Helix Mattress Unboxing

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The Helix mattress actually comes in a pretty small box – so small it’s hard to believe your mattress is inside!  The unboxing process is very quick and painless, but I’ve provided the video here showing how I do it step-by-step.  Note that mattresses are pretty heavy, both when compressed and decompressed, so you may want to have a friend help you manage it.

You can see the mattress expands very quickly once you remove the plastic, so try to have it lined up with the bed frame so that you don’t have to move it too far later on.  An important point as well is that the mattress takes some time to fully expand, even a few days.  I noticed with the Helix mattress that it looked good immediately after I unboxed it, but felt very soft.  After about 24 hours it felt much firmer (which is what I was expecting based on my personalization preferences).  So though you can sleep on the mattress immediately, note that the sleeping experience should get better and better over the first few days.

Early research suggests that the rating for the Helix will be very high, so see my full Helix review to see if I agree!

Helix Mattress Unboxing

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