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So many elements contribute to our sleep quality. At Mattress Clarity, we believe that knowledge is power – especially when it comes to improving your sleep life!

From life stages and nutrition to mental health and disorders, we’ve cultivated a sleep resource hub to help you along the way. Check out our latest resources and articles below!

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How Sleep Works

Benefits Of Sleep

The Benefits Of Getting More Sleep

Here’s a tidbit for you: We spend almost one-third of our lives sleeping. This is a huge chunk of our …

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Graphic of moon cycles

Do The Moon’s Cycles Actually Influence Your Sleep?

Many myths and legends suggest the phase of the moon can affect behaviors. Folklore about werewolves even suggests it can …

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Does Counting Sheep Really Help Put You To Sleep?

If you’ve ever had trouble falling asleep at night, chances are that someone has told you to try counting sheep. …

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Sleep Habits

Aromatherapy For Sleep

Aromatherapy For Sleep

Aromatherapy is the use of scent to stimulate a psychological or physiological response. These responses can often help with a …

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A doctor holds up an x-ray.

5 Ways to Stay Awake and Boost Energy During a Long Shift at the Hospital

Working overnight shifts or extra-long hours can take its toll on anyone’s health. After all, there’s a huge body of …

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Bed in blue bedroom

Why Your Bedroom Colors Actually Matter

If you’re repainting your bedroom walls you might be wondering which color to choose. Aside from aesthetics, it turns out …

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Disorders & Conditions

Sleep And Disabilities

Sleep And Disabilities: Everything You Should Know

If you are a person with a physical or intellectual disability, chances are the condition affects your sleep. The same …

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20 Natural Insomnia Cures

20 Natural Insomnia Cures (And the Science Behind Them)

If you have trouble sleeping at night, you’re not alone. Roughly 60 million Americans suffer from insomnia each year. If …

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Sleepwalking girl

What Causes Sleepwalking? Everything You Need to Know

Imagine going to bed in a cool, dark, and quiet bedroom on comfortable sheets. After a long and peaceful slumber, …

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Mental Health

Tai Chi

Can Practicing Tai Chi Help Me Sleep Better?

Ever heard of Tai Chi? The Mayo Clinic describes it as “an ancient Chinese tradition that, today, is practiced as …

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A woman sits in a yoga pose.

Will Meditating Help You Sleep?

People have likely heard that meditation — a type of mindfulness practice — can help them fall asleep more quickly, …

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Physical Health

Mythbusting Review Says Exercising Before Bedtime Is Actually Okay

For years, common wisdom has held that exercising in the hours leading up to bedtime can make it harder to fall asleep. Now, a new …

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All About Dust Allergies

Dust Allergies – Symptoms, Cleaning Tips and Treatment

We all know what dust is. It rests on top of bookshelves, counters, and pretty much any surface. In truth, it’s pretty gross, and people …

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What Sleep Deprivation Does to Your Skin

We already know that sleep deprivation can negatively affect your energy levels, concentration, and moods. But it can also affect your skin—both in ways you …

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A woman sits with her legs crossed.

Natural Sleep Aids and Remedies

People searching for some natural, science-backed sleep aids to help them fall asleep can use our simple guide to get started as …

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A woman sunbathes on the beach.

How Vitamin D Affects Your Sleep

Research suggests that Vitamin D may play an important role in maintaining healthy sleep. Given that an estimated 30 to …

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A coffee cup sits on a wooden table.

How Caffeine Affects Sleep

Everyone responds differently to caffeine, which is why people probably know others who can drink an espresso after dinner and …

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Life Stages

sleeping pregnant woman

How To Get The Best Sleep During Your Pregnancy (And After)

When you get pregnant, there are tons of things you expect will happen: more frequent trips to the bathroom, strange …

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elderly woman sleeping

Senior Sleep Guide: Everything To Know About How Sleep Changes As You Age

It’s super common to discover that your sleep habits change with age. One minute you can party until dawn and …

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sleep deprived teenage boy

The Parents’ Guide To Ensuring Your Teenager Gets Enough Sleep

Making sure your kids get enough sleep is crucial for their health and wellbeing, and it takes more than setting …

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