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So many elements contribute to our sleep quality. At Mattress Clarity, we believe that knowledge is power – especially when it comes to improving your sleep life!

From life stages and nutrition to mental health and disorders, we’ve cultivated a sleep resource hub to help you along the way. Check out our latest resources and articles below!

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How Sleep Works

What Would Happen If You Didn't Sleep

What Would Happen If You Didn’t Sleep?

What happens if you don’t sleep? More precisely, what happens to our minds and our bodies when we decide not …

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The Complete Guide to Your Sleep Cycle

Going to bed each night might be the most relaxing part of the day. But while someone sleeps, their body …

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Yawning woman

Is Yawning Really Contagious?

Have you ever “caught” a yawn from someone else? The other person opens their mouth for a great big yawn, …

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Sleep Habits

A wall of clocks on brick.

Is Daylight Saving Time Doing More Harm Than Good?

Daylight saving time (DST) is just around the corner. A one-hour disruption may not seem like a big deal — …

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Young woman napping on couch

The Ultimate Guide To Naps

At some point, every sleep-deprived adult looks back at all the times they resisted taking a nap as a kid …

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Drowsy Driving Dangers

“Driving while sleepy,” or drowsy driving, can be deadly. Drowsiness behind the wheel is responsible for over 1,500 deaths each …

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Disorders & Conditions

What Is Sleep Apnea? – Symptoms, Causes, and My Personal Experience!

Years before I began writing about sleep, I heard about “sleep apnea” a few times. This was usually mentioned in …

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autism can impact your sleep

Autism And Sleep

There are so many different health and developmental issues that can affect your sleep. One of those is autism spectrum …

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What Veterans Should Know About Sleep

Veterans may face unique sleep challenges due to the nature of their training and their time in the service, whether …

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Mental Health

Guide To Anxiety And Sleep

The Complete Guide to Anxiety and Sleep

If you’ve ever had trouble falling asleep, you know the feeling of anxiously watching the clock, worrying about why you …

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sleep deprived woman at work

Everything You Need To Know About Sleep Deprivation

Let’s face it: People in the U.S. are really tired… like, all the time. The morning lines in coffee shops …

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A man lounges on a hammock.

What Is a Sleep Retreat and Should You Take One?

If you’re tired and ready for a break, it might be time for a vacation. But, I’m not just talking …

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Physical Health

How to Sleep with Hip Pain

If you’ve been struggling with hip pain, you might might be finding it difficult to sleep comfortably. But don’t let joint pain and aches get …

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A man holds his lower back because of pain.

How to Sleep with Back Pain

If you’ve ever had to deal with back pain, you know just how hard it can be on both daily activities and your sleep schedule.  …

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Yoga and Meditation Experts Share Sleep Tips

Whether it’s stress from work, school or a hectic schedule, many of us have trouble winding down and falling asleep each night. Before giving up …

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40 Aphrodisiacs From Around The World

40 Aphrodisiacs From Around the World – Does Sleep Make The List?

If couples are looking to spice things up in the bedroom, an aphrodisiac may do just the trick.  An aphrodisiac …

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Breakfast Around The World

Around the World in 50 Traditional Breakfast Dishes

The word breakfast refers to “breaking the fasting period” of the previous night. While it is common knowledge that breakfast …

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How Taking Vitamin B6 Can Help You Remember Your Dreams

If you want to remember your dreams, here’s something that could help: a dose of vitamin B6 before bed. For …

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Life Stages

baby sleep guide - a baby sleeps peacefully in her crib

Everything You Should Know About Your Baby’s Sleep

The common phrase that someone “slept like a baby” implies that babies sleep deeply and peacefully. But if you’ve ever …

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New parents and sleep

New Parents May Be Signing On For Six Years Of Sleep Deprivation

We all know that parenting a newborn is guaranteed to lead to some sleepless nights. But new research suggests parents …

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A Parent's Guide To Sleep

A Parents’ Guide to Helping Children Sleep

Raising kids involves a lot of worrying about how to keep them healthy. Are they eating enough? Getting enough activity? …

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rates of sleep divorce per state in the United States

Sleep Divorce in the USA

In a survey of 3,000 Americans, our data found that just over 30% of respondents nationwide would like to file …

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America's Most Amicable Couples

America’s Most Amicable Couples

There are many reasons that couples, even happy ones, are going to fight. It could be about finances, housework, or …

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