Where Casper Could Go Next

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Casper has had a lot of success, but it has done so with just one product. For a growing company that has raised a lot of money, at some point they will have to expand their product line. Where do we think they will go? Well, there are a few different options.

The logical conclusion would be that they will come out with another mattress (or multiple mattresses). They could address different price points or try different materials. What might be difficult with this approach is that currently their advertising claims that they have created the one “perfect mattress.” If they come out with new mattresses, then that might cause some confusion with their current marketing messaging.

casper into the future

Having said this, there are a couple of categories that might make sense to expand into, without conflicting with their current marketing. They could create a purely organic mattress. There is definitely a market for such a mattress, and I think that market is only going to grow. They could also come out with a pure memory foam mattress. I’ve noticed that a segment of the market really enjoys the memory foam-specific feel. That feel is unique and different from other types of mattresses. I think memory foam could be a logical next step to take. Lastly, they could try to attack a very different price point, either a much lower price or a much higher price point.

As Casper is a “sleep” company, it would also make sense for them to move into bedding. The process of buying sheets isn’t as “broken” as it is for mattresses, but sheets are certainly a complementary product, and I think they could do well there. Similarly, they could easily come out with pillows and get lots of people to buy them as well.

Casper has a number of different places it could go. They’ll have to spend their advertising dollars somewhere, and I think product expansion will be a big part of that in the future.

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