Saatva Vs Casper- Which Should You Choose?

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I get a lot of messages asking me to compare Saatva vs Casper.  While there are certainly some similarities, especially in their business model, I think there are enough points of difference that should make the decision more straightforward if you are deciding between the two (see all our mattress reviews).

Key Similarities

  • Similar business model
  • Similar price point
  • Firmness level is about the same (Casper vs the Luxury Firm model of Saatva)
  • You can read thousands of reviews of each
  • Both have great customer service and friendly trial periods / return policies

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Key Differences

  • Casper has latex-like foam over memory foam over poly foam, while Saatva is an innerspring mattress with coil-on-coil construction and a euro-style pillowtop
  • With Casper, you sink into the mattress a bit more
  • Casper has a more distinct foam feel, while Saatva feels more like a traditional spring mattress
  • Casper is shipped in a box, while Saatva is hand-delivered

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General Feel

This is certainly a big point of difference between the two mattresses, and you should really figure out what type of feel you are used to and like when deciding between them.  The Saatva definitely has a more typical innerspring feel.

Because of its construction, you feel that you are sleeping “on” the mattress rather than “in” the mattress.  Casper doesn’t feel like true memory foam because a latex-like foam is the top layer, but it still retains a more foam feel where you feel that you sink into the mattress more.  If you have had innerspring mattresses before, you will be much more used to the Saatva.

Similarly, if you have had foam mattresses before, you will be much more used to the Casper feel.  One isn’t necessarily better than the other.  You just need to decide which type of feel you prefer.

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The videos below will demonstrate pretty well the differences in feel between the two mattresses.

Motion Transfer

What I mean here is that movement on one part of the bed doesn’t affect the rest of the bed.  This is only really an issue if you sleep with a partner.  Both mattresses do a decent job with this, but I would give a slight edge to Casper.  Again, this only really matters if you sleep with a partner.  The videos below show off how well each mattress performs in this area.


For a Queen, Casper is priced at $950.  This price includes free shipping.

Saatva comes in at $999.  This does not, however, include shipping, which will be tacked on during checkout.


This happens with foam mattresses that come in a box.  Casper does give a slight chemical smell when you first open it up.  In my experience, the smell goes away after a couple of days.  In any event, I don’t think it’s much of a concern.  Saatva does not have any off-gassing, so it’s not an issue at all.

Sleeping Hot

Sleeping hot is a common complaint with memory foam mattresses.  Casper does use memory foam in one of its layers, but because the top layer is latex-like, there aren’t too many complaints of customers “sleeping hot.”

I didn’t have any issues at all personally, but I have read of a couple of instances of a customer making this complaint.  Saatva has an innerspring construction, and so it shouldn’t really be an issue.

Delivery Method

This is a big difference.  Casper will ship the mattress in a box, and then you will have to unbox it.  With Saatva, you pay for shipping, but you get white-glove delivery.  Two men will do all the installation for you.  I don’t think I would have this be a big decision criteria, but it is a point of difference to note.

Which To Pick?

  • Pick Saatva if you’ve had success with spring mattresses before
  • Pick Casper if you want to sink into the mattress a little bit more
  • Pick Saatva if you want something extra firm or extra soft
  • Pick Casper if you want just a little bit of bounce

CasperTuft And Needle
Price For Queen$950$750
Free Shipping?YY
Mattress Height9.5"10"
Firmness Options?NN
Warranty Period10 Years10 Years
Sleep Trial Period100 Nights100 Nights
MaterialsPolyfoam and Memory FoamSpecialty poly foam, poly foam


Overall, I think both are great mattresses for the right person.  They have a noticeably different feel, so I think it comes down to deciding which type of feel you like.  If you are used to and like the traditional innerspring feel, Saatva will probably the choice for you.  Likewise, if you like a more foam feel, Casper will probably be a better choice for you.

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