Allswell Debuts New Low-Cost Hybrid Mattress

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Walmart’s Allswell Home brand introduced a new hybrid mattress, The Allswell, at a price point lower than their current hybrid mattress offering.

“Since launching, we have established ourselves as hybrid specialists,” Allswell President Arlyn Davich told Mattress Clarity. “We specialize in making high-quality hybrids at amazing prices.”

The Allswell starts at $245 for a Twin and goes up to $420 for a King. A Queen costs $345. The bed is 10″ in height and features layers of memory foam as well as two gauges of coils that are individually wrapped.

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The brand says the main differences between their two hybrid mattresses is that the Luxe Hybrid is 2″ taller, has a built-in plush topper, and features charcoal and green tea extract in the memory foams.

The Allswell is considered a “medium-firm feel” by the company, which puts it at a 4.5 to 6.5 out of 10 on a firmness scale. The company offers a 100-night trial and 10-year limited warranty with the purchase of a mattress.

The Allswell is currently available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King (aka “Supreme Queen”) sizes.

Allswell Home launched in February 2018 and is a digitally-native home brand that is owned by Walmart. The Allswell will be sold on both and Walmart’s website, the company said in a release.

Walmart and Allswell made headlines earlier this year for re-naming their King mattress as the “Supreme Queen.” The new name was done “in recognition of all women who deserve the highest honor,” Walmart said in a release in February.

The Allswell is the second mattress product for the brand, but Davich says there will may be more in the future.

“We are committed to making a good night’s sleep accessible to everyone,” Davich told Mattress Clarity. “As part of this, we will continue to talk to consumers and launch products that align with their mattress and bedding needs.”

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