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Most people may assume that Loom and Leaf is a brand new company, which could leave them a little reluctant to try this mattress. However, Loom and Leaf is made by Saatva, a mattress company that was founded back in 2011. Today, it is one of the country’s largest online-only mattress companies.

Loom and Leaf by Saatva

About Saatva

Saatva means purity. This is a fitting name considering Loom and Leaf is an eco-friendly mattress. The company is headquartered in Westport, CT. Outsourced offices are in Norfolk, VA and New York City, NY, and the marketing teams are in Austin, TX. It has 12 manufacturing partners and an impressive 35 fulfillment centers across the country.

The company’s executive team is comprised of highly experienced and reputable professionals that have worked with Apple, Facebook, Brookstone, Men’s Warehouse, and Rosetta Stone. To promote a happy, kind, and productive organization all team members contribute to the highly collaborative work environment. So, everyone in the company is appreciated and truly wants every customer happy. This ensures the company can enjoy the highest level of success.

Why Was Loom & Leaf Launched As A Separate Brand?

Many may be thinking that since Saatva is such a reputable company that it would have showcased its name in its memory foam mattress. Why give it the name of Loom and Leaf? Well, there is a very good explanation for that.

As Saatva was growing it became quite obvious that innerspring and memory foam mattresses attracted very unique buyers. Most people are specifically looking for one or the other. It was clear that those shopping for memory foam were looking for a very different bedding experience.

Saatva put Tempur-Pedic in its sightlines and devoted 1.5 years developing a fully-featured $3,500 memory foam mattress that could be sold for about one-third of that price.

The Designing Process

The goal was to stay true to eco-friendly practices while creating a luxury memory foam mattress that would be both cooling and contouring. Those who have slept on a cheap memory foam mattress in the past know they can be extremely hot. So, regardless how plush the mattress is it’s hard to get comfortable. Loom & Leaf is manufactured using 5-pound memory foam to provide the feel of a progressive foam system. It’s finished off with a quilted surface to keep sleepers cool. The mattress also has an all-natural thistle flame retardant organic cotton cover.

Why Only Sell Online?

Those who have ever been to a mattress store probably already know the answer to this. It’s rarely a pleasant experience. There are a ton of options and an abundance of salespeople that all have one common goal: to sell customers the most expensive mattress in the showroom. It doesn’t matter what they want or need, or what they are specifically looking for, the salespeople know what they want to sell. Plus, mattresses in stores are marked up in cost to cover fees associated with floor space, advertising, and wages.

Loom and Leaf eliminates the need to spend hours in a store to be sold an overpriced mattress. Since this is an e-commerce company that sells its own brand, costs can be kept to a minimum and customer service can be the top priority.

Learn more about each mattress in my Loom and Leaf review and Saatva review.

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