toward Saatva if I was having lower or mid-back pain.

Best for Stomach Sleepers

If you’re a stomach sleeper, you should go with a firmer mattress to get the right feel and support.

Of the mattresses featured here, Saatva and Aviya offer firm options. You might consider some of the firmer Simmons Beautyrest options as well.

Best for Side Sleepers

If you are a side sleeper, you’re going to want a slightly softer mattress to deal well with the pressure points on your hips and shoulders.

I would start with WinkBeds, as I think this mattress has a really nice feel when lying on one’s side.

Marten’s Take

Marten is a staff writer for us. He has a much different body type than me: He is 6’7″ and weighs about 230 lb; I am 5’9″ and 160 lb. Here is what he thought about these mattresses:

The great thing about innerspring mattresses is that they are usually a good fit for heavier people like myself.

While all seven of these worked for me in different positions, there are four that really stand out for heavier people.

First off, we have the DreamCloud. This is a fantastic mattress with a luxury feel. When I am on my back, my hips sink in just the right amount and the mattress supports me overall. On my side, I also feel nice pressure relief.

The New Purple, namely the Purple 4, is a great option for heavier side sleepers. I press into those 4” of gel material and feel almost no pressure on my shoulders and hips. Even as a larger person, I feel great while side sleeping on the Purple 4.

Then, you have the WinkBeds Plus. This is made specifically for heavier people. It is very supportive when I am on my back and stomach.

The Helix Nightfall is also made specifically for heavier people. The Nightfall features high-grade coils and high-density foams, so it is a very supportive mattress.

While all seven could be a good match for heavier people, I would look at these four mattresses in particular.

If you are a larger person, an innerspring mattress is always worth considering. Coils can offer the support that your heavier weight requires. Definitely keep your sleeping position in mind as well. If you are a larger side sleeper, for instance, you need something with a thicker comfort layer.

Benefits Of An Innerspring Mattress

  • More breathable. One of the great things about innerspring mattresses is that they allow for air to flow through the mattress. All-foam mattresses don’t have that space for airflow. If you are a hot sleeper, an innerspring mattress could be worth considering.
  • More supportive. Coils also offer more support than what you might find in an all-foam mattress. Their design allows them to handle more weight than base foams. If you are a larger person or simply need some extra support, an innerspring mattress should be a good option.
  • More durable. Coils also add a level of durability to your mattress. They shouldn’t sag the way some foams are known to do. They should also offer support for a good amount of time. While you might spend some more money up front, an innerspring mattress could be a good, long-term investment.

Drawbacks Of An Innerspring Mattress

  • More expensive. Coils are a pricier material than many base foams. While they are more durable and more supportive, you will probably have to pay more up front.
  • Less motion isolation. If you sleep with a partner, you want to know whether their movements will disturb you on your side of the bed. Memory foam and other foams are often much better at isolating motion in a mattress. When you add coils, it could increase motion transfer. Because of this, innerspring mattresses aren’t always the best choice for couples.

What Should You Look For When Buying An Innerspring Mattress?

If you are looking for an innerspring mattress, how can you gauge the quality? Here are a few things you should consider when shopping for an innerspring mattress.

Coil Count And Gauge

If you are in a store or on a website, you will see a lot of talk about how an innerspring mattress has a certain number of coils, a certain gauge (thickness of the steel wire), etc. Here’s a quick overview of what those terms mean:

  • Coil count refers to the number of coils used in the mattress. Depending on the size of the mattress, you can have as few as 200 or as many as 2,000.
  • Coil gauge is a measure of how thick the metal wires are in a given mattress. The lower the number, the thicker the wire.

These types of stats have the potential to be pretty misleading for a couple of reasons.

For example, many people think more coil equals a better quality mattress. However, you can have a higher coil count but coils made of lower quality steel. There are many different factors that go into the quality of the innerspring unit. I would, therefore, recommend being a little cautious when using this rationale.

An innerspring mattress can be made more or less firm in a number of ways, and a lot of it depends on what is in the top layer. Therefore, a blanket statement like “thicker gauge means firmer mattress” isn’t always true, because it depends on a few other factors as well.

Coil Type

You will also probably hear a lot about the type of coil being used in a mattress’s construction. There are differences between the types:

  • Pocketed coils are individually wrapped and tend to be better overall at contouring to your body. They are usually more expensive.
  • Open coils represent the most affordable and oldest innerspring design. In this system, there are numerous coils held together by a wire frame.
  • Offset coils feature an hourglass shape and offer better contouring than open coils.
  • Continuous coils consist of one metal wire that runs throughout the mattress to create rows of coils.

The type of coil matters more or less depending on the rest of the components in a mattress, so I would take statements like “it has pocket coils, so it’s better” with a grain of salt. For example, if you have a thick layer of memory foam on top of the mattress, the fact that the innerspring unit has pocket coils doesn’t really matter as much, because the memory foam does the contouring.

Overall, the type of coil does matter, but its importance is dependent on the rest of the mattress.

Top Layer

Not all innerspring mattresses are made equal. There is a wide range of materials that can be used to add comfort to the springs, and that makes the feel of the mattress quite different. For example, an innerspring with a thin layer of latex on top will feel much different from one with a very thick layer of memory foam.

As a result, you need to understand the differences between the different types of comfort layers. Know the difference between polyfoam, memory foam, and latex foam, and decide which feel you like better.

Also, understand that the thickness of the comfort layer matters a lot too. If the mattress has a thick layer of memory foam, then it is more of a hybrid and will feel more like a memory foam mattress, which tends to be quite a different feel from the traditional feel associated with innerspring mattresses.


An innerspring mattress is always a good option if you want more support or durability.

While there are so many quality innerspring mattresses, these seven are the best that I have tried. Just consider your size and sleeping positions, and it should be easy to choose which of these mattresses is best for you.

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  1. Hi, do you have any experience with the Spink and Edgar mattresses? They felt extremely comfortable in a showroom, but they are very expensive.

  2. Hi,
    Would you recommend the Stearns and Fosters Estate Collection Ultra Firm mattress? I went to the store to check it out. I liked it. But online reviews are not good. Many complain that the mattress dampens with time, causing back pain and stuffs. I am a stomach sleeper and am looking for extra firm mattresses. The other option that I am considering is the Simmons Beautyrest Platinum mattress. Any suggestions/advice would help.

    • I don’t have any personal experience with either the Stearns and Fosters Estate Collection Ultra Firm mattress or the firmest version of the Simmons Beautyrest Platinum mattress, but since they’re both a mix of foam and coils I think they will probably be similar in terms of feel. Both brands have good reputations for using high-quality materials but I think you are wise to read the reviews and see how people like them in the long run.

      My advice would be to also try the Simmons Beautyrest Platinum mattress in person and see if you like it as well. I think the Amberlyn Extra Frim might be a good option and it’s worth looking at those reviews and comparing them. Then, based on what retailer you go through, it might be worth seeing what the trial/return policy is on each mattress. Do you have some time to bring it home and try it? Lastly, I would also confirm what is included in the warranty for the beds. If it dampens with time or if there is an indent after the first year or two, does that qualify as a workmanship defect and will they handle it?

      Hope this helps – let me know if you have other questions!

  3. I recently bought a Hampton Rhodes mattress giving up my 20 year old Simmons Beautyrest,,,,mistake,,felt ok in store but,awful,,need very firm support but this did not support at all,,,i I weigh 118 lbs but felt like i was sinking somewhat and awful back pain,,wish i had my beautyrest back,,,,

  4. Addressing Pam of March 12,2017: These are serious health problems and merit a check up from a doctor and possibly sleep specialist. I think it is unrealistic and under-serving to suggest that all of these issues should first be addressed by a mattress choice. Study possible sleep apnea.
    Beyond that caution, I want to say that I share some of these problems and am being treated by a sleep specialist doctor. Still, these are my suggestions, not my doctors’: I would not choose a mattress with a “sink into” feeling. That makes it more effortful to roll or move. That means limiting thickness of memory foam and plush pillow-top. I recommend some level of Firm and to be selective. With some companies, for example, Luxury Firm is not as firm as Firm. Few people can tolerate the extreme end of the Firm spectrum. I recommend this author’s recommendations for “best mattresses for heavy people” if appropriate.

  5. I have been looking at the “Original Mattress Factory” inner spring mattress and want to know how they rate compared to other mattress on the market. We had great results with our previous Double Pillow top mattress.

  6. Sleeping hot is my main complaint. All innerspring mattresses seem to be stuck around the 60-65% rating area. Any unquestionable superior innerspring mattresses in mind? What beats a Saatva? Thanks, J

  7. Help please down to two mattresses. Winkbeds and Saatva, Full size 14.5″, medium firm, I am 71 sleep alone and sidesleep with some backsleep. The mattress will be on a full wood base with slats 3″ wide spaced 3″ apart and metal center rail with 3 support legs. $ not a factor. Warranty return policy maybe. Based on this can you help make the best decision for me.

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